From around 1890, number 8 Bath Road in Thornbury was owned and occupied by members of the Williams family and from about 1901 they also occupied next door at number 6.

Mark and Emma Williams – we believe Mark Williams inherited the property which later became known as 8 Bath Road from his mother, Sarah Williams (although strictly speaking she was Sarah Garlick when she died, having married John Garlick in 1851 following the death of her own husband, George Williams in 1850.  Read more about the Garlicks)

Mark was baptised on 8th August 1841, the son of George and Sarah Williams. After living with his parents in 3 Upper Bath Road, he moved with his mother to 8 Bath Road following the death of his father in 1850 and they were there in the 1861 Census.

In 1866 Mark married Emma Stephens who was born in Alveston about 1838.  Mark and Emma had several children: Alfred born about 1868, twins Edwin and Henry were baptised on 3rd April 1870 and George William was baptised on 5th July 1874 when he was aged 2.  Little Henry died aged 7 months and was buried on 4th September 1870.

In 1871 Mark and Emma were living in 6 Bath Road, next door to his mother Sarah and stepfather, John Garlick. Mark and Emma had two children: Alfred aged three and Edwin aged one.

The 1881 Census shows Mark and Emma had moved to Easton Hill where Mark was a farm labourer and they were living with Edwin aged 11 and George aged 8.  The 1890 Rate Book shows that Mark had taken over the ownership of number 8 Bath Road and he was living there with his family.  The 1891 Census shows Mark was a general labourer aged 49 living with Emma aged 50 and Edwin an agricultural labourer aged 21.

They carried on living in the house until at least 1910.  In the 1901 Census Mark was a general farm labourer living with Emma and their son, Edwin a general farm labourer aged 31.  Mark died on 16th September 1910 aged 69.

The 1911 Census shows Emma living in the house, a widow aged 70, with her son, Edwin a farm labourer aged 41.

There are several recorded deaths of Emma Williams in Thornbury but the most likely is that she died in 1916 aged 73.  On 23rd March 1917 the trustees of Mark Williams sold 8 Bath Road to Mark’s son, Edwin for £120.

Of Mark and Emma’s children:
Edwin Williams – Edwin was baptised on 3rd April 1870, the son of Mark and Emma Williams.  He was described as a labourer when he bought 8 Bath Road in 1917 from his father’s trustees following the death of his mother.

Edwin was the son of Mark and Emma Williams – see above.  Edwin was aged 41 unmarried and living at home with his mother in the 1911 Census.  In 1917 Edwin married Florence Chisholm in the Bristol area.

Edwin died 9th December 1920 and Florence took over the house.  The register compiled in 1939 in preparation for the war shows Florence was living at 8 Bath Road and her date of birth was 8th May 1889.  She continued living there until 1965.  Florence died on 2nd May 1965 aged 82.

Her nephew, William Henry Chisholm, sold the property to Thornbury Rural District Council on 14th September 1966 for £400 by which time the house had been demolished.

George and Amy Williams – George William Williams was born on 25th August 1872 and baptised on 5th July 1874, the son of Mark and Emma Williams.  On 4th January 1896, George married Amy Lewis.  She was born on 6th April 1872.

The 1901 Census shows that George and Amy had settled in to live in 6 Bath Road, next door to his parents.  George was a general farm labourer aged 28 and Amy was aged 28 and born in Cold Ashton.  They had two children: Joseph aged four and Lucy aged three.

The 1911 Census shows George was working as a farm labourer ‘milk cows’.  He and Amy were living with their children: Joseph who was working in the saw mills making wooden boxes aged 14 and Lucy aged 13.

During the First World War, George applied for exemption from military service.  He was described as a coal haulier and hawker aged 46 who was working for Henry Baylis of the High Street and Thornbury Coal Company.

The Electoral Registers show George, Amy and the family continued living in the two houses until 1950.  The register compiled in 1939 in preparation for the war shows George, Amy and Joseph were living in 6 Bath Road.  George was described as a coal merchant and Joseph as an agricultural labourer.

George died in 1953 aged 80.  He was buried in Thornbury Cemetery on 3rd February 1953.  In the 1954 Electoral Register Amy was listed as being in Thornbury Hospital.  She died in 1955 aged 82.

Following their deaths, their son Joseph carried on living at 6 Bath Road until it was acquired for demolition.  Joseph was unmarried and had worked on the task of hauling coal to the gas works.

Alfred Williams born 1867.  Alfred later lived at 13 Castle Street in Thornbury.