James Bevan was born at Thornbury in South Gloucestershire on 27th June 1782.  He was baptised at Thornbury Parish Church on 28th August 1782.  James was the elder son of James Bevan and his wife Joan (nee Neal).

James Bevan junior married Anne Lippiatt Thomas at Thornbury on 28th August 1804.  Ann was born at Thornbury on 9th February 1785.  On the Scribe’s Alcove website which has extracts from the parish records of St Mary’s Church, she is shown as Ann Lippiatt but the record also says that her mother’s name was Mary Thomas.  Thus we know that Ann was illegitimate but do not know her father’s first name.

We have learned from a family tree on the “Ancestry” website that Anne’s mother, Mary Thomas later married James Williams at St. Michael’s Church in Bristol on 9th December 1797 and had four more children.  She died at Olveston, Gloucestershire on 18th October 1829.

James Bevan was a cattle dealer for most of his life, although he gives his occupation as tailor at the baptism of his last three children.

We know that between 1807 and 1810, James owned and occupied 7 Castle Street.

The 1841 Census shows James was a dealer aged 58 living with Ann aged 56.  They had five children living with them; Edwin a mason’s apprentice aged 19, Emma milliner’s apprentice aged 16, Fanny a corset maker aged 14, and William aged 14.  There was also a lodger, William Liddiatt a sawyer aged 29.  They were living at 1 High Street.  The 1851 Census shows them still living there.  James was now aged 69, Ann aged 66.  Emma was a dressmaker aged 25, Fanny a staymaker aged 23.  William was James’s nephew, a journeyman shoemaker aged 20.  All were born in Thornbury.

James died at Thornbury in January 1859, he was buried in the Thornbury churchyard in 1st February 1859.

James and Anne had fifteen children, all born and baptised in Thornbury.

The Children of James and Ann Bevan;-

1. Ann Bevan was born on 25th December 1804.  She was baptised 30th January 1805.  The “Ancestry” website says she died 2nd March 1819 aged 14.

2. Elizabeth Bevan was born on 4th July 1806.  She was baptised 13th August 1806.

3. Jane Bevan was born on 4th December 1807.  She was baptised 13th January 1808.

4. Harriet Bevan was born on 31st January 1809.  She was baptised 8th March 1809.  Harriet may have been the mother of William Bevan who was baptised on 24th October 1830.  According to a family tree on Ancestry website, on 18th May 1835 Harriett Bevan married Henry Prewett in St Pauls Church, Bristol.  Henry was a cordwainer, and the son of James and Hester Prewett.

5. James Bevan was born on 26th October 1810.  He was baptised 25th November 1810.  Read more about James Bevan.

6. William Bevan was born on 5th July 1812.  He was baptised 27th September 1812.  We are not sure that we have traced this William Bevan but he may have married and moved to East Dean in Gloucestershire.  The 1851 Census shows William Bevan born about 1813 in Thornbury as a coal miner with a wife, Mary.

7. Mary Bevan was baptised on 3rd April 1814.

8. Susannah Bevan was baptised on 8th October 1815.  She was buried at Thornbury on 3rd March 1819 aged 3.

9. Hester Bevan was baptised 28th November 1819.

10. Sarah Bevan one of twins was baptised on 2nd September 1819.  The Scribes Alcove website shows she was aged 7 months when she was buried on 10th September 1819.

11. Thomas Bevan one of twins was baptised 7th September 1819.  Read more about Thomas Bevan.

12. Caroline Bevan was baptised on 25th February 1821.

13. Edwin Bevan was born about 1823, but he was not baptised until 1st July 1827.  Read more about Edwin Bevan.

14. Emma Bevan was born about 1826 and also baptised on 1st July 1827.  Read more about Emma Bevan who married Charles Prewett.

15.  Fanny Bevan was born about 1827, and also baptised 1st July 1827.  In 1852 Fanny married Jesse Cossham Wise in Bristol.   Read more about Fanny and Jesse