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In the 1901 Census, Mary Till, a woman of independent means was living in Wigmore House in Castle Street, Thornbury.  Wigmore House is the second house from the right in this photograph, which was taken soon after this time.  It has posts in front of it which are linked with chains.  Mary Till was described in the Census as a widow aged 60 with two servants.

Mary was the daughter of William and Mary Wetmore of Hill and she was baptised 1 Nov 1840 at Hill.

When she was twenty three years old she married Thomas Day Till on 9th June 1862 at Hill.  His father was a farmer at Moreton.  By the 1871 Census Mary Till was aged 30 and she and Thomas had a young daughter Ellen aged five years.  Thomas was farming 280 acres in Lower Moreton and employed seven men.  We are not sure if they actually moved but in the 1881 Census their address in Lower Moreton was Maypole Farm.  The acreage was said to be 270 but perhaps the answers did not need to be exact.  They continued to farm at Maypole Farm up until the 1891 Census at least.  Thomas died on 16th December 1894 aged 58 years.

The Bristol Mercury reported his death on 22nd December 1894. “On Thursday Mr T D Till of Morton was buried in the new burial ground presented to the town by Mr E S Howard.  The deceased gentleman for several years past was one of the parish churchwardens and in March last qualified as a magistrate of the county, being one of those placed on the Commission of the Peace by the Lord Chancellor.  He also filled the office of Waywarden of Thornbury and was generally respected in the neighbourhood.  He appeared to be in his usual robust health until about three weeks ago when he complained of feeling unwell and Dr E M Grace was called in.  Oedema of the lung and gangrene of the toe set in and his illness terminated on Sunday last.  The funeral cortege left the deceased’s residence shortly after two o’clock the body borne on the hand hearse (provided for parishioners) by eight labourers recently in the employ of the deceased.”

Thomas Day Till J.P. was buried in the cemetery at Thornbury.  We do not know at what stage Mary Till moved into Wigmore House.  The earliest mention of her living in that house that we have found so far was in the Trade Directory and Rate Book of 1899.  The Rate Book shows that Mrs Till was a tenant of John Crowther Gwynn.  Mrs Till remained in the house at least until 1904.  The Rate Book of 1905 shows that John Crowther Gwynn’s next tenant was T L Davies.  Mary Till died on August 4th 1909 aged 68 at The Elms in Gloucester Road Thornbury.

On the 29th September 1909 John Crowther Gwynn sold the house to Dr Lionel Williams.

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