Swan and other buildings

The High Street is the main street in Thornbury with the usual mixture of public, commercial and residential premises.  In older records it was often referred to as Front Street or Fore Street.  This is the street where the market was held, where business was conducted at solicitor’s and estate offices.  It was where people registered births deaths and marriages as well as buying their clothes, groceries and other necessities.  It also had at various times a few small private schools and a remarkable number of public houses but only one church.

The EAST side covers those properties on the left side.  These are have odd numbers.  For the purposes of this website, we have split the properties into two sections.

One covers the properties from The Plain to Soapers Lane (numbered 1 – 35 including the Town Hall) and the other covers the properties from the Town Hall to the top of the High Street (numbered 37 – 81).

On this page you can select any property from the menus on the two sidebars.  When viewing a page for a particular property you will only see the menu for that section of the street, but an option will appear on that menu for you to return to this page, or to view a similar page covering the WEST side of the street.

It is interesting to note that the properties on the east side historically extended through from the High Street to St Mary Street (then called Back Street), although some of them had buildings sited at the end of their property on St Mary Street.

We are collecting records for the houses and shops in this area and would be very pleased indeed to hear from anyone who has deeds or photographs that might be used in plotting the history of the street and the families who lived there.