We have written here about the branch of the Grove family who were associated with The Farm, the property now known as Thornbury Grange.

John Grove

John Grove was listed as living at ‘Gillburts’ or ‘Gilberts’ in the Kington Land Tax records between 1780 and 1784 and that he was still living there in 1804 when one of the owner, Christopher Haynes, wrote his will.  We know that this was the property on the Bristol Road just outside Thornbury which later went by the names of ‘The Farm’, ‘Thornbury Farm’, The Grange’ and is now called ‘Thornbury Grange’.

The property was owned by the Haynes family from Wick Court although one branch with an interest in The Farm had moved to live near Cork in Ireland

John was baptized in Thornbury on 26th August 1737, the son of John Grove and his wife, Ann.  John junior became a butcher like his father.  Click here to read more about John Grove senior

John’s first wife was to a lady called Elizabeth.  We’ve not been able to trace her maiden name or date of the marriage.  They had a child, Thomas, born on 31st August 1762 and baptized in Thornbury on 21t October 1762.  Their abode at the time of the baptism was Morton.

Elizabeth then died aged 25 years and was buried on 15th January 1766.  John married again – his second wife was Jane Hathway whom he married on 6th November 1766.  They had two children:  John born on 17th February 1771 and baptized on 20th March 1771 and William born on 11th May 1773 and baptized on 21st July 1773.

John died on 31st December 1808 aged 72.  A newspaper report of his death shows John Grove junior died at the house of his son (presumably Thomas) at Eastwood.  We are not sure where John was living at the time.  His wife, Jane, was living at Morton when she died aged 82.  She was buried on 14th July 1822.

We know that other members of John’s family were living in the property in later years when it was called ‘Thornbury Farm’.   John’s daughter in law, Mary Grove, was listed as the owner of that property in the 1841 Tithe Map and that Mary’s son, Henry was living there in the 1841 census.


Mary Grove and her son, Henry Grove

Mary was the widow of Thomas Grove.  Thomas was born on 31st August 1762 and baptised in Thornbury on 21st October 1762.  He was the son of John and Elizabeth Grove (see above).

Mary appears to have been born in Henbury near Bristol.  Based on her age on her death she may have been baptized on 4th Decmber 1768 the daughter of Benjamin Hignell and his wife Mary (nee Cornock).

Thomas Grove married Mary Hignell in Henbury on 7th April 1790.  They were living at White Horse Farm in Henbury on 8th September 1791 when they agreed to lease two farms properties in Eastwood.  The lease was with Mordecai Hignell of the Hackett for Pound Farm and Luces Farm, a total of about 365 acres occupied by Thomas Collins.  We are not sure when they moved to Eastwood but it seems to have been by 1798 when their third son was baptised in Thornbury.   It seems as if Thomas was a yeoman living in Eastwood during the period of the birth of most of his children.

Thomas died on 16th November 1821 aged 59.  His eldest son, Thomas, took over Eastwood.  In 1828 Mary was mentioned as the occupant of the copyhold property which was later known as Thornbury Farm when one of the owners of that property, Joseph Haynes, wrote his will.  She was described as ‘Widow Grove’.  Mary was also listed as being the occupant of Thornbury Farm at the time of the 1840 Tithe Map – we are puzzled by this because she died on 7th September 1832 aged 60.

Thomas and Mary had several children: 

  • Thomas Grove – baptised in Henbury on 9th March 1791.  Thomas appears to have taken over the property at Eastwood following the death of his father.  He married Elizabeth Selman on 9th april 1822 at St Peter’s Wapley.  They had several children: Edwin baptised on 29th January 1823, Elizabeth Selman baptised on 12th January 1825 and Fanny baptised on 26th July 1826.  Fanny died aged 10 months and was buried on 22nd May 1827.  Thomas died on 25th March 1841 aged 49 and was buried in Thornbury on 30th March 1841.  His address at that time was Eastwood.  In 1841 census Elizabeth was living at Eastwood with children Edwin and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth Selman Grove was said to be ‘daughter of the late Thomas Grove of Eastwood’ when she married Lawson Hudleston or Huddleston on October 1st 1842.
  • John Grove – born about 1796.  He was probably the wool dealer living with his brother Nicholas in Elberton in 1841 census.  He died on 17th March 1869 aged 73.
  • Henry Grove – born on 8th May 1798 and baptised at Thornbury on 4th June 1798.  The 1841 census shows Henry as the occupant of Thornbury Farm.  He was described as a yeoman aged 40 and living with four servants.  By the 1851 census he was living in Pipe Lane in Bristol.  He was described as an annuitant.  He died on 21st October 1858 aged 60 and was buried in Thornbury on 27th October 1858.  The burial record shows he died in St Pauls, Bristol.
  • Nicholas Cornock Grove – born on 22nd July 1800.  The 1851 census shows he was born at Eastwood.  He was baptised at Thornbury on 6th August 1800.  Nicholas settled to live in Thornbury and was associated with several properties in the town – see below for more information.
  • Mary Cornock Grove – baptised on 2nd February 1803.
  • George Grove – born on 12th July 1806 and baptised in Thornbury on 20th August 1806.
  • Elizabeth Barrow Grove – born on 3rd November 1808 and baptised in Thornbury on 30th November 1808.  She may have been the Elizabeth Grove living with Nicholas and John Grove in Elberton at the time of the 1841 census.
  • Ann Grove – born on 1st March 1811 and baptised in Thornbury on 5th June 1811.


Nicholas Cornock Grove

Nicholas Cornock Grove born on 22nd July 1800 the son of Thomas and Mary Grove (see above).  The 1851 census shows he was born at Eastwood.  He was baptised at Thornbury on 6th August 1800.

In the 1841 census Nicholas was a farmer living in Elberton with his elder brother John a wool dealer and Elizabeth rove who might be their sister.

Nicholas Cornock Grove married Julia Carwardine on 17th September 1842 in the Clifton area.

The 1851 census lists Nicholas and Julia living at ‘Townsend Farm’ and by 1861 they were living at ‘Thornbury Farm’.  Initially we assumed that these were two different places, but we noticed that neither of the places were shown in both censuses, that they were both listed near Waterloo Cottage (the house on Alveston Hll) and both farms were described as being 60 acres.   We believe therefore that they are two names for the same property and suspect that the Groves may have been living there from the time of their marriage or at least by 1851.

They had two children, both baptised in Thornbury: Statira Elizabeth Grove baptised on 13th August 1856 and Austin Carwardine Freeman Grove baptised on 19th January 1859.  Nicholas was in his late 50s when the children were born.

An indenture dated 16th November 1863 shows that Julia’s mother, Rebecca Carwardine, purchased the moiety on Thornbury Farm and other copyhold properties in the Manor of Thornbury from Mary Haynes.  John Crowther Gwynn gentleman of Bristol and James Freeman M.D. of Birmingham were parties to the transaction acting as trustees of the estate of Rebecca’s husband, John Carwardine.  The transaction was funded from the sales of properties in Christmas Street and Cornwallis Place in Bristol following the death of her father, John Carwardine.  John Carwardine died on 9th May 1863.  He was living at 15 Clarence Place at the time of his death.

In his will dated 22nd August 1861 John left his property in trust to Rebecca during her lifetime and then left to his daughter, Julia Grove (the wife of Nicholas Grove) ‘for her sole and separate use independently of her present and any future husband’.  Rebecca died in Thornbury on 4th July 1865.  These properties included The Farm and three houses in St Mary Street (which became 59 & 61 St Mary Street) which John Carwardine had acquired in 1842 following the default of mortgage by the owner, Thomas Smith.

Nicholas Cornock Grove purchased the two properties on The Plain (later known as 10 & 11 The Plain) and the orchard area stretching down to the stables and outbuildings fronting Gloucester Road in 1869.  It doesn’t appear that the Groves ever lived in these properties.  In 1870 he also purchased ‘Prospect House’ and its garden at 13 The Plain from James Jones.

Nicholas died on 19th December 1877 aged 77.  Julia died on 27th January 1879 aged 59.   On 28th February 1879 the property on The Plain was put up for auction.  In her will dated 25th November 1878 Julia left Thornbury Farm and the three properties in St Mary Street to her son, Austin Carwardine Freeman Grove.  The two properties on The Plain were left to her daughter Statira Elizabeth and they were put up for sale at auction in February.


Austin Carwardine Freeman Grove

Austin was baptised on 19th January 1859, the son of Nicholas Cornock Grove and his wife, Julia (nee Carwardine) (see above).  Following the death of his mother, Julia Grove, Austin was still a young man when in 1879 he took over the ownership of Thornbury Farm and the three houses in St Mary Street.  He became 21 on 20th December 1879.

We don’t think Austin ever lived in the house.  He was living at The Swan in the 1881 census and The Farm was let out to Thomas Hignell.

Austin appears to have taken out a large loan as a mortgage of £1100 using The Farm as security.  We are not sure how he used that money but note that he acquired The Swan hotel in 1880 following the death of William Crew.  October 2nd 1880 Austin married Elizabeth Codrington in Clifton in the Barton Regis area of Bristol.

It appears from the various documents that Austin got into financial difficulties.  He had borrowed a substantial amount of money and couldn’t pay it back.   The Petty Sessional Court records show that Austin was the owner and licensee in 1881 but later in that year the ownership and license were transferred to Richard Quin.  On 21st April 1881 Austin sold the properties in St Mary Street to Sidney Ponting.  The Farm was still subject to a mortgage when it was sold to Elizabeth Gwynn on 1st April 1881.

We don’t know where Austin went after this time.  He died in Edmonton area of London on 21st January 1925 aged 66 years.


Stateira Elizabeth Grove

Stateira was baptised on 13th August 1856, the daughter of Nicholas Cornock Grove and his wife, Julia (nee Carwardine) (see above).

Stateira was a pupil at a school in Wotton Under Edge in 1871 census.  She married William Hanslip Partridge at St Andrew Church, Clifton on 20th May 1879.  William was a medical student and they were living in Hammersmith in 1881 census.  Their daughter Julia was born in 1880 in Southsea and she died in July 1881.  They had two more children: Stateira Ethel in 1881 and Hanslip Rowland Carwardine in 1883.

By 1891 William had become an assistant paymaster in the Royal Navy and they were living in High Bickerton in Devon.  By 1901 William had become a Paymaster in the Royal Navy and they had moved to Honiton.  William died in Yarmouth, Norfolk in January 1914.  Stateira moved back to live in Bristol and was at 35 Royal Park, Clifton when Hanslip died at The Somme in January 1917.  He was a corporal serving with the South African Engineers Signal Company.

Stateira continued to live in Royal Park, Clifton until she died on 24th February 1948.