Inventory of Hezekiah Hewett's possessions 1685

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Transcription of the Inventory of Hezekiah Hewett junior drawn up following his death in 1685.   Read more about Hezekiah Hewett Jr

A true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods and chattels of Hezekiah Hewett Junior late of Thornbury in the Diocesse of Gloucs. Gent deceased

had taken & apprized the Season & twentieth day of August Anno Dni. 1685 by us whose names are hereunto subscribed as followeth:

Inps. All the wearing Apparrell 05:00:00
In ready money att his decease 15:06:06
Debts due upon specialty 85:00:00
Debts owing to the deceased without specialty 20:00:00
Debts very desperate 08:10:00
All the plate 06:00:00
In the hall chamber one Bedd bedstead with all the appurtenances 03:00:00
One Settle table, one chest one box one old safe one other box one trendle one spillion, one spillion cloth and one Seive 00:15:00
In the parlor chamber one half headed bedstead one bedd one coverlet one bolster and one pr. of blankets 01:15:00
Six sheets with all ye rest of ye linen 01:10:00
One coffer one old trunk one box and one little chest of drawers 00:10:00
In the parlor one bedd bedstead & all the appurtenances 06:00:00
One table board and frame two forms& one carpet 01:05:00
One other little table board & frame three joined stools two chaires two cushions and one old carpet 00:15:00
All the books 01:10:00
A warming pane a fire grate & pr. of andirons fire shovel and tongs 00:15:00
All the brass and pewter 02:15:00
In the ??? hall fower chairs one stool one looking glass 00:04:00
All the irongeere & other things there 00:10:00
One nagg one bridle and saddle 05:00:00
Three barells one wooden horse and all other lumber not hereinbefore apprized now apprized at 00:10:00
Tot is 166:10:06

Apprized by us Hezekiah Hewett Joseph Canings John Thurston

In latin – And this was proved in Reg??? Gloucester 4th September 1685 by Mary Hewett wid

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