Church and Cemetery Records

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During the course of collecting information about the older houses in Thornbury and the families that lived in them we have amassed a great deal of information from the churches, chapels and meetings houses and the cemetery in and around Thornbury.

Thornbury Cemetery –   transcriptions of the older graves in the Cemetery.  Click here to search these records

St Mary’s Church – naturally some of this information relates to the parish church, St Mary’s.  The information includes early parish records (from 1550 to 1608), transcriptions of monuments within the church and from the churchyard outside.  We also have information on the vicars from 1571 to 2002.  There is even a little information about vicars before 1571 and the bellringers.  As part of our street collection we have pages on the Old Vicarage and Glebe Cottage.  Finally we have a page about the Tithes collected in Thornbury.  Click here to go to the St Mary’s Church records

As Thornbury has long had a Nonconformist tradition we have also managed to collect records relating to the Quakers and other Nonconformists groups.  For more detailed information see below.

Thornbury Baptist Church.  We have a collection of information about the history of the church, records from the parish registers and other sources, details of the ministers and the social life of the church.  Click here to read more

The United Reformed Church.  We are grateful to Robin Pencavel and other members of the United Reformed Church for their help in gathering photographic and other records of the church and the events held there.  Through their help and that of the Gloucester Archives we have collected information about the church’s history and its records of births, deaths and marriages.  Click here to read more

Methodist Chapel –  the new Wesleyan Chapel was built in the High Street of Thornbury in 1877 or 1878, depending on which source is correct.  The source we have here from a scrap book in the Gloucester Records Office suggests it was built in 1877.  Click here to read about the history of the Chapel.

We have also found a small collection of baptism and marriage records from the Methodist registers.  Click here to see these records

Quakers – a large collection of births, marriages and burials of Quakers associated with Thornbury, together with details of the history of Quakers in Thornbury and of their Meeting House in St John Street.  Click here to read more

Roman Catholic Church – a transcription of an article on the new church in Castle Street written by Wallace Phillips.  Click here to read more

Rockhampton – monumental inscriptions at Parish Church of St Oswald, Rockhampton as produced by Edwin J Ford in 1978, together with a list of incumbents there up to 1978.  Note – this list has been produced in PDF format which may not be suited to being viewed on a smaller screen.  Click here to see list

Berkeley – transcriptions of monumental inscriptions from Berkeley Cemetery with connections to Thornbury.  Click here to read more

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