Falfield Mount Pleasant Chapel

We have created a compilation of the monumental inscriptions in this old chapel from a list created in 2003 by Alf Beard (copied from the Wishful Thinking website)  and a list made more recently by Roger Howell.  The new list is available on our Thornbury Roots 2 website or by clicking here

November 17th, 2019|

The Anchor

We’ve been holding back from adding any new pages to the website because the site has got too big to manage and maintain.  We’ve finally added the history of the Anchor at Morton.

September 18th, 2019|

Poultrybrook Farm

A couple of new pages added for Poultrybrook Farm which was located at the bottom of Daggs Allotments off the High Street.  The farm lay derelict for some time before being demolished in the 1960s or 1970s.  The land was later acquired by the Town Council in 20o5 to provide an extension to the Mundy Playing Fields.

August 14th, 2018|

Family Albums

Thornbury Roots has always been most fortunate in having access to the huge supply of photographs from Thornbury and District Museum and from the many people who kindly send us images.  We have used some of these to make individual albums of family photographs for some of the well known families in the town.  These appear in our galleries which are accessible from the menu bar on our front page and from links on various pages where there is information about a particular family.  For some time we have used a commercial organisation for storage and display of these images called Cincopa, for which service we paid 99 USD for “an unlimited number of photographs for life. ” Sadly they have now told us that we can no longer continue to use this service as they have limited the number of images that we are able to store on their system,  We have moved our family albums to a free service called Flickr and the links will now take you to our galleries there.  We believe that this is actually a better way of presenting our images and hope that the process of transferring so many images will not disrupt your access to our store of wonderful family photographs.  Please click here to see our new collection of family albums.

July 25th, 2018|

TR2 is born

Despite our best efforts Thornbury Roots has been slow to load and has hit various problems in recent months.  We have come to accept that it is just too big a website for its own good.  For this reason we have decided to create a new simple website called Thornbury Roots 2 which will run alongside Thornbury Roots but which will contain all the church history, the memorial inscriptions, details of vicars and ministers and our pages of Rate Books, Land Tax and the like.  So far we are pleased that the photographs and tables on the new website are more responsive and faster loading. Even better news is that it is now much easier and faster to search our trade directories for information,  You won’t immediately see the improvement in Thornbury Roots loading time because the old pages are still there.  We will take them away gradually as we reassure ourselves that nothing is lost.  We hope you will hardly notice that there is a separate website because we are putting in links so that you can move between the two as easily as we can contrive. Please try Thornbury Roots 2 and let us know how you get on.  See the new website

May 22nd, 2018|

Let us know if you spot any missing images

We have been forced to reduce the number of images on the website because of the difficulties in backing them all up.

Our software only allows us to back up the first 10,000 images in our collection.  When we add a photo to the website the program creates up to 18 separate images of different sizes to enable the image to be ‘responsive’ on whatever device is being used.   We found that we had over 60,000 images, most of which weren’t being backed up.

Thus we have been working hard to reduce the number.  This means that certain images have been withdrawn from the website.  In many of these situations we refer in the text to the content of the image and that we have a photograph.  We will be happy to share these with anyone on request.

Unfortunately this task also means that we can’t guarantee that the images are visible on all devices.  We are checking them on four of our own as we proceed.  Please let us know if you spot any missing photos on a page.

November 6th, 2017|

Thornbury Grange

We’ve just added  a history of ‘Thornbury Grange‘ covering the period from the late seventeenth century up to the time when it was the home of Basil and Violet Mundy.

This property is located on the Bristol Road and was formerly known by various names including Gilberts, The Farm, Thornbury Farm and The Grange.  In bringing together the history of the property we have also added pages about the Hawksworth, Haynes and Grove families.

May 23rd, 2017|