Between 1838 and 1840 a survey of the Thornbury parish was made for the purpose of calculating the amount payable to the church in place of the tithe.  This survey provides our earliest known detailed plan of the area.  The accompanying Tithe Apportionment gives details of who owned and occupied the land, and its use at that time.  It was published in 1840 but as it appears to have taken two or three years to compile, some information was out of date by the time it was published.

Below we have two maps.  The first is a section of the tithe map of 1840.  It covers a section from The Plain to the last of the terrace of house which is now numbered 22 Gloucester Road.  The other map on the right below covers a similar area.  It was created in 1970 and goes slightly further along Gloucester Road to include what was then a garage and opposite it 24 Gloucester Road

1840 Tithe Map3    1970 map

The Apportionment accompanying the 1840 Tithe map shows:

  • Plot 249 – house, stables and garden owned by John Hodges and occupied by Charles Ford.  Gross value £15. Net value £13.  This plot relates to the properties now known as No 20 Gloucester Road and No 22 Gloucester Road.  The plan and accompanying details shows clearly that in 1840 the two properties were combined in some way.  Although there is a line on the plan suggesting the main building is divided, the rear extension is not divided and there is no wall splitting the garden into two as there is today.  Furthermore there was only one occupier and the gross and net values equal that of the two properties next door (Plot 248) which are clearly shown as two separate houses and gardens.  Note: there is no garden at the front of Plot 249.  In fact the road is a lot wider here than elsewhere.  There are stables listed in Plot 249 and opposite in Plot 250.
  • Plot 248 – house and garden owned by John Hodges. The detail shows the plot is divided into 2 units, one occupied by John Hodges, himself, and the other by Thomas Longstreet.  The gross value of each property was £7 10s and the net value of each property was £6 5s.  This plot relates to the two properties now known as No 16 Gloucester Road and No. 18 Gloucester Road
  • Plot 247 – yard and workshops owned and occupied by John Hodges.  The gross value was £7 10s and the net value £9 10s.  This plot appears to cover the land on which Nos 6 – 14 Gloucester Road now stand.  It shows that none of these properties were built before 1840.
  • Plot 246 – garden owned and occupied by John Hodges.
  • Plot 245 – yard owned by James Ford and occupied by John Hodges.  James Ford was a maltster who owned several plots of land in the area including the land (Plot 244) now occupied by Gloucester House, No. 2 Gloucester Road.