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Instructions for locating a grave

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Thornbury Town Council has a detailed map of all of the graves in Thornbury Cemetery and brief details of each of the people buried in these graves.  Please contact the Council for further information.

In view of the fact that some of the tombstones are becoming unreadable we have photographed those that remain in the older parts of Thornbury Cemetery and copied the inscriptions that appear on them.

We have given each of these graves a reference number of our own to enable visitors to locate it.  The reference has a letter and a number.

The letter relates to the area in the cemetery in which the grave is located.  The plan on the right shows that we have divided the older part of the cemetery into 8 sections.  We have allocated each section a letter from A to H.

We have also created a large scale image of each section showing the reference number and the rough location of each grave in that part of the cemetery.

To locate a grave, you should note the reference number given in the left hand column against each entry in the Cemetery section of the website e.g. A41.  The letter ‘A’ in this example indicates that the grave is in the ‘A’ section of the plan, so you can click on the link to this section below and look on the plan for grave ’41’:

The old parish council gave the areas rather different descriptions and it may be helpful to see how our plan relates to the original designations

Old Church Section – ‘A’
Old Church Section – ‘B’
Nonconformist Section – ‘C’
New Church Section – ‘D’
Roman Catholic Section – ‘E’
Nonconformist Section – ‘F’
New Church Section – ‘G’
New Church Section – ‘H’

Note – we are still in the process of preparing these plans and until each section is completed we have left the reference used by the Council to indicate the area of the Cemetery where the grave is located.  Thus you may find ‘Non Con’ for the nonconformist section, ‘OC’ for Old Church, ‘NC’ for New Church and ‘RC’ for Roman Catholic.

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