Thornbury Roots has always been most fortunate in having access to the huge supply of photographs from Thornbury and District Museum and from the many people who kindly send us images.  We have used some of these to make individual albums of family photographs for some of the well known families in the town.  These appear in our galleries which are accessible from the menu bar on our front page and from links on various pages where there is information about a particular family.  For some time we have used a commercial organisation for storage and display of these images called Cincopa, for which service we paid 99 USD for “an unlimited number of photographs for life. ” Sadly they have now told us that we can no longer continue to use this service as they have limited the number of images that we are able to store on their system,  We have moved our family albums to a free service called Flickr and the links will now take you to our galleries there.  We believe that this is actually a better way of presenting our images and hope that the process of transferring so many images will not disrupt your access to our store of wonderful family photographs.  Please click here to see our new collection of family albums.