We are always happy to give any help we can, although our particular expertise is the town of Thornbury itself.   Please email us using the address given near the bottom of the Home page.   We will get back to you as quickly as we can.   We are even happy to show people round our little town when they visit the area.

We are often asked why we are doing what we do.

In 2004, we started researching the history of our house in Gloucester Road following an approach by a member of Thornbury Museum.  This resulted in us joining the Thornbury Museum Research Group that meets the first Thursday of each month at United Reformed Church in Chapel Street.  We soon found out a lot of information about our house and the adjoining houses.  We realised that the information could be of interest to people researching the history of families who might have lived in the houses.  In 2005 we developed our first website dealing just with the ‘History of Laburnum Terrace’.   By 2006 we had collected an extensive amount of information about other areas of Thornbury and we created Thornbury Roots.

We are grateful to the other members of Thornbury Museum Research Group and all the other people who have contributed material and photographs to this site.  We are very grateful to many people for allowing us to use their photographs, particularly to Meg Wise of Thornbury Museum and Nigel Pitcher.  We are especially indebted to Jack Pridham, one of our earliest supporters and a great friend who is sadly no longer with us,  Click here to read about Jack Pridham.

We always welcome new information and photographs!

Most of the information on the website has been compiled from records which are freely available to anyone through the Internet, from the Records Offices at Gloucester and Bristol and from the resources at Thornbury Museum.  We admit that we occasionally make mistakes with our transcriptions and typing so please let us know if you spot any errors or have anything to add.

The information from the public domain has been supplemented by personal knowledge gained from talking to local people and to people with family connections to Thornbury.  We cannot always be certain of the facts in these cases.  You will note we have used the terms ‘we understand’ or ‘we have been told’ fairly regularly in these cases.  We would be delighted to hear from anyone who can put us right if we have made mistakes.  We have tried to be sensitive about the content of what has been said and will be happy to hear from anyone who would like the content amended to reflect family sensitivities.

The resolution of the photos on the website is of variable  quality.  Those of the best quality we have watermarked to prevent people using them commercially.  Contact ourselves or the Museum if you want to use them for any other reason.  The Thornbury Museum has a very large collections of old photos and it might be worth your while to visit the Museum to see their collection or to email them if you have any particular interest.

Good luck in your researches

Chris and Sandra Doig