In order to make things faster and easier to maintain we have moved parts of Thornbury Roots to a new website.  We have given this the imaginative name of Thornbury Roots 2.  The new website holds church and cemetery records and the sources such as rate books, land tax etc.  Links have been provided on both websites to make it easy to navigate back and forwards between the two websites.

This website was created by Chris and Sandra Doig, members of the Research Group of Thornbury & District Museum.  If you have any comments, queries, corrections or additions, please contact us at   We are always pleased to hear from you and to add to and improve our website.

Warning:  Though due care has been taken to accurately transcribe entries into the database, no liability is implied or accepted by the transcribers for any errors or omissions.  This database is intended only as a guide, the user should check relevant entries at source.