The above photo shows the property as it was re-developed in 2016 which trebled the size of the building.

1840 plan

Our knowledge of the property starts with the 1840 Tithe Survey.  This refers to the property as Plot 521, a cottage and garden owned by Thomas Thorne.  The plan on the left is an extract of the Tithe Map.  It shows that a cottage was then in the top right hand corner of the plot.

We don’t know when this cottage was built or anything about its history prior to 1840.


1880 OS map

The 1881 map shown on the right shows the cottage in the top left hand corner of the plot.  This difference is explained in the deeds.  The new cottage was built by William Slaine in 1854.  When William arranged a mortgage on the property at that time it was described as ‘the site of an ancient cottage late in the occupation of Thomas Thorne deceased’ and ‘upon which said piece of garden ground William Slaine is now erecting a cottage’.

The photo below was taken in 2006 and we suspect that there would have very few changes from the cottage built by William Slaine in 1854.


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