21 to 31 Gloucester Road

Number 21 to 31 Gloucester Road

Planning permission for the house that became 27 Gloucester Road in Thornbury, the third property from the right in the above terrace of house, was submitted in 1920 by the brothers William Valentine and Charley Davis.   

We are uncertain when the house was actually built.  However we do know that it was occupied by the time of the 1925 Valuation List and 1925 Electoral Register and it is possible that Mrs Davis lived here a year or two before that.

Alice Davis.  The Electoral Register shows that in 1925 the occupant of this property was Alice Davis.  One of the  builders of the houses in this row was William Valentine Davis who married Alice Hughes in St Mary’s Church in Thornbury on 22nd December 1913.   Alice was born on 4th December 1877 and baptised 29th March 1888 at Hill.  She was the daughter of Joseph Hughes, an agricultural labourer and his wife, Hannah (nee Till).  In 1901 her widowed mother had moved to Lower Morton to live in the household next to the farmer Thomas Till who was her brother.  The census shows that Alice was living with her mother and brothers Francis Harry and William.  The 1911 census shows her aged 23 and living with her widowed mother Hannah Hughes and her brother Francis Harry.  Alice was a dressmaker at this time.

William and Alice lived at 23 Gloucester Road from about the time that it was built in 1913.  William and his brother, Charley, had built that house and the adjoining house (no 25) and they were working on the construction of 27 and 29 Gloucester Road when William died aged 41 on 20th December 1922.

Following her husband’s death, Alice moved from 23 Gloucester Road to 27 Gloucester Road.  The 1934 Rate Book shows that she was living there and the house was then called ‘Holmleigh‘.  She carried on living there for almost 50 years until her death on 18th October 1973 aged 85 years.  During that time she generally shared the house with other members of her own family and of her husband’s family, the Davis’s.  Read more about her husband William Valentine Davis.

Alfred George and Minnie Davis.  The Electoral Register for 1927 shows that Alice was sharing the house with the stonemason, Alfred George and his wife Minnie Davis.  Alfred was Alice Davis’s brother in law .

Alfred was baptised in Thornbury on 7th February 1874.  The 1881 census shows him living in Crossways Lane with his parents George and Sarah Ann and his five siblings, including Charley and William, the two brothers who were later responsible for building these houses.

Alfred married Minnie Chinn in the district of Cardiff in 1899.  Minnie had been born in Cardiff in 1877.  The 1881 census shows that her parents were Walter Chinn and his wife Alice (nee Williams) and that they lived in Penarth.

The birth of their son Arthur Basil was registered in the district of Cardiff in 1900.  The 1901 census shows that Alfred aged 27 was working in Barry as a shipbuilder.  He was married to Minnie aged 23 and their son Arthur was four months old.  Alfred’s brother Harry aged 26 was living with the couple.  Harry was working as a house painter.  They also had a boarder John Nichols who was also a shipwright.

The 1911 census shows that the family remained in Barry.   Alfred was still a shipwright but Minnie was also employed.  She had become a draper.  They had only had the one child Arthur now ten and a schoolboy.  There were no other people in the household at that time.  Arthur Basil Davis married Gwendoline Morgan in 1924 in the Cardiff district.

Alfred and Minnie Davis appeared in Electoral Registers from about 1927 until about 1930 as living in Gloucester Road at which time they moved to “Romilla” in Eastland Road also in Thornbury.  The 1931 Electoral Register shows that they lived with their son Arthur Basil Davis and his wife Gwendoline.   The 1946 electoral register shows Alfred and Minnie living at ‘The Bungalow, 9 Eastland Road’.  Minnie died 26th October 1947 aged 69 years.  Alfred  died on 1st October 1961 aged 87 years.  Their son Arthur Basil Davis and his wife continued to live in Eastland Road.  Arthur died in August 1970 aged 69 and was buried in Thornbury Cemetery on August 17th 1970.

It is interesting to note that in the early 1960’s the Davis’s sold a piece of the land at Eastland Road to Alfred’s cousin, George Davis.  George had a bungalow built there which became known as 13 Eastland Road.  George and his wife, Nellie, moved to Thornbury from Birmingham where he had worked in the Fire Service.  Much later, possibly in the 1990’s, the three properties, 9 – 3 Eastland Road were demolished and replaced by the small group of bungalows named ‘Davis Court’.

Harry Davis.  The Electoral Register for 1935 shows that Harry was living with his sister in law, Alice Davis (see above).

Harry was born on 1th March 1875.  According to the census records he was born in New Church, Monmouthshire , but he was baptised in St Mary’s Church in Thornbury on 14th May 1876.

In the 1881 census he was living with his parents George and Sarah Ann Davis and five siblings in Crossways Lane.  He was still living there in the census of 1891.  By 1901 he was living with his brother Alfred (see above)  and working as a house painter.  In the 1911 census he was back living with his parents in Crossways.  He was listed in the census as a decorator.  In the 1921 electoral register he was still living with his parents George and Sarah in Crossways.  He continued to live there in 1927 after the death of his mother, Sarah Ann.  Harry’s father died in 1928 and this may have been the reason for Harry moving to live with his sister in law Alice in Gloucester Road.

Harry remained there until at least 1965.  We have been told that Harry Davis was the shortest of all the Davis brothers and none of them were very tall!

Harry died in 1967 aged 91.

Francis Harry Hughes.  The Electoral Register for 1954 shows that Francis Hughes lived in the house with Harry and Alice Davis.  Francis Hughes was Alice Davis’s brother.   In the census of 1891 he was living with his parents, Joseph and Hannah Hughes at Nutcracker Hall in Hill.  The household included his sisters Mary Florence and Alice and his brother Ernest.  The 1901 Census shows that he was living in Lower Morton.  He was aged 15 and his widowed mother Hannah who had been Hannah Till had returned to live near her brother Thomas Till and his wife Louisa.  Thomas had a farm in Lower Morton.  Francis Harry Hughes was listed in the census as Harry and he was a gardener living with his sister Alice and his older brother William who was a carter on the farm.  The 1911 Census shows that he was living in The Hackett and living with his sister Alice and their widowed mother Hannah.  Francis was a millman in a stone quarry.

On 17th February 1916 Francis Harry Hughes applied for exemption from service in the First World War.  He explained that he was single and  a tarred stone worker employed by Tytherington quarry and living with his mother in The Hackett.   He explained that his mother was solely dependent on him and she could not manage to feed the pigs and poultry and look after the orchard without his help.  He had previously held a medical exemption but was given another exemption, not because of his domestic circumstances but because the stone from the quarry was urgently required by BAC at Filton.

Francis Harry Hughes died at 27 Gloucester Road in 1954 aged 68 and was buried on June 11th 1954.

Florence and Mary Dayman
.  By 1959 Mary Dayman came to live with Harry and Alice, replacing it seems Francis Hughes.  By 1965 they were joined by Florence Dayman.

Florence Louisa Dayman  was a sister of Alice Davis and Francis Hughes.  Florence married Walwin Dayman in 1914.  Walwin Dayman was the son of John Dayman and his wife Annie (nee Driver).  Walwin died 22nd February 1930. He was living at Sibland and his probate was made to Florence Louisa Dayman.

Mary Dayman was yet another sibling.  She was born Mary Hughes but she married Thomas William Dayman in 1907.  Thomas was a mason employed by James Bruton of Hill when he applied for a temporary exemption from service in World War I in 1916.  Thomas William Dayman died October 8th 1953 aged 73.  Mary his widow died June 16th 1965 aged 84.  Not only were Florence and Mary sisters but they had married two brothers.  Thomas William Dayman was baptised in Thornbury 27th September 1881 at Thornbury and was the son of John Dayman a mason and his wife Annie Maria.

The 1970 Electoral Register shows that Alice was living alone in the house.

By 1980 the house was occupied by Gillian and John Page.