There are documents in the packets for both 1 Bath Road and 3 Bath Road that date from at least the first part of the Eighteenth Century.  These appear to relate to a neighbouring close of ground called Blayes.   Documents of lease and release dated 1733 from Edward Parnell of the parish of Olveston to Ralph Grove apothecary describe this land as

all that toft or ruinous cottage and one small parcel of ground thereunto adjoining now being in an orchard and one close or paddock of ground to the same also adjoining and belonging commonly called Blayes containing in the whole by estimation one acre.”

This is also said to be one burgage and half a burgage.  These were said to be “formerly in the tenure or occupation of Hugh Parnell and now of the said Edward Parnell and his tenants or assigns.”  Later documents refer to it as “all that place where a ruinous cottage formerly stood and the ground thereto adjoining, a close of ground called Blayes, sometime since in two gardens and an orchard.”

Tithe Map showing 1 Bath Road and neighbouring land called Blayes

Ralph Grove made a will on 6th November 1790 leaving what was then described as two gardens and an orchard called Blayes to his wife Elizabeth for her life time and then to his nephew Kingsmill Grove, the son of his late brother William Grove. By documents of lease and release 20th and 21st December 1813 Kingsmill Grove the younger, a papermaker, late of Whiterock a paper maker then of Moorfield in St George and now of St Briavels and his wife Mary nephew and heir at law sold the property for £242 to Thomas Osborne Wetmore.  It was then described as ” late in the occupation of Ralph Grove, now in the occupation of Edward Salmon apothecary as tenant.” Kingsmill Grove junior had encountered financial difficulties and had been forced to sell off his inheritance. The Bristol Mercury of 5th June 1826 shows that his selling off of the inheritance did not prevent Kingsmill Grove junior from going bankrupt, which he did officially on 28th June 1826.  The change of ownership of the one and half burgages appears to be confirmed by the rent roll of 1809 which has amendments made rather later.  This rent roll shows that Elizabeth Grove had owned a property occupied by Edward Salmon. It now appeared to be owned by Thomas Wetmore.

Blayes seems later to be described as numbers 326 and 322 on the 1840 Tithe Apportionment Map owned by Thomas Osborne Wetmore

On the right we have an extract from the Tithe Apportionment Map that was drawn up between 1838 and 1840.  The property that became 1 Bath Road is on the plot of ground numbered 121, 3 Bath Road is 329 a narrow plot along the road and Blayes (326 and 322) is a much larger area adjacent to it.  At various times they had the same owners and it is possible that their earlier history is more closely linked.