No 10

10 Gloucester Road

This house did not become 10 Gloucester Road in Thornbury until the numbering of houses was introduced generally until the early 1950s.  However, there were numbers allocated to the houses in the terrace from a lot earlier.  This house was originally described as ‘2 Laburnum Terrace’.

The 1840 Tithe Map shows that there was a workshop and yard on the land now occupied by number 10.  The workshop and yard were owned and used by John Hodges who was living just down the road and was building the properties which were to become Laburnum Terrace.  To the rear of the workshops was a garden that was also owned and used by John Hodges.

We have no precise knowledge as to when number 10 was built.  The Census taken in 1861 suggests that the house was not built before that time and it doesn’t seem to be listed in the 1862 Rate Book.  It was however listed in the 1867 Rate Book so we have to assume that the house was erected between 1862 and 1867.  In this case, it is likely that the house was not built by John Hodges who would have been about aged about 75, but built by his son, George Hodges

John arranged for the transfer of his property to his children before his death and ownership of number 10 was transferred to George Hodges.  George carried on as owner until his death in 1905.  In his Will, George arranged for Trustees to manage the property.  The trustees were initially his four surviving daughters, Sarah Ann Hodges, Fanny Staley Hodges, Emma Jane Hodges and Laura Evelyn Balls and one of his two surviving sons, Austin Edgar Hodges.  Over the years, these Trustees gradually died off and new ones were appointed to ensure that the Estate was managed properly.  The Trustees continued to own the property until 1958 when it was sold for the first time.  Read more about George Hodges and his heirs

Ron & Win Jenkins for web

Ron & Win Jenkins

The Jenkins family – in March 1958 the house was bought by Ronald and Winifred Jenkins from the Trustees of George Hodges.  Ronald Edward Jenkins married Winifred Kate Webb on 1st September 1952.  Ron was a stress engineer employed by Bristol Siddeley.  He was the son of William Jenkins, a printer and had lived at The Nook, Rudgeway at the time of his marriage.  Winnie was the daughter of the late Henry Webb, labourer of 13 Horseshoe Lane.

Ron and Win moved from 10 Gloucester Road in June 1982 to a new house built nearby.  Their son, Stephen Graham Jenkins took over the house.  The 1986 Electoral Register shows him there with Dennis A Glew.  Stephen later moved to Purton.  Ron Jenkins died on 23rd December 2012 aged 86. 

The Thoburn family – in October 1987 the house was bought by Alan and Mary Thoburn who still live there.