Luke and Jemima Dixon had at least 7 children.  Click here to read more

Three of their children feature in the information we have researched so far:

Mark Dixon
Mark was born about 1873.  His birthplace varies in different censuses, some refer to in Frampton Cotterell but at least one mentions Surrey!  We have not been able to trace his marriage to Sophia.  The Thornbury parish records show that they had one son, Nelson, baptised on 3rd March 1891 when the family address was given as Horseshoe Lane.

In the 1901 census when they were living at Gillingstool they had 2 children: Robert born in Chipping Sodbury on 20th June 1897 and Ellen (or Nellie as she was called) born in Hampshire on 28th August 1899.  We don’t know what happened to Nelson.  Two more children were born: Ethel baptised on 10th September 1901 and Sidney baptised on 10th April 1903 when their address was still Horseshoe Lane.

The Council School records show that Mark and Sophia’s children had a difficult time as Mark seemed to follow in the family footsteps and took the children out of school to go ‘travelling’.  The children were also transferred from School to Dr Barnados and a Home for Waifs which may have been the same place.

The School records also show Horseshoe Lane as an address.  At the time of the 1911 census the family were living at 17 Horseshoe Lane.  Mark was described as a labourer.  The record shows that Mark and Sophia had been married fifteen years and that they had had eight children, two of which had died.  The other six were living with them: Robert aged 13, Nellie aged 11, Ethel aged 10, Sidney aged 8, Maudie aged 5 and Nelson aged 1.

Sophia died aged 38 and was buried in Thornbury Cemetery on 8th April 1911.  Her address at the time was shown as Horseshoe Lane on the death certificate, but in the burial register it was listed as be Rock Street.

Maurice Dixon
Maurice was born in Stanwell, Middlesex on 26th June 1889, the youngest of Luke and Jemima’s seven children.

In 1907 the Gazette had two reports of Maurice getting into trouble.  On the 18th May he was charged with cruelty to a horse at Iron Acton Fair.  He had mounted the mare and beaten it with a stick.  The horse was described as ‘a bag of bones’.  Maurice was fined 1s and 8s 6d costs.  On 1st June 1908 Maurice and his brother Mark were charged with allowing a horse to stray on the highway.  Each were fined 2s 6d and 4s costs.

Maurice, is listed as a ‘hawker’ living in Horseshoe Lane in the 1910 trade directory, although we don’t know which house he was living in.  In the 1911 census we think Maurice was living with his parents in 4 Rock Street, but we can’t be sure of this.  He was shown as living in Horseshoe Lane on 2nd December 1912 when he married Cinderella Lock, the daughter of John Lock, another dealer.

Maurice and Cinderella had several children including Walter C in 1914, William in 1915, Maurice baptised 9th December 1916 when Maurice was shown as being a ‘soldier’, Ethel born on 11th March 1920 and Leonard born on 26th June 1922.  Little Maurice died aged only 3 months and was buried in Thornbury Cemetery on 30th January 1917.

During the First World War Maurice applied for exemption from military service on 3rd April 1916.  The basis for this application was that Maurice needed to run his wife’s business as Licensed Hawker and Marine Store Dealer as she was unable to work herself because of ill health.  He was granted a temporary exemption until 30th April.   Maurice must have then been called up to serve as the baptism record of their son, Maurice, shows that his father was a soldier at that time.

The baptism, Council School records and Prewett’s 1916 Street Directory show that the family was living in Rock Street in 1916 up to 1925.  We know from other sources such as the sale of the property in 1924 that it was the house which became number 4 Rock Street where they lived.

The school records suggest the family moved to Crossways, and Ethel is transferred to a school in London in 1928.  Cinderella died in the Bristol Royal Infirmary aged 35 and she was buried in Thornbury Cemetery on 17th March 1927.  Maurice re-married in Bristol in 1930.  His second wife was Alice Elizabeth Creese and they are listed as living in Rock Street in the electoral register up to 1938.  The Western Daily Press of 31st January 1938 reported that Maurice was in a collision with a motor car on Almondsbury Hill.  He received a compound fracture of the left leg and injuries to the face and was treated at Almondsbury Hospital before being taken to Bristol Royal Infirmary.

We understand that Maurice worked in the quarry at Tytherington.  Alice is remembered for her habit of spitting on her front door step and rubbing it to keep it clean.  She was blinded in one eye.

The 1939 register compiled in preparation for the war lists Maurice and ‘Elizabeth’ Dixon as living together in 2 Rock Street.  The register shows Elizabeth’s date of birth as 6th May 1897 and we note that there was an Alice Elizabeth Creese born in the Lambeth area of London in September quarter 1896.  Maurice was listed as a general labourer born on 26th June 1889.  The register shows that Maurice’s daughter Ethel was a nurse living at ‘2 St Mary Street’ – we are not sure which house this was in St Mary Street as it was before the proper system of house numbering was introduced and Ethel’s entry is on a random page of entries.

Maurice and Alice/Elizabeth moved away from Thornbury after 1939 as they don’t appear in the 1946 electoral register.  Maurice died in Bristol area on 9th May 1955 aged 65.  His probate record shows he was living at 6 Leadhouse Road, Easton and he made Alice Elizabeth his executor.   Alice Elizabeth was living at the same address when she died on 15th December 1964.  She died in Southmead Hospital.  Edward Samuel Tucker, a scrap dealer was her executor.

Julia Dixon
Julia married Goliath Cole in December quarter 1901 in Alton district.  From about 1915 they settled in the house which later became known as 11 Rock Street and Julia carried on living there until she died in 1953.  Click here to read more

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