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Non Con In loving memory of JAMES A. LADD of Midsomer Norton died 3rd August 1979 aged 54.  And his wife RACHEL MARY died 18th August 2005 aged 77 years. Ladd James
B71 In loving memory of ANNIE LANFEAR (WATKINS).  Dear mother of Jeffrey Watkins 1894-1989.  At peace with Jesus.
 Lanfear Annie
Non Con Treasured memories of a dear husband EDWARD ALEXANDER LANFEAR 1936 – 2013  Lanfear Edward Alexander
Non Con In loving memory of my dear wife FLORENCE EDITH LANFEAR of Yate who died June 25th 1942 aged 59 years.  Sweet memories left behind.  Also WILLIAM JAMES LANFEAR who died April 13 1954 aged 74 years.  Lanfear Florence Edith
NC In loving memory of JOAN MARY ROSETTA LANFEAR 21 March 1959 aged 37.  A dear wife and mother.  Also her loving husband GODFREY JOHN LANFEAR 4th October 1994 aged 77.  Mum and Dad together again. Lanfear Joan Mary Rosetta
Non Con In loving memory of our dear parents JOHN HENRY LANFEAR died 16th April 1967 aged 80.  ROSE EMMA LANFEAR died 10th December 1971 aged 81.  Re-united.  In loving memory of SYBIL MARY ALLEN-YARTLETT 9.6.1918 – 23.2.1984. Lanfear John Henry
C110 In loving memory of my dear husband NICHOLAS LANFEAR who died November 20 1925 aged 64 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also ELIZA LANFEAR wife of the above who died February 23rd 1928 aged 69 years. Lanfear Nicholas
Non Con In loving memory of a dear husband and father NIMROD ALEXANDER LANFEAR died 10th September 1947 aged 42 years.  In the midst of life we are in death.  Also ROSALIE BESSIE wife of the above.  R.I.P. Lanfear Nimrod Alexander
B57 In loving memory of ANNIE the dearly loved wife of Edward J Lashford who died January 15th 1912 aged 43 years.  Also of the above EDWARD J LASHFORD who died January 11th 1953 aged 82 years. Lashford Annie
Non Con In loving memory of SELINA LATTER died 2nd October 1977 aged 76 years  Latter Selina
Non Con In loving memory of ELSIE BEATRICE LAWRENCE died 15 January 1971 aged 78 years.  Lawrence Eslsie Beatrice
B84 In loving memory of my dear husband WILLIAM LAWRENCE died December 11th 1918 aged 45.  Thy will be done.
D46 D/29938 Sergeant A.J.P. LE FEUVRE Pioneer Corps 20th October 1944 aged 48. LeFeuve AJP
OC In loving memory of our dear mother ROSETTA CHAMPION who died December 29th 1916 aged 79 years.  Also of our dear sister EMILY LEGATT who died December 11th 1926. Thy will be done Champion Rosetta
Non Con In loving memory of my dear husband WILLIAM LEGG who died October 18th 1951 aged 71 years Legg William
B94 In loving memory of ANN OLIVE who died December 13th 1907 aged 86 years.  Also CELIA LETTS sister of the above who died June 23 rd 1912 aged 93 years Olive Ann
B99 In loving memory of SARAH ANN the beloved wife of Thomas Poole who died October 13 1918 aged 67 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also of the above named THOMAS POOLE who died April 17th 1925 aged 72 years.  Thy Will be done.  Also of SIDNEY J. LEWIS son-in-law of the above who fell in France May 12th 1918 aged 29 years.  Behold he taketh away, who can hinder Him?  Poole Sarah Ann
D79 In sacred memory of NELLIE LOUISA dearly beloved daughter of William & Alice Hughes died October 24 1948 aged 39 years.  Also of the above ALICE HUGHES died March 8 1968 aged 86 years.  In loving memory of ERNEST WILLIAM beloved husband of Alice Hughes who died July 18 1936 aged 59 years.  Also WILLIAM THOMAS LEWIS died October 10 1966 aged 46 years. Hughes Nellie Louisa
C103 In loving memory of FREDERICK W LIDDIATT died December 6th 1913 aged 51 years. Also ELIZA JANE wife of the above died January 27th 1937 aged 67 years.  Also of WILLIAM THOMAS LIDDIATT son of the above died December 27 1967 aged 67 years. Liddiatt Frederick W
NC In ever loving and grateful memory of my dearest husband HERBERT THOMAS LIDDIATT father of Cecil and Beatrice died suddenly Oct. 16th 1946 aged 59.  A token of love and remembrance of one we shall never forget.  His memory to us is a treasure, his loss a life time regret.  At Rest. Liddiatt Herbert Thomas
Non Con In loving memory of my dear sister MARY DIANA (POLLY) LIDDIATT who passed away on 2nd August 1965 aged 85 years.  From Millie Liddiatt Mary Diana
B120 In loving memory of WILLIAM LIDDIATT who passed away September 18th 1927 aged 68 years.  Also of ELLEN beloved wife of the above who passed away June 2nd 1946 aged 87 years.  When thou art feeble old and grey My healthy arms shall be thy stay and I will soothe thy pains away – my mother from daughter Polly.  Reunited Liddiatt William
D76 In ever loving and grateful memory of FLORENCE EDITH beloved wife of W.A. LIDDIATT died March 15 1945 aged 65 years. Love still lives in sweetest memories. Also her husband WILLIAM ARTHUR LIDDIATT died January 28th 1963 aged 79 years. Liddiatt Florence Edith
D100 My dear husband EDWARD SMITH of Kington died February 25th 1944 aged 75 years. Also ALICE JANE SMITH his wife died February 16th 1956 aged 91 years. Also MARGARET RUTH LIMBRICK her sister died February 26 1956 aged 80 years.  Smith Edward
NC In loving memory of a dear husband and father WILLIAM HENRY LIVALL passed peacefully away August 9 1954 aged 59 years.  Also of dear mother BESSIE LIVALL wife of the above passed peacefully away February 22 1955 aged 59 years.  They left us O so suddenly, their last thoughts unknown, but they left us a memory which we are proud to own. Livall William Henry
NC In loving memory of HAROLD LONG died 23rd April 1958 aged 63 years.  MABEL WINIFRED LONG died 13th March 1989 aged 91 years.  Re-united.  Long Harold
C45 In loving memory of JAMES ARTHUR LONG call to rest December 27th 1922 aged 67 years.  Looking unto Jesus.  Also KATE LONG dearly beloved wife of of the above who died March 10th 1945 aged 82 years.  At Rest.  Long James Arthur
NC In loving memory of a devoted husband & father JOSEPH ALBERT LONG of this parish who died 17th April 1956 aged 67 years.  Loving unselfish and kind, a beautiful memory left behind.  Also his beloved wife KATE FLORENCE LONG 14th March 1985 aged 77 years.  A dear mother and grandmother.  Always in our thoughts.  Long Joseph Albert
Non Con In loving memory of ELLEN MARIA LONGMAN died May 7 1949 aged 74 and Henry Longman died February 19th 1960 aged 82. Longman Ellen Maria
NC (GOR) In loving memory of EWART H LONGMAN 1901 – 1984 also E. LIZZIE LONGMAN 1906 – 1987 Garden of Rest2
B149 In loving memory of HERBERT JAMES WORSLEY who died August 13th 1920 aged 22 years.  Thy Will be done.  Also HILDA MARGARET sister of the above and wife of Joseph Longman who died November 15th 1926 aged 22 years.  Worsley Herbert James
Non Con WILLIAM THOMAS beloved husband of Lily Longman died February 18 1948 aged 42 years.  Also LILY LONGMAN died December 12 1989 aged 83 years.  Re-united.  Good faithful kind and true Longman William Thomas
E23 In loving memory of IVY MARY LOPEMAN wife and mother 1939 – 1970 R.I.P.  PAUL JOHN LOPEMAN 5.7.59 – 31.1.14 “So dearly loved”. Lopeman Ivy
A10 In loving memory of EDWARD LUCE of Grovesend Farm who passed peacefully away 20th September 1907 aged 66 years.  Not gone from memory.  Not gone from love.  But gone to his Father’s home above.  Also SARAH ANN wife of the above who died 3rd September 1919 aged 75.  Her end was peace. Luce Edward
B156 In loving memory of JOHN LUCE who died August 2nd 1911 aged 70 years.  At Rest.  Also MARY ANN his wife who died November 7th 1921 aged 77 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace  Luce John
NC In loving memory of HERBERT LUGG died February 18th 1938 aged 59 years. Lugg Herbert
Non Con In loving memory of my dear wife and mother of Raymond and Lorna FLORENCE KATE LUSTY died 26th May 1973 aged 86 years.  In God’s Keeping.  And our dear father ROBERT JAMES LUSTY passed away 1st February 1975 aged 85 years.  Lusty Florence Kate
D84 In memory of KAREN JANE LYDFORD born and died 18th August 1959. Lydford Karen Jane
NC Memories.  In loving memory of PERCY EDWARD LYDFORD passed peacefully away 17th July 1956 aged 64 years.  Resting.  And his wife ELLEN MAY LYDFORD who died 17th September 1977 aged 89 years.  Awaken to eternal life.  Lydford Percy Edward
Non Con In loving memory of my dear wife MARY LOUISA LYNES died January 8 1942 aged 71 years.  To be with Christ which is far better.  Also ARTHUR LYNES died December … aged 73 years. Lymes Mary Louisa

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