Oliver Screen was baptised on 15th January 1835.  He was the son of John Screen, a labourer from Rockhampton and his wife, Hester from Frampton Cotterell.  They lived in Morton and they were living there in the 1851 census with their children: Oliver aged 16, William aged 9, John aged 5 and Edward aged 1.

Oliver Screen married Lucy Gale in 1858.  In 1861 Oliver and Lucy were living at 8 Upper Bath Road.  He was an agricultural labourer aged 25, she was aged 23.  They had 2 children: Ann aged 1 and John aged 3 months.  Sharing the house were Abraham Gale aged 66 and Ann his wife aged 56 who were Lucy’s parents.  Oliver and Lucy’s daughter, Ann died later in 1861.

By 1871 Oliver and Lucy had moved to a house in Lower Bath Road which we believe was later known as 6 Rock Street.  They now had 4 children living with them: John aged 9, Albert 3, Edward 2 and Eliza aged 1 week.  Eliza died early the following year before she reached the age of 1.  In 1873 Oliver and Lucy had another daughter who they named Lily Eliza.  The Minute Book of Thornbury Union records that on 17th January 1873 the Guardians of the Union recognised that Lucy Screen was in a “destitute condition” and paid Dr E M Grace his midwifery fee of £1.00 for delivering the baby.  In 1881 census this daughter using the name, Eliza, was living with her grandmother, Ann Gale, who was living in St Mary Street.

By 1881 Oliver and Lucy had moved again, this time to a house further up Lower Bath Road which later became known as 13 Rock Street.  They had three of their children living with them: John, now working as a labourer, Albert and Edward.  The 1894 Rate Book shows that the Screens had moved away from the area.  The 1899 Rate Book shows they had returned to live next door at number 11 Rock Street.

By 1891 Oliver had become a builder’s labourer and he and Lucy were still living in the same house with unmarried son, John a farm labourer aged 30 and daughter, Eliza aged 18.

Lucy must have suffered a mental breakdown in 1898 as she was admitted to Gloucester Asylum on 20th April.  When she was discharged on 12th September 1898 it was not noted that she was ‘released’ not ‘recovered’.  In 1901 Oliver and Lucy were still in Lower Bath Road with daughter now using the name of Lily E. aged 27 and grand-daughter, Hester A aged 4.  They were still listed as living in the house in 1905 Rate Book.  Oliver died on 22nd February 1908 aged 68.  Lucy died in Thornbury Hospital on 5th June 1908 aged 72.

Two of Oliver & Lucy’s children settled in the Rock Street area.  Click on the following links to read more about them:

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