A large number of the Sainsbury family from the Thornbury area can be traced back to Jonathan and Ann Sainsbury who moved from Tisbury in Wiltshire to farm at Barmers Land Farm, Tytherington at some time in the early 1790s.  They had five children, Matthew, Mary, John, William and Charlotte, plus three more who died in infancy.  Of these children, we have written about William and his family below, but of the other children:

Matthew Sainsbury married Martha Alway and raised their family in Tytherington.

John Sainsbury married a widow, Mary Pullen in 1810, and they also raised a family in Tytherington farming at Boyts Farm.  One of John’s grandsons, also called John, married Elizabeth Young of Alveston and one of their sons, William Young Sainsbury became the Relieving Officer in Thornbury.   Another son, Samuel Young Sainsbury married Laura Cullimore, the daughter of James and Hester Cullimore of The Crispin in Thornbury.

Mary Sainsbury remained a spinster and lived at Church Cottage, Tytherington and then Porch House, Tytherington until she died in 1850.  Charlotte married Thomas Shield of Hope Farm, Falfield.

Please check out Tytherington Roots for more information about the Sainsburys who remained in that area.

William Sainsbury was born in Tisbury about 1782 (based on his age at his death).  His age given in the census records suggest that he may have been born between 1773 and 1780 (his age was given as 67 in 1841 census and 70 in 1851 census).  William married Hannah Longman, the daughter of William Longman, a baker.  She was baptised in Berkeley on 12th January 1783.

William and Hannah Sainsbury had a large number of children, all baptised at Tytherington: Charlotte baptised on 24th May 1812, William baptised on 5th June 1814, Hannah baptised on 8th April 1815, Celia baptised on 9th June 1816, Anise was baptised on 16 November 1820, Edwin on January 31 1825, and four children were baptised on the same day on 2nd January 1828, Jonathan aged 9, Joseph aged 8, Thomas aged 6 and Frederick who was presumably an infant.

The 1841 Census shows William was a farmer living in Kington with Hannah.  They were there with their seven children, Celia Longman aged 80 (presumably Hannah’s mother) and two servants.  In 1851 the Census shows the family still lived in Kington.  Their farm is now shown to be of 13 acres and William was employing his three sons, William, Edwin, and Fred as labourers.

In the 1861 Census, William was listed at his son, Joseph’s farm in Brinkworth, Wiltshire.  Hannah was in Kington with her son, Edwin. William died aged 82 in 1864.  We think he died in Brinkworth as his death was registered in Malmsbury.  He was buried at Tytherington on 19th February 1864.

Of their children,
William Sainsbury married Maria Cook in 1855 and lived in and around Thornbury.  Click here to read more

Jonathan Sainsbury became a carpenter.  In 1844 he married Priscilla Young and by 1851 they were living in Lower Hazel with children: Henry born about 1844 and Rupert born in 1850 and a servant Amelia Millard aged 16.  They had at least one more child, Frederick born about 1856.  He died in 1906 aged 89.

Joseph Sainsbury moved to Brinkworth in Wiltshire where he married Ann Norton in 1855.  In 1861 he was a farmer at Rookery Farm (250 acres) with their children Amelia aged 6 and William aged 4.  Joseph’s father was visiting them at the time of the census.

Annis Sainsbury married Jacob Smith, a farmer in Kington on 13th December 1843.  The couple later lived in Calne in Wiltshire with their family.

Thomas Sainsbury died in 1849 aged 22 years and is buried with his mother in the Congregational Chapel.

Edwin Sainsbury was living with his widowed mother in 1861 in which he is described as an ‘idiot.’  There could be any number of explanations for this cruel description, which was typical of Nineteenth Century England, but whatever Edwin’s condition, the outcome seems to have been a sad one.  The census shows that he was in the Union Workhouse as a a lunatic in 1871.  He died there in 1874 aged 47.

Frederick Sainsbury became an agricultural labourer.  In 1851 he married Ellen Webb from Thornbury.  Click here to read more