Berkeley Cemetery

Records with Thornbury connections

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Some monumental inscriptons from Berkeley Cemetery with connections to Thornbury

In loving memory of Clara Alpass of Heathview Thornbury who passed away May 29 1909 aged 51 years.  Also Lily Bishop passed away November 9 1937 aged 72 years and Ella Phelps passed away April 21 1938 aged 71 years.

In loving memory of Ellen daughter of Stephen & Maria Alpass who passed away at Thornbury January 6 1917 aged 68 years.  Also Elizabeth daughter of Stephen & Maria Alpass who passed away at Cardiff December 31 1931 aged 80 years wife of late Decimus Goulstone.  Also Annie Laura the last surviving daughter of the late Stephen & Maria Alpass who passed away at Stevelands Thornbury July 29 1940 aged 77 years.

In remembrance of John Parslow sen of this town Gent who departed this life January the 31st 1836 in the 80th year of his age and was interred in Berkeley Church.  Also Maria his wife who died October 13 1869 aged 81 years.

In remembrance of Stephen Alpass of Elberton who departed this life April 29th 1883 aged 71 years.  ‘Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. Eccles Xll. 7’.  Also Maria his wife who died April 3rd 1909 aged 82 years. ‘Her End was Peace’.

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