This house did not become 14 Gloucester Road in Thornbury until the numbering of houses was introduced generally until the early 1950s.  However, there were numbers allocated to the houses in the terrace from a lot earlier.  This house was originally described as ‘4 Laburnum Terrace’.

We haven’t yet seen the deeds of number 14.  Our earliest source of information is the Tithe Survey published in 1840 which shows that about half the terrace had already been built.  Plot 248 of this survey includes the two houses with gardens, now known as numbers 16 Gloucester Road and 18 Gloucester Road.  The house that we now know as number 14 was also part of plot 248, but the map and associated details suggest that the house was still under construction.

All these properties were owned by John Hodges, who was building the terrace.  We believe that John Hodges transferred the house to his daughter, Emma and her husband, John Williams on August 27 1858.  Other properties, including numbers 12 Gloucester Road, and 22 Gloucester Road were transferred to John and Emma at the same time.

John and Emma Williams lived at Gloucester House, 2 Gloucester Road, but they continued to own 14 Gloucester Road until their deaths, both in 1897.  Before Emma died, she made arrangements for properties to be transferred to her son, John Hodges Williams.   John accumulated a large estate of property in central Thornbury – click here to read more

Following the death of John Hodges Williams in 1934, the property was transferred to his son, Henry William Williams.  Henry moved to London and died in 1960 aged 88.  The properties continued to be managed by his trustees ever since.  Number 14 was eventually sold off to Cyril Williams and his wife, Hilda about 1965.

There was no connection between Cyril and the family of John and Emma Williams who had owned the property earlier.  Cyril was a builder who had worked as an apprentice with Jack Hodges  in Castle Street.  He later set up his own business in conjunction with a friend, before branching out on his own.

Cyril and Hilda lived at 27 St Mary Street until the late 1960s when they moved into Selwood, 22 Gloucester Road.  Around 1972, Cyril and Hilda moved down the Gloucester Road to live in one of his two properties at Millpond Cottages, Morton.  Cyril died about 2000.