The Maishment family lived in Thornbury for many years, but they were not originally a Thornbury family

John Maishment was born in Devizes about 1794.  We do not know when he moved to Thornbury, Gloucestershire.  The 1822 Land Tax record shows a house owned by ‘the late Betty Hathway’ occupied by John Maishman.  We know this house to be one of the two houses later known as 37 and 39 St Mary Street.  John remained in the house at least until 1832, although the spelling of his surname varies from time to time including being called ‘Marshman’.  John’s wife, Hester, was a local girl, having been born in Thornbury about 1800.  They had at least five children who were baptised in St Mary’s Church: William and Jane were baptised in December 1823 and sons George and Henry were baptised in July 1837.

In the 1841 Census, the family lived in Gillingstool Cottage, Gillingstool Hill where John was a journeyman tailor.  Living with them in 1841 were their sons, William, a journeyman tailor aged 19, James an apprentice tailor aged 13, George aged 10, Henry aged 4 and Alfred aged 10 months. Another journeyman tailor, Robert Hopkins aged 56 was also living in the house.

By 1851 John and the family had moved to the house now known as 5 St John Street.  This is confirmed by the deeds of the house.  Also living with John and Hester were their son, George aged 20, also a journeyman tailor and a lodger, Robert Hopkins another journeyman tailor, unmarried, aged 63 and born in Thornbury.

Hester died in 1857.  In 1861 John was in the Thornbury Union Workhouse where he was still being described as a tailor.

Of their children;

George Maishment – George was baptised on 26th July 1827 in Thornbury.  On 8th December 1851 George Maishment married Elizabeth Carter, the daughter of Joseph Carter, a labourer.  The 1859 Rate Book and 1861 Census shows George and his family living at the house later known as 54 Castle Street.  The census shows George was a tailor aged 29.  His wife was Elizabeth aged 30.  They had 4 children: William baptised 30th May 1852, Elizabeth baptised 1st October 1854, Jane baptised 4th January 1857, and Edward baptised 5th June 1859.  The 1867 Poor Rate book shows George was still living at the same house as a tenant of Henry Carter.

The 1871 Census shows George and the family living in Gillingstoool.  We think his house was one of the two cottages demolished later to make way for the Council School.  George and Elizabeth were both aged 39.  They had four children living with them: Jane, Edward, Ellen and Rose.  Ellen had been baptised on 2nd February 1862 and Rose baptised on 7th June 1868.  There had been another daughter, Annie baptised 3rd September 1865, who died on 3rd July 1868.

We believe that the Gas Rate books in 1877 and 1879 show George was living in one of the properties known as  Stokefield Cottages in Castle Street.  The books actually show the property was occupied by George Marshman, but we have no record of anyone called Marshman.  We know however that George Maishment lived in Thornbury at this time and in 1875 he lived in one of the houses of Henry Craven St John.  We suspect that George Maishment was the same person as described as George Marshman.

By the 1881 Census George Maishment had moved to the house that became known as 8 Pullins Green.  George was a tailor aged 49, Elizabeth was a laundress aged 50, and Rose aged 12.

In 1891 George and Elizabeth were still there but now they were on their own.  By 1901 a grandson, Bruce Webb, had moved in with them.  Bruce was the son of Rose and her husband, Harry Webb who was born in October 1892.  Elizabeth had died in 1901 aged 71.  She was buried in Thornbury Cemetery on 30th September 1901.  George died in Thornbury Hospital on 2nd September 1909 aged 79.

Of George and Elizabeth’s children:

William born 1852 and baptised 30th May 1852.  He moved to Bristol to work and live and then returned to Thornbury where he married for a second time in 1899.  William was a jobbing gardener and his wife, Catherine ran the laundry in Kington Lane.   Click here to read more

Elizabeth baptised 1st October 1854.  Elizabeth married George Trayhurn, the butcher. Click here to read more

Jane baptised 4th January 1857.  Jane Maishment married Charles Symes, the cooper and seedsman.  Click here to read more

Edward baptised 5th June 1859.  Edward married in Kettering in the December quarter of 1883.  The 1901 Census shows that he was a railway clerk who lived with his wife Susanna.

Ellen baptised 2nd February 1862.  Ellen may have married in Bristol in 1895.

Annie baptised 3rd September 1865.  She was buried in Thornbury on July 3rd 1868 aged two years 11 months.

Rose baptised 7th June 1868.  Rose married Harry Webb in Cardiff  in 1891.  They had a son, Bruce born in 1892 who living with George and Elizabeth in the 1901 Census.