The Dingle and Appledore (Appledore is the part of the building with scaffolding)

The Tithe Apportionment drawn up between 1838 and 1840 gives the property that became The Dingle in Gillingstool, Thornbury the number 516 and shows that the property was one of two owned by Thomas Smith.  It was occupied by Henry James.  The Dingle adjoined another property also owned by Thomas Smith and later called Appledore

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Henry James

The 1841 Census shows that Henry and Sarah James were living in this property.  Henry was an agricultural labourer and the ages of both were ’rounded down’ to 35 years.   It seems likely that Henry was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth James and that he was baptised on 18th March 1804.

The 1851 census appears to confirm that the couple continued to live in Gillingstool.  The census tells us that Henry was aged 47 and Sarah was aged 50 and born in Singleton in Sussex.  Sadly we seem unable to find out more about this couple.


Thomas Pritchard 

The 1861 census shows that the property was occupied by Thomas Pritchard aged 27 and his wife Jemima aged 28 and their 11 year old niece Emma.

Thomas Pritchard was the son of William Pritchard and his wife Ann nee Riddiford.  He was baptised on 23rd March 1834.  The census of 1841 shows that the family lived in Crossways where William was an agricultural labourer.  Thomas was then the fourth of seven children in the household.  The 1851 census shows that the Pritchard family where living next door (in the house that later became known as Appledore).

Thomas married Jemima Fowler on 27th June 1858 at which time both of them lived in Crossways.  Jemima was the daughter of William Fowler and his wife Hester.  Hester in 1851 was a widowed laundry woman in Kington.

Thomas and Jemima do not appear to have had children of their own.

Thomas was a butcher by trade and he continued to live in the house that came to be known as The Dingle until his death in January 1892.  Thomas was buried on 4th January 1892 in Thornbury.  He was aged 56 years.  Jemima died in 1893 aged 59 and was buried in Thornbury on 16th March 1893.

On 8th October 1900 Edward Fowler bought the two properties later known as Appledore and The Dingle from Edward Stafford Howard of Thornbury Castle for £80.  To raise this sum Edward Fowler obtained a loan of £77 from Francis Williams on November 16th 1900.  At the time of the purchase one property (The Dingle) was in the occupation of Henry Smart and the other (Appledore) was empty.

Henry Smart

In advertisements of 1900 Henry Smart was said to be living in this house.  By 1901 he and his family lived in Crossways.  Click here to read more about Henry Smart


John Stinchcombe

In 1904 John Packer Stincombe junior and his wife Rosa lived in the property which at that time was called Woodbine CottageThey had left by 1911.  Click here to read about John Packer Stinchombe junior


John Burrows

The 1911 census shows John Burrows and his wife Mary Ann. John lived in this property until his death in 1921 aged 74.  Read more about John and Mary Ann Burrows and their family


William George Legge 

After the death of John Burrows the Electoral Registers and the Rate Book of 1926 indicate that the property was in the occupation of William George Legge and his wife Matilda.  They were to continue living here for a long time.  In 1946 the house was bought by William’s son, Reginald Ernest Lewis Legge, but William and his wife continued to live there.  Click here to read more


John and Octavia Hurley

John Hurley married Octavia Knight in Bristol in 1950 and they lived at The Dingle in Gillingstool from at least the early 1950s until the early 1960s.  They appear in the electoral register of 1961. John Hurley was a market gardener and had the company of Baggs and Hurley in Morton.   They continued to live in Thornbury after leaving The Dingle.


Beatrice and Colin Neathey

The electoral registers from 1965 show that Beatrice and Colin Neathey lived in The Dingle.  Colin was born in the Bradford on Avon District in 1931 and he married Beatrice Mary McMichael in Oxfordshire in 1957.  They had left the property in Gillingstool by 1970.  Colin Neathey was a treasurer of Thornbury and District Community Association.  Beatrice appears to have been known as Mary and in the 1960s she wrote some interesting articles about Thornbury and its residents for the Outlook magazine published by the Community Association.


Aline and Edward Bennett

By 1970 the house was occupied by Aline and Edward Bennett.