John Buckley was born in 1840 in Congleton in Cheshire.  His birth was registered in Saddleworth.  In the 1871 Census a young lady called Charlotte Morley was in Sandbach.  The Census shows that she was visiting a solicitor from Lincolnshire and his family.  Also described as a visitor in that household was Mary Ann Buckley aged 48.

We do not know what this connection was between the Buckley and Morley families but John Buckley married Charlotte Morley, the daughter of a surgeon, John Morley, and his wife Elizabeth in Glandford Brigg in Lincolnshire in 1874.  John and Charlotte’s first daughter, Hannah Mary Buckley, was born in Congleton in the June Quarter of 1875.  Their second daughter Helen Morley Buckley was also born in Congleton in the June Quarter of 1876.  The birth of Charlotte Morley Buckley was registered in 1877, also in Congleton.

By 1878 the Gas Rate Book shows that they had moved to Porch House in Thornbury.   They did not own the house, neither did Mrs Wickham who occupied the smaller property on the site, which we now know to be 13 Castle Street.  The previous owner’s name J C Gwynn was crossed out, which indicates a recent change of ownership.

In the December quarter of 1879 they registered the birth of their daughter Marion Morley Buckley in Thornbury.

The 1880 Rate Book shows that he was still living in Porch House, but that he had also renting the shop in the High Street (now known as 11 High Street) which was owned, and previously run by, Edwin Boyes Lonnen.  Their youngest daughter Lucy was born in 1882.

The 1885 and 1890 Rate Books show that John was still renting the shop in the High Street, but the family had moved across the road to live in the house now called Epworth House at 12 Castle Street.  Epworth House was owned by the executors of the late S H Applegate.  The 1890 Rate Book shows John was also renting the shop now known as 2 High Street, but by 1894 he had given this up.

By 1880 Admiral Henry Craven St John owned both properties.

The 1881 Census shows that John and Charlotte Buckley occupied Porch House and gives us further details.  In the Census John was said to be a grocer employing four men.

The 1891 Census confirms that they were living in Epworth House.  By this time Charlotte Buckley was 45 and the couple now had five children; Hannah 15, Helen aged 14, Charlotte 12, Marion 10, Lucy 8 and Edith aged 5.  John Thomas Buckley was described as a grocer and corn merchant.  He had two apprentices in the house Charles Saville aged 17 from Essex and Roland Wilkins aged 15 from Woodborough in Somerset.

In a Trade Directory of 1895 J T Buckley was trading at Britannia House but the 1896 Voters List still shows his address as Castle Street.

By 1901 they had moved to Worcester.  By this time John was 63 years old and his wife Charlotte was 55.  Their daughters were still living at home.  Hannah aged 25 years was a book keeper.  Helen aged 24 had become a music teacher.  Charlotte aged 23 was not employed.  Lucy who had been born in Thornbury was working as a clerk in an office.  The youngest, 15 year old Elizabeth, was also born in Thornbury.

John Thomas Buckley died in Worcestershire in 1907.

By 1911 the widowed Charlotte was still living in Worcestershire with her five daughters, three of whom were teachers.  Boarding with them were three of their young pupils.


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