Thornbury Cemetery


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NC Cherished memories of ERNEST KAY died August 29 1995 aged 85 years also MARJORIE KAY died July 18 2007 aged 91 years Kay Ernest
NC Cherished memories of EDITH AMY KEATES 27th April 1910  7th April 2005  And all the flowers wept Keates Edith Amy
Non Con In loving memory of MARY KEATES a dear wife and mother died 26th April 1996 aged 67 years.  Also RAYMOND DENIS KEATES devoted husband and father died 16th October 2001 aged 72 years Keates Mary
Non Con THOMAS ARTHUR JAMES KEATES (JIM) a loving husband, father and grandpa.  So dear to our memory.  2nd March 1925 – 14th April 1994 Keates Thomas Arthur
Non Con GOTHO VON KEYSERLINCK 2.12.1927 Breslau Easter 26.3.1937 Thornbury L.D.N. I.C.M. P.S.S.R Von Keyserling Gotho
NC In loving memory of our dear son ANTHONY PETER KING who died 18th August 1963 aged 18 years.  In God we trust.  ‘Biff’  King Anthony Peter
NC In ever loving memory of WILLIAM EYLES died June 2 1947 aged 77 years.  At Rest.  Also of GERTRUDE MONICA daughter of the above beloved wife of Frank Hendy died August 22 1955 aged 51 years.  Ever remembered.  Also of MINNIE EYLES wife of the above who passed away Nov 9 1975 aged 101 years.  R.I.P.  In loving memory of CHARLES ADAM KING husband of Hilda Kate died 13 February 1984 aged 87 years.  HILDA KATE KING daughter of William Eyles passed peacefully away 13 April 1988 aged 88 years. Eyles William
Non Con In loving memory of FREDERICK JOHN dearly beloved husband of Laura Dayman died April 28 1952 aged 69 years.  Deep in my heart your memory is kept.  Also his beloved wife LAURA ELLEN DAYMAN died January 10 1969 aged 83 years.  Re-united.
Tablet: ELSIE MAY KING daughter who died 20th February 2002 aged 93 years. Remembered with love.
Dayman Frederick John
NC (GOR) DORIS KING  Garden of Rest3
NC Treasured memories of DOUGLAS KENNETH KING dearly loved husband father and grandfather died 9th February 1986 aged 58 years.  Two Urns – From Friends at C.E.G.B.  From James and Jennifer. King Douglas Kenneth
NC In loving memory of ELIZA KING 1893 – 1952 also her husband WALTER KING 1880 – 1955  R.I.P.  King Eliza
NC Treasured memories of HAROLD SAMUEL KING dearly loved husband of Margaret died Oct 12th 2001 aged 72 years.  King Harold Samuel
NC In memory of MERVYN EDWARD KING a much loved and loving husband and father fell asleep Oct. 12th 1984 aged 61 years.  ‘Only a whisper away’.  In memory of MABEL JOYCE KING a caring and kind hearted mother and nanny passed away Oct 22nd 1998 aged 75 years.  ‘Together again but still with us’. King Mervyn Edward
NC In memory of a much loved husband father and grandfather PETER J.C. KING born 16.2.1917 died 25.4.1991.  Per ardua ad astra. King Peter
NC With Christ.  ANNIE ELIZABETH KINGSTON died 29 April 1948 aged 79 years. Kingston Annie Elizabeth
Non Con In memory of our dear parents EDWARD KIRTLEY died 21 April 1981 aged 74 and JOAN KIRTLEY died 24 February 1987 aged 67.  Reunited Kirtley Edward
NC In loving memory of HECTOR KNAPP of Kyneton Farm, Thornbury who died May 27 1950 aged 55 years.  Rest in Peace.  Knapp Hector
E31 R. I. P.  Cherished memories of CATHERINE KNAPP a precious wife and mother who passed away 4th July 1983 aged 78 years.  So dearly loved, so dearly missed.  Also her husband JAMES WILLIAM KNAPP who passed away 12th November 1984 aged 84 years. Lord grant them Peace.
Non Con Loving and treasured memories of a darling wife and mother SARAH MARIA KNAPP July 1902 – July 1972.  Forever in our thoughts.  And a dearly loved husband and father HERBERT GEORGE KNAPP March 1901 – May 1979.  Will live in our hearts forever.  In loving memory of my darling wife JEAN MANSFIELD February 1929 – Nov. 1990.  Also daughter PHYLLIS EDNA MAY DAVIS remembered by Mick and son Martyn 3rd November 1975 aged 49 years. Knapp Sarah Maria
B14 In loving memory of SARAH MAY KNIGHT died 29 February 1956 aged 59 years daughter of Grantley Gilbert & Elizabeth Ann Browning.  ELIZABETH ANN BROWNING died May 8 1947 aged 73 years. GRANTLEY BROWNING who passed away November 24 1922 aged 52 years.
On 1st flower holder: In loving memory of VIOLET ELIZABETH (MARY) FAINT 1903 – 2002
On 2nd flower holder LILIAN EMMA PARSONS 1899 – 1984
 Browning elizabeth Ann
NC Sacred memories of ALFRED dearly beloved husband of Violet Mabel Knowles died 6 February 1945 aged 67. Also MABEL VIOLET wife of Alfred Knowles who died January 26 1951 aged 55. Knowles Alfred

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