Pitcher children Jan 1912 with names

The children of Walter William & Anna Maria Pitcher in 1912

Walter William and Anna Maria Pitcher had at least seven children.

 The photograph here shows them in 1912. We have an album of other photographs of this family.  Click here to see the family album

Edgar Walter – was born in Thornbury on 6th December 1867.  Edgar worked as a solicitor’s clerk.  He lived for many years with his wife, Caroline (nee Staley) in their house at 3 Castle Street.  Click here to read more

probably Francis Henry James Pitcher

Francis Henry James – born in Thornbury on 29th September 1869.  Francis worked as an ironmonger’s assistant in 1891.  He married Dorothy Lily Boulton in 1889.  In  the Census of 1891 they were both living with Dorothy’s grandmother, Mary Ann Thurston, at Cockmead in Kington where she was assisting at her laundry.  By 1901 he had moved away to Stafford and he was working as a mechanical engineer.  Francis and Dorothy had at least one child; a daughter called Ethel was born in Bridgend in 1898.  It appears that they had other children as we have been told of a Violet, Pearl, Queenie and Walter.  We understand that Francis eventually moved to Manchester where he worked in the city transport department.

Nance 1902

Annie Maria – born in Thornbury in 1871.  Annie was known as Nance.  She appeared to stay at home and never married.  She worked as a dressmaker and mantlemaker in the 1891 and 1901 Censuses.  She died on 9th December 1923 aged 52 years and is buried in her parents’ grave at Thornbury Cemetery.  The Gazette of 15th December 1923 contained an inquest into the death of Annie Maria Pitcher, then aged 52.  She was said to be in good health when she went to bed.  however when Wilfred P Winter who resided with the deceased took up a cup of tea to her bedroom he found that she was dead.  She was lying face down on her pillow and it was decided that she had had an epileptic fit and suffocated.

Her obituary in the Gazette refers to the fact that she was a member of the Thornbury Tennis Club.

Albert Pitcher

Albert Pitcher

Leonard – born in Thornbury in 1873.  Read more about Leonard

Albert Edward – born in Thornbury on 13th January 1875.  He attended Thornbury Council School.   In 1888 he failed to gain a scholarship for admission to Thornbury Grammar School, but he was successful the following year and was admitted there on 14th January 1889.  In the 1891 census, he is shown as a grocer’s apprentice.  We understand from an article written about Albert in ‘Grocery’ magazine (and summarised in the Gazette on 9th June 1923) that he had worked for Councell & Sons in Thornbury.  In February 1895 the minutes of the meetings of what is now the United Reformed Church show that Albert had requested to be transferred to Davis Road Church in Fulham.  In 1901 the Census confirms that he was living in Fulham where he worked as clerk.  The article shows that he worked for Harrods at their Brompton Road establishment for over 20 years and he ultimately graduated to a position there as assistant buyer.  It adds that ‘after only a four year engagement with one of the largest multiple shop firms in the world he gained a position as buyer at the House of Selfridge.  Although he was known to enjoy bowls, his real love was his work.’

In 1903 Albert married Amy Louise Dealtrey in the Fulham area.  At that time he was a grocer’s assistant.  They had two daughters, Dorothy and Kathleen.  The photograph on the left of Albert shows that he must have served in the First World War in the medical corps.  The Grocery article shows he worked as a ‘V. A. D. orderly in the Auxiliary Hospital’.

Albert died in the Brentford area in 1930 aged 54.  His probate record shows that he never forgot his home town.  His house was called Thornbury House at 18 Bassett Gardens Jersey Road in Middlesex.  Probate was granted to his widow Amy Louise.

Arthur Charles – born in Thornbury in 1876.  Read more about Arthur Charles

Augustus Ernest – born in Thornbury in 1878.  Click here to read more about Ernest

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