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George Hoare – the handwritten transcription which we have seen of the 1840 Tithe Survey shows the property was occupied by George Hare, but we feel that his name was George Hoare.  The survey results were probably based on the situation a year or two before 1840 as in the 1841 census George is shown as living in Bulls Lane (now Bath Road).   We suspect that he was living at the place marked on the Tithe Survey map as being the British School which was later to become known as 7 & 9 Bath Road.  George was shown as the Master of the British School for Boys in the Robson directory of 1839.

On 22nd October 1834, George Hoare had married Anne, whose surname is uncertain, possibly Jehn.  George was a schoolmaster.  By 1851 he and Ann had moved to live in Castle Street.  This shows that George was born in Ringwood, Hants about 1808.  Ann was born in Shropshire about 1800.  They had one son, George born in 1837.  The 1852 Thornbury trade directory shows George as a schoolmaster of a Day School.  The family seem to have moved again and in 1871 the census shows that young George was a commercial traveller in the drapery business.  He was living in the Newington area of London and his widowed mother, Anne, now 70 years old was living with him.

In 1841 the house was unoccupied.

Elizabeth Weeks – in 1851 the house was occupied by a widowed annuitant, Elizabeth Weeks aged 78 years and her married grand-daughter, Elizabeth Bryant, aged 26 years.  Elizabeth was Elizabeth Hendy who married John Weeks on 2 August 1795.

John and Elizabeth had several children in addition to Elizabeth including Thomas baptised on 30th March 1796, John baptised on 30th January 1799 and Henry baptised on 2nd February 1806.  One daughter, Maria, married Daniel Neale on 6th May 1822 and she died on 9th January 1827 aged 27 years.  A son, Charles Hendy Weeks was born on 5th June 1808 and he died on 28th August 1828 aged 21 years.  Both Maria and Charles are buried in the same grave as their parents in St Mary’s churchyard.

John died and was buried on 31st January 1825 aged 53 years.  Elizabeth died on 8th March 1859 aged 86 years and was buried on 14th March 1859 .

Hester Walker – we know from the will of Sarah Trayhurn who owned the property that Hester Walker was occupying this house in 1866.  The 1859 Rate Book and the 1861 census show her in the house at that time.  She was described as widowed schoolteacher aged 55 years.  Click here to read more about Hester  

Reuben Crokam – in 1871 census the house appears occupied by a surprisingly large group of people and it may be we have identified the wrong house.  On the other hand, they appear to be navvies in Thornbury to work on the construction of the railway line that was opened in Thornbury in 1872 so maybe they were happy to squeeze into such as small house.  Reuben Crokam was an excavator aged 35 from Exeter.  He was living there with his wife, Susan, aged 36 from Axminster and 2 boarder and 3 lodgers.

Facey – an abstract of title shows that someone called ‘Facey’ lived in the house before Joseph Sainsbury.

Joseph Sainsbury – the 1876 and 1880 rate books show the house was occupied by Joseph Sainsbury.  The 1881 census shows that Joseph was a tiler and plaster aged 26 living with his wife, Mary aged 34 and their children: Harry aged 5, Charles A aged 3 and Ada aged 1.  Read more about Joseph and his family

Henry Harvey – the 1885, 1887 and 1890 rate books show that the house was occupied by Henry Harvey – click here to read more

Frederick Golding – in the 1891 census it appears that the house is occupied by Frederick Golding, a retired coachman aged 66 and his wife, Sarah aged 67.

Frederick James Golding was born in Widcombe near Bath about 1827.  In 1851 Frederick was an agricultural labourer living at Dunkerton with his father, William Golding an annuitant, and his stepmother, Maria.  In 1852 Frederick married Sarah Miles in Bath.  Sarah also came from Bath.

By 1861 they had moved to Alveston where Frederick was farm bailiff for Edward Bush, an engineer living at The Grove.  They had two children: Charlotte who was aged 7 born in Camerton, Somerset and Frederick William aged 1 who was born in Alveston.  The 1871 census shows the family still in The Grove.  Sarah had become a cook there and their son, ‘William’ had become a page.  They had one new daughter, Eliza F then aged 9.

The 1881 census shows that Frederick had become a coachman.  His daughter, Eliza, was a ladies maid.  Sarah was staying in the High Street, Thornbury with Charlotte, their other daughter.  She was now married to Francis Williams, the brushmaker.  

The 1890 rate book shows that Frederick had moved into Thornbury and he was then renting out 77 High Street.   He didn’t stay there long and by the 1891 census he had moved to 4 Horseshoe Lane.  Frederick James Golding died in 1891 aged 65.  Sarah died in 1894 aged 71.

George Henry Baylis – the 1894 rate book shows George Henry was occupying the house.  Click here to read more

Sarah Winstone – in the 1899 rate book and the 1901 census the house is occupied by Sarah Winstone a single lady aged 76 from Tytherington.  Sarah, who was described as ‘living on her own means’, sharing the house with Ellen Bennett, a widowed sick nurse aged 60.

Sarah was born in Tytherington about 1826.  In 1841 she is living there with her widowed mother, a seamstress also called Sarah and brothers, George a carpenter aged about 20 and Jesse aged about 15.  We believe her mother was Sarah Williams, the sister of Mary Williams who married Henry Wilkes.  Little Sarah was closely connected with the Wilkes family and she was living with them in several censuses.  Click here to read more

We can’t find her in 1851 census, but in 1861 Sarah was a housekeeper for Thomas Ann in St Mary Street.  Sarah was the cousin of Ann Ann (nee Wilkes) who had died leaving Thomas a widower.  In 1871 Sarah was a domestic servant for William E. Bletchley, a general practitioner living in Olveston.  By 1880 she had come into some kind of windfall as Sarah is listed as the owner of the house in Horseshoe Lane in the 1880 Thornbury rate book and in the 1881 census she is described as living on ‘interest from money’.  In the 1881 census Sarah was visiting Henry Knapp, a retired ironmonger, and his wife Emma (nee Wilkes) in Castle Street.  Emma was another of Sarah’s cousins.  In 1891 she is listed at Grove House, Bedminster with Samuel M Wilmot, a manager of an iron works and his wife, Mary Ann.  Sarah is described as a cousin, but Mary Ann Wilmot was in fact the daughter of Sarah’s cousin, Ann Ann (nee Wilkes).  Sarah carried on living in 4 Horseshoe Lane.  She was there in the 1905 Rate Book and the 1909 Prewetts Almanac.  Sarah died in Thornbury on 1st March 1909 aged 83.  In a codicil to her will she appointed Arthur Mullett Wilmot as her executor having replaced Henry Knapp who had pre-deceased Sarah.

Ellen Bennett (mentioned as living with Sarah at the time of the 1901 census) was the wife of Thomas Hall Bennett, a labourer, whom she married on 14th May 1865 at Oldbury.  Her maiden name was Ellen Davies and her father was John Davies, a labourer from Oldbury.  In the 1871 census they were living at Oldbury Naite with their three daughters: Hannah aged 5, Margaret aged 4 and Elizabeth aged 5 months.  Thomas died aged 36 and was buried on 1st September 1877 at Oldbury.  By 1881 Ellen had become a nurse and she was living at Naite Road cottages, Oldbury with children: Charles aged 6 and Emma aged 4.

William Bennett – the 1910 rate book and the 1911 census show that William was occupying the house.  They had moved here from Sawmill Lane, but they later moved to 5 Horseshoe Lane – click here to read more

Thomas Lanfear – the 1925 valuation list and 1926 rate book show that Thomas was occupying the house.  He was also renting a garden in Raglan Castle Road at the same time.  We know from an indenture dated 1931 that Thomas was then a tenant of the Oxhouse Cottages, we think he lived in the one which became 7 Rock Street.  We haven’t got any more information to identify Thomas.

P.C. Russell – at the time the house was bought by the Riddifords it was occupied by ‘P.C. Russell’.  We don’t know who was living in the house for many years.

Alfred Charles and Peggy Matilda Riddiford – the 1939 register compiled in preparation for the war shows Charles and Peggy lived in this house.  By 1946 they had moved next door to share his parents house, Myrtle Cottage, 2 Horseshoe Lane.  Click here to read more

Henry Hook – the 1946 electoral register shows Henry Hook living in Horseshoe Lane.  We have been told that Henry lived in this house.  He is also mentioned as being the ‘late’ tenant when the house was sold to John Bond in 1949.

The Bonds – on 9th August 1949 John Bond bought 4 Horseshoe Lane from Emily Minnie Riddiford for £950 and John and his wife, Louisa lived there until their deaths.  John died on 9th September 1963.  On 16th February 1966 the house was acquired for £1150 by their grandson, Keith Bond and his wife, Patricia.  Click here to read more

On 5th April 1967 the Bonds sold 4 Horseshoe Lane to Thornbury Rural District Council for £3100.  The Council let the property out for several years before it was demolished.  We know it was occupied by Derek R Brooks and Ashley Drew and from about 1971 to 1977 by Derek and Eileen Irwin and their four children.

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