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Unfortunately we don’t have a photograph of the house that became  known as 6 Bath Road, but we know there was a building there in the 1840 Tithe Survey, and it shows that this property and its neighbour 8 Bath Road were described as on Plot 324 on this map.

 The plot was said to be a house and garden owned by Thomas Savery and occupied by Guy Barge and Philip Marton.

We have no way of knowing which of these persons occupied which house, but for the purposes of the website we are assuming that Guy Barge occupied number 6 and Phillip Martin (which was his correct name, not Marton as appears in the transcription we have seen) was in number 8.

Guy Barge.  Guy was born on 16th October 1778 and baptised on 20th January 1779, the son of John and Elizabeth Barge.  Guy married Sarah – date and maiden name unknown – and they had at least two children: Mary born on 16th August 1810 and baptised on 2nd February 1812 and John baptised on 20th March 1814.  When Mary was baptised, Guy was a Private in the South Gloucestershire Militia and when John was baptised Guy was a Private in the North Gloucestershire Militia.  Although the 1840 Tithe Survey showed Guy as living in Bath Road, the 1841 Census shows Guy was an agricultural labourer living in Colwell Street with Sarah.  This house was later known as 12 The Plain and it was being used then, as now, as a solicitor’s office.  Guy and Sarah must have been occupying the residential accommodation on the upper floor.  Guy died aged 70 and was buried on 17th January 1847.

The 1851 Census shows Sarah was still living at 12 The Plain.  She was described as a widowed house servant aged 72 living with her sister-in-law, Mary Slade, a laundress aged 62 and grand-daughter Sarah Shuker? aged 16 from Newport in Salop.  The 1861 Census shows Sarah had moved away from The Plain and was now living on her own at the house owned by The Corporation and which later became known as 34 High Street.  She died aged 84 and was buried on 13th May 1863.

In the 1841 Census the house appears to be unoccupied

Alfred Purnell.  It appears that Alfred was occupying the house in 1851.  Alfred was a journeyman carpenter aged 25 from Kingstanley living with his wife, Sarah aged 28 from Thornbury and their son, Henry aged 3 who was baptised on 13th December 1847.

Alfred was baptized in the Wesleyan Chapel in Dursley.  He was born on 31st December 1824 and was the son of Pethahiah and Annie Purnell who were living in Stanley St Leonard in Gloucestershire.

The Ancestry website tells us that Alfred married Sarah in Holy Trinity Church Westbury on Trym, Bristol on 20th April 1845.  Sarah was the daughter of Thomas Osborne from Alveston.  In 1843 she married John Lock in Bristol, but John had died in 1844.  By 1861 Alfred and Sarah had moved to Crossways and they were living there with their children: Henry aged 13, Alfred aged 7 and Thomas aged 4 and Sarah’s father, Thomas Osborne a Chelsea pensioner aged 72.  They continued living in Crossways and had a couple more children there: Edward and Stephen.  Their son Henry was noted as being deaf and dumb in 1871 and he died in 1876 aged 29.  The 1881 Census shows that Sarah’s father was still living there aged 92 although he died later that year aged 93.  Sarah died in 1902 aged 78 and Alfred died in 1907 aged 82.  Of their children, we know that:

Thomas – born about 1857.  He married Maria Church and lived at 19 Horseshoe Lane – click here to read more

Edward – baptised on 1st February 1863.  He married Hester Morgan in 1891 and in the 1891 census he was the innkeeper at the Plough in St Mary Street.  Click here to read more

Stephen – born in Thornbury on 29th March 1866.  Stephan moved to Blackpool where he became a baker and then came back to Thornbury as licensee of the Black Horse for a short time.  Click here to read more

Ursula Twining – it appears that Ursula was occupying the house in the 1861 census.  Ursula was a ‘landed proprietor’ aged 64.   Click here to read more about Ursula

Mark Williams – the 1871 census shows the house was occupied by Mark Williams.  Click here to read more about Mark

James Cornock – the 1876 Rate Book shows the house was occupied by James Cornock.  We suspect that this was the same James Cornock who was living in Horseshoe Lane in the 1881 Census.  Click here to read more

Alfred Lippiatt – the 1880 Rate Book shows the house was occupied by Alfred Lippiatt. The 1871 census shows Alfred was an agricultural labourer aged 30 living in Horseshoe Lane with his wife, Hannah & their children.  Click here to read more about Alfred

Alfred Jefferies – the 1881 Census shows that the house is occupied by Alfred Jefferies, a labourer aged 27 from Tockington and his wife, Elizabeth from Exeter.  We don’t know a great deal about Alfred.  In the 1871 Census, Alfred was a labourer aged 17 living in Rock Street with his mother, Ruth, a laundress.  In 1901 Alfred and Elizabeth were living in Clay Cross, near Chesterfield where Alfred was a railway signalman.  

Charles Prewett – the 1885 Rate Book shows the house was occupied by Charles Prewett.  The 1887 Rate Book indicates that Charles had recently vacated the house.  We are not sure which Charles Prewett, but it is likely to be the one who was later living in Upper Bath Road –  Click here to read more

Thomas Adams – the 1887 Rate Book shows the house was occupied by Thomas Adams.  Click here to read more 

Charles Pursey – the 1890 Rate Book shows the house was occupied by Charles Pursey.  Charles was born in Old Market, Bristol in 1848.  In 1868 he married Emily Elizabeth Taylor who was also from Bristol and born about 1845.  In 1871 they were living at 2 Unity Street, just off Old Market, Bristol.  Charles was working as a tailor.  In 1881 they were still living in the same area, near the Three Horseshoes Inn.  They now had three children: Florence aged 7, Charles aged 5 and George aged 5 months.  Apart from the reference in the Rate Book we can find only one other mention to show that the Purseys came to Thornbury.  On 28th February 1891 Florence Pursey, the daughter of Charles and Emily Elizabeth married James William Clutterbuck, a shoemaker.

Hannah Hayward – the 1891 Census shows the house was occupied by a widow Hannah Hayward, a housekeeper aged 48 from Oldbury on Severn.  She was living with her children: John an agricultural labourer aged 27 born in Oldbury, Thomas William another agricultural labourer aged 2, Ellen a dressmaker aged 17 and Hugh aged 11, all born in Lower Hazel and two grand-daughters, Harriett aged 8 and Ethel Maud aged 8 months.

Hannah was born in Oldbury about 1843, the daughter of William Bennett, a labourer.  In 1881 Hannah had been living in Lower Hazel with her husband, John Hayward, an agricultural labourer aged 35 from Patchway and their children: Thomas, Ellen and Hugh.  The 1894 Rate Book shows Hannah had moved to 35 St Mary Street, but by 1901 Hannah was living in Trenchard Place, Bristol.  She was living there with her married daughter, Fanny Walker, a laundress aged 38 from Almondsbury and her 2 children: Ethel Hayward aged 10 and Eveline Walker aged 14 months.

Albert Rugman – the 1894 Rate Book shows that Albert Rugman occupied the house. The most likely Albert Rugman is the one living in Rock Street in the 1891 census.  Click here to read more

Thomas Downes – the 1899 Rate Book shows the house was occupied by Thomas Downes.  The 1891 Census shows Thomas was a sawyer who came from Gloucester living in 47 St Mary Street with his wife, Hannah aged 47 from Thornbury and her son, William Smart aged 14.  Thomas had married Hannah Smart in Bristol in 1889.  She was a widow whose maiden name was Gough, the daughter of George and Jane Gough.  Hannah had first married William Smart, a labourer, in 1860 and he died in 1877 aged 36 years.  It appears that Thomas and Hannah separated a few years after their marriage.  In the 1894 only Hannah ‘Smart’ is listed, then in the 1899 Rate Book Hannah is shown as still living in 47 St Mary Street whilst Thomas is listed as living at 6 Bath Road and this is confirmed by the 1901 Census.  Whilst Hannah is in 47 St Mary Street, Thomas was shown as a wood sawyer visiting Elizabeth Prewett in 12 Upper Bath Road.   Hannah died aged 64 in Guinea Street Hospital in Bristol.  She was buried on 11th September 1901.  Thomas was shown as living in Chapel Street in the 1905 Rate Book. Thomas died aged 70 and was buried in Thornbury Cemetery on 10th January 1908.  The burial record describes Thomas as a sawyer.

The Williams family – the 1901 Census shows the house was occupied by George and Amy Williams.  Their family was to occupy numbers 6 and 8 Bath Road until they were demolished in the early 60s.  Click here to read more about George Williams

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