John Boulton.  John was born on 22nd November 1800, the son of Abraham Boulton and his wife Sarah formerly Smith.   He married Elizabeth Thomas on 30th December 1822.  Although we haven’t traced the baptism record of their son, John Thomas, the Scribes Alcove website shows the baptism records for their other children.  They were Ann Newman Boulton baptised on 19th June 1825, Sarah Longden Boulton baptised on 30th December 1827, Hannah baptised on 17th October 1830, Elizabeth baptised on 20th March 1836, Rosina baptised on 8th July 1838, Emma baptised on 2nd October 1842 and Philip baptised on 13th April 1845.

In the 1841 census John was living with his family in one of the Stokefield Cottages in Castle Street opposite the Chantry.  John was an agricultural labourer aged about 40 and his wife Elizabeth was said to be about 30.  At that time they had five children living at home Ann, Hannah, John, Elizabeth and Rosena (or Rosina).

By 1851 they had moved to live in part of the Old Rectory opposite St Mary’s Church.  John was a gardener aged 50 and his wife Elizabeth was a laundress aged 47.  Elizabeth’s two daughters Ann and Hannah were working as laundresses with her.  Rosina, Emma and Philip were still at school.  They also had a grandson Philimore living with them.  Philimore was the illegitimate son of their daughter Ann.  He was baptised 26th May 1850.

The 1859 rate book shows the Old Rectory occupied by Nathaniel Bartlett and John Boulton.

In 1861 they were still living at the Old Rectory.  Thomas was aged 60 and a gardener.  His wife Elizabeth 57 laundress.  Living with them were Ann Newman Boulton aged 35, Emma Boulton aged 18 laundress, Philip Thomas Boulton pupil teacher aged 16 and their granddaughter Elizabeth Ellen May Boulton aged 2.


1873 Elizabeth Boulton receipt for Laundry

John Boulton died aged 66 and was buried on 7th October 1866.  The 1871 census shows that Elizabeth continued to live in the old Rectory after her husband’s death.  Elizabeth Boulton was then aged 66 and a widow.  She was still working as a laundress.  Living in her part of the house were her daughter Ann aged 43 who was unmarried and a charwoman, Hannah May a widowed daughter aged 40 , Philip Boulton aged 26 a carpenter and Hannah’s daughter, Ellen May aged 13 a scholar.

The above receipt shows that she was doing a considerable amount of washing for Thornbury Castle as late as 1873 when she must have been about 73.  Elizabeth Boulton died aged 75 and was buried on 21st June 1877.

Of John & Elizabeth’s children:

  • Ann Newman Boulton, baptised on 10th June 1825.  She married William Kite a labourer of Falfield on 14th May 1855.  We do not know why she appeared as Ann Newman Boulton in the 1861 census.  The 1881 census shows that she was aged 52 and living with her husband William Kite aged 77 in Falfield near Thornbury.
  • Sarah Longden Boulton was baptised on 30th December 1827.  She married George Chambers a servant and the son of John Chambers on 10th September 1848.  The 1861 census shows that George became a grocer and they lived at 47 High Street.  Their daughter Lucy married John Taylor Chambers.
  • Hannah Boulton was baptised 17th October 1830.  Hannah married Daniel May in 1857.  Hannah and Daniel lived at what became known as 15 Pullins Green.  Click here to read more
  • John Thomas Boulton, Jr.  was born about 1833.  Read about John Thomas and Susannah Boulton
  • Elizabeth Boulton was born in 1836.  She married a police constable John Pepple (otherwise Peaple).  The 1861 census shows that John aged 27 was a gardener and living in Leonard Stanley with his wife Elizabeth and their two children William and Kate.  The 1911 census shows that John became a sexton at the church and that the family lived at The Street in Leonard Stanley.
  • Rosina Boulton was baptised on 8th July 1838.  She married Abraham Gee a coachman from Wiltshire on 19th August 1866.  The couple lived in Kensington in London.
  • Philip Thomas Boulton was baptised 13th April 1845.  Philip married Rachel Mary Thurston (known as Mary), the daughter of Josiah and Mary Ann Thurston nee Slade in 1868.  Their daughter Frances Elizabeth was born that year.  Another daughter, Dorothy Lily, was baptized on 21st August 1870 when the family were living at Eastington.  We believe Philip and Mary Rachel separated .  The 1881 census shows that he became a carpenter and joiner and lived in Gloucester with a different wife also called Mary.