William Liddiatt and his family lived in various parts of Thornbury for many years, but the property most associated with them was called Killiney and stands in Gillingstool on the road from Thornbury to Grovesend. It is now called Endrick.   Click here to read about Killiney

William Liddiatt

William Liddiatt was baptised in Thornbury on 10th January 1813 under the name of ‘William Lidyat’.  He was the son of William and Hannah who had lived at 28A Castle Street.

At the time of the 1841 census William was a sawyer living at 1 High Street with James Bevan and his family.  William married Margaret Price in Clifton area in 1844.  They had a son, William, born in the Bristol area in 1845.

At the time of the 1851 census the family lived in College Street in Bristol.  The Ancestry website shows the family surname as ‘Seddert’ but on closer inspection it appears to be Liddeat.  In the census William was described as a sawyer aged 38 and his wife Margaret was aged 31 born in Bristol.  They had a son William who was aged six.  A nephew, G. W. Watkins a sawyer aged 19 born in Bristol was living with them.   Margaret died shortly after the census.  Her death was registered in the Bristol registration district in the June quarter of 1851

William married again and he was described as a widower when he married Margaret Mitchie in Clifton on 7th November 1852.  The parish record shows that William’s father’s name was William, as was Margaret Mitchie’s father.

Meg Wise of Thornbury Museum has been given papers relating to the Liddiatt family of Thornbury and one of these tells us more about Margaret Mitchie and her family.  Thanks to Meg’s work we believe that Margaret’s father was William Mitchie who married his wife Ann on October 6th 1818.  Their daughter Margaret was born on 5th November 1820.   The other children’s names appear to indicate a Nonconformist or possibly Quaker background.  They were: Ann born 22nd June 1819, Jemima born 13th October 1822, Kezia born 2nd February 1825, Kerenhappuch born 27th June 1827, William V Penn born 14th May 1835 and James born 2nd April 1839.  The 1841 census shows that William Mitchie was a gardener then aged about 49 and that the family lived in Crooked Lane in Stapleton in Bristol.  The family had another child not mentioned in the above list who was called Penelope.  Margaret’s mother Ann Mitchie of Clifton may have been buried in the Baptist Church burial ground in Thornbury on 19th November 1878.  She was aged 79.

The 1859 rate book shows that by that time William had returned to Thornbury and his family lived at 13 Castle Street in the town.  The 1861 census gives us more information about William Liddiatt who was then aged 48 and a sawyer.  He was born in Thornbury but his wife Margaret was said to have been born in Henbury, which is in Bristol.  She was then 40 years old.

In the census of 1861 the couple had four children.  ‘Berenice’ was aged seven years. Her birth was registered as Bernice Liddiatt in the first quarter of 1854 in the Clifton District of Bristol.   Edward was aged five in the 1861 census.  Edward’s birth was registered in the  last quarter of 1855 in the Clifton District.  John aged three was said to have been born in “Bristol”.   John’s birth was registered in Bristol in first quarter of 1858.  The youngest child Ann who was aged one year was born in Thornbury and her birth was registered in the first quarter of 1860.  This date of birth probably indicates the length of time the family had been living in Thornbury.

William and his family stayed in Castle Street until at least 1869 because William’s name appeared in the rate books for that period.  However by the census of 1871 they had moved to 4 Sawmill Lane, which as its name suggests was next to the sawmill owned by Edmund Cullimore.  At this time they had three children living with them:  John was aged 15 by this time and Frederick William was aged eight (his birth was registered in the second quarter of 1862).  The youngest was Henry aged five.  Henry was born 25th April 1865.

By 1881 the family had moved again, although they were still in the Thornbury area.  This time they were living in Gillingstool, near the Black Horse.  This cottage later became known as Killiney and when house numbering was introduced it became ’31 Gillingstool’.

The census shows that William was still a sawyer, and that he and his wife Margaret had two children still living at home; Ann, an unemployed domestic servant aged 21, and Frederick, now also working as a sawyer aged 18.

William was buried in the Thornbury Baptist church aged 73 years on 28th September 1886. 

The 1891 census shows Margaret was ‘living on her own means’ in the house in Gillingstool with her son, Frederick, who was now working as a blacksmith.

In 1901 Margaret then aged 81 was living on Gillingstool with her 15 year old granddaughter Bernice Lewis (see Ann Lewis below).  Margaret was buried on 17th July 1904 aged 83.

Of the children of William and Margaret Liddiatt

William Liddiatt was born in the December quarter of 1845 in Bristol.  He was the son of William by his first wife Margaret Liddiatt (nee Price).

He had an interesting and varied career in the 32nd Regiment Light Infantry which was formerly 32nd Regiment of Foot.  Thornbury Museum has papers relating to William’s time in the army, especially in Africa in the Zulu wars.

We believe that at the age of about 22 on 26th June 1865 William married Mary Hyland who was said to be aged 21.  The marriage took place in Rathdown, town of Kingstown in Dublin, Ireland.  The marriage record show that William’s father was written as William “Liddeall” and that Mary’s father was Patrick Hyland.    We understand that Mary’s mother was Mary Bridget Hyland nee Hand.

Their first daughter Mary Bernice Liddiatt appears to have become the second wife of  William’s half brother Henry Liddiatt.  We know from the register drawn up in 1939 in the advent of war that the Mary Bernice who lived at Killiney in Gillingstool was born on 19th January 1868.

Another daughter Bridget  Margaret Cecilia was born on July 30th 1869 and baptised at the Garrison of Graham’s Town at the Cape of Good Hope.  At that time William was a Private in the 32nd Regiment of the Light Infantry.  Click here to read more about Cecilia as she was known

Their son William Henry Augustus Liddiatt was born on 27th May 1877 and baptised at the Garrison of King’s William Town, Cape of Good Hope on 10th June 1877.   At that time William was a Colour Sergeant and Military Staff Clerk.

William Liddiatt died on 19th October 1880 at Lower Bath Road in Thornbury.  He was 35 years old and described as a colour sergeant in the army.  Present at his death was his widow M Liddiatt who we believe was Mary.  He was buried near his family in the Baptist Burial ground at Gillingstool Hill in Thornbury and his death was registered in the Thornbury District.

A memorial inscription in Cruagh in Dublin shows “in loving memory of our mother Mary Lidiatt who died on 18th November 1900.  Also our dear father William Liddiatt buried at Thornbury, Glos.  Also grandmother Bridget Hyland and her daughter Alicia and our uncle Edward Hand.”

Mary his widow returned to Ireland after her husband’s death.  The Poor Law records for Palmerstown in Dublin show she was living there at least in 1887  and we know that  other members of the family visited her in Ireland. We do not know when she returned to Thornbury to live with Henry Liddiatt.  She died in Pullins Green in Thornbury on 6th November 1900.   Her death certificate says that Henry Liddiatt her ‘son in law’ was present at her death.  She was described as the widow of a sergeant in the army.

Bernice Liddiatt was born about 1854 in Clifton in Bristol.  In 1861 she was living with her parents in Castle Street.  She was aged  seven and a scholar.   By 1881 she was a servant at Prospect House in Thornbury for Mr Taylor.  She was still working for him in 1891.  In 1895 she was a witness at the wedding of her brother Henry Liddiatt to his second wife Mary Bernice in Clifton.  The 1911 census shows her living in Worcester with her brother in law Edgar Landman and his wife Annie (see below).  Bernice died in Worcestershire aged 86 in the June quarter of 1939.

Edward Liddiatt.  His birth was registered in the Clifton district of Bristol in the last quarter of 1855.  The 1891 census shows Edward Liddiatt was a fishmonger aged 35 who was living with his wife Lucy.  Edward was buried in the Baptist Burial ground in Thornbury in December 1898.  Read more about Edward and Lucy

Ann Liddiatt.  Ann (sometimes referred to as Annie) was born in Thornbury in 1860.  In 1861 aged one year she was living with her parents in Castle Street.  In 1881 Ann was an unemployed domestic living with her parents in the house which became known as Killiney in Gillingstool.

In the September quarter of 1881 she married John Lewis in Thornbury – the record on the FreeBMD website shows her name as ‘Annie Elizabeth’.

John and Annie had a son, William Lewis, born in Westborne Park, London about 1885.  On 7th April April 1887 they had a daughter Bernice Lewis who was baptised nine years later on 21 June 1896 at Broad Hinton in Wiltshire.  Her parents were said to be John and Annie Lewis.  Her birth had been registered whilst her parents still lived in London as the registration district was Kensington.

In the 1891 census Annie Lewis was a cook in the Wiltshire County Lunatic Asylum.  She was described as a single lady.  We do not know happened to her husband.  Their son, William, was living with uncle, John and his wife Alice Mary in Bristol in the 1891 and 1901 censuses (see below).  In the 1901 census Bernice was living in Thornbury with her grandmother Margaret Liddiatt.

In 1905 Annie married again in Gloucester area – her husband was Albert Edgar Landman.  The 1911 census shows them living at 9 Sidbury, Worcester, together with Annie’s son, William Lewis, a fishmonger and Annie’s sister, Bernice Liddiatt.  Edgar was working as a butcher shopman for Eastmans Ltd.

John Liddiatt.  John’s birth was registered in the March quarter of 1858 in Bristol.  By the census of 1861 he was living with his family at 13 Castle Street and by 1871 he was still with his family at 4 Saw Mill Lane.  By the census of 1881 he was living with cousins in Westbury on Trym.  At that time he was said to be unmarried and a clerk for the tramways company.

John married Alice Mary Lewis in Thornbury in 1886.  Alice was born in Broad Hinton in Wiltshire.  She was the daughter of a blacksmith Robert Lewis and his wife Sarah.  Alice was seems to have been the sister of the John Lewis who had married Ann Liddiatt in 1881. 

In the census of 1891 John and his wife Alice was living in Stokeleigh, Longfield Road, St James and St Paul in Bristol and John was a tramway manager’s clerk.  John died in Longfield Road Bristol and was buried in Thornbury on 11th March 1893.

Frederick William Liddiatt.  The birth of Frederick William Liddiatt was registered in the Thornbury district in the June quarter of 1862.  Frederick was aged 8 in 1871 and living in Saw Mill Lane.

In 1881 Frederick William had been a sawyer living with his parents in Gillingstool.  He became a blacksmith and in 1891 was living in the house which became known as Killiney in Gillingstool with his widowed mother.  The Ancestry website shows that at the age of 38 Frederick married Eliza Jane White in St Mary’s parish church in Olveston on 18th October 1899.  Eliza was the daughter of Thomas White, an agricultural labourer from Olveston and his wife, Charlotte.

The 1901 census shows that he was living in 7 Gloucester Road with his wife Eliza and 7 month old son William who was born in Thornbury.  The birth of their son William Thomas Liddiatt was registered in the Thornbury District in September quarter 1900.  He was born on 10th August 1900.  In the census Frederick was aged 38 and a postman and his wife Eliza was 31 and from Olveston.

Frederick Liddiatt appears in the 1904 and 1905 Trade Directories and his occupation was shown as blacksmith but by 1906 he had returned to being a postman and was living in Gillingstool

In 1911 he was living in Gillingstool with his wife who in this census is called Jane.  We believe that they were living opposite the Black Horse in Gillingstool.  They had only had one child, William who was 10 years old in this census.

Frederick William Liddiatt memorial card

Memorial card

Frederick William died on December 6th 1913 aged 51.  He was buried in Thornbury Cemetery on December 9th 1913 at which time he had the occupation of postman.   See the funeral card on the left for further details.

His widow Eliza Jane continued to live opposite the Black Horse in Gillingstool.  She died in Thornbury in the March quarter of 1937.  She was buried in Thornbury Cemetery on 30th January 1937 aged 68.  The 1937 Electoral Register shows that she lived in Gillingstool and that William Thomas Liddiatt’s address on the register was c/o Mrs E J Liddiatt.

The 1939 register compiled in the advent of war confirms that Eliza Jane was living in a cottage across the road from the Black Horse.  In the register William Thomas Liddiatt was a painter and decorator and that he served in the Auxiliary Fire Service during the war.  We have been told that he worked for Mills and Phillips in Thornbury.

We have been told that ‘Bill’ never married and was a private man who lived alone.  Miss Appleby who worked for the Liddiatts used to come over each day to check on him.  One day she found him at the bottom of the stairs, where he had fallen and sadly died.

William Thomas Liddiatt died on December 27th 1967 and was buried in the same grave as his parents on 2nd January 1968 aged 67.  At the time of his burial the record shows William’s address as “The Cottage Gillingstool.”  We have since confirmed that this property was opposite the Black Horse.

Henry Liddiatt.  Henry was born on 24th April 1865 and he married Mary Ann Morgan in 1888.  Mary Ann died 29th August 1893.  Henry’s second wife Mary Bernice Liddiatt appears to have been the daughter of his half brother William (see above).

Henry Liddiatt was living in Gillingstool when he died on 19th December 1929.  Read more about Henry Liddiatt