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The two houses, 9 and 11 Horseshoe Lane were built before 1840 and are shown on the Tithe Survey map as Plot 132 – owned by Mary Wilkes and occupied by Sarah Hughes and Mary Lidiard.

Mary Lidiard – we cannot identify which Mary Lidiard (or Liddiatt as it most likely to be) occupied the house in the Tithe Survey.

Ann Riddiford – in the 1841 census the house appears to be occupied by Ann Riddiford, the wife of a police constable.  We are puzzled by her age written clearly as ’25’.  The children living with her were Aaron aged 14, Thomas aged 12, Sarah aged 10, James aged 8, Edwin aged 6, Emma aged 3 and Harriet aged 1.  Ann’s husband was Edwin Riddiford who is listed as living in the Police Station, so he may have been on ‘night duty’ on census night.

The 1851 census, when the family had moved to Barton St Michael in Gloucester, shows Ann’s age as 44.  At this time Edwin, now 46 and born in Alderley, was a Superintendent of Police and they had four more children: Susannah aged 9, Ann aged 6, Nigel aged 5, and John Raymond aged 4, all born and baptised in Thornbury.

Ann died shortly after the 1851 census as Edwin re-married in 1853.  His new wife was Harriett Compton.  The 1861 census shows Edwin and Harriett moved to Cirencester where they had a daughter, Elizabeth Jane.  The 1871 census shows that Edwin retired at the rank of Superintendent of police.  At that time Edwin and Harriett were living in Barton St Michael in Gloucestershire.

We are grateful to a direct descendant of Edwin and Ann Riddiford for the following extra information about the family.  Ann was born Ann White in Hempsted, Glos in 1807.  She married Edwin on 12 Sep 1826 at Hempsted.  He was a tailor at that time.  In total they had 12 children: Aaron (1827-1897), Thomas White (1829-1882?), Sarah (1831-53), James (1832-1865?), Edwin (1835 -???), Emma (1838-1903?), Harriet (1840-1917), Susanna (1842-1858?), Ann (1843-1913), Nigel (1846-????), John Raymond (1847- 1877), Arthur (1850-????).

Aaron, Thomas, James, John Raymond and Arthur became policemen themselves, while Nigel and Emma seem to have been on the other side of the law – Emma was charged with petty theft from her employer four times between 1854 and 1856, while Nigel was charged with breaking and entering and theft of 1/6 and 9d though he was finally acquitted!  Aaron, James and John, though all had exemplary records in the police and Aaron in particular seems to held the highest operational offices and by the 1860s when he left the constabulary he had acquired a good reputation.  However we have been told that Aaron totally blotted his copy book in January 1873 when working as a clerk in the levy office of Birmingham parish offices and temporarily engaged as a rate collector.  He absconded with £538 (he had already been censured for another offence about a month previously) and he managed to evade capture and escaped abroad where he found another woman and started another family.

We also understand that Edwin senior married a third time,  in 1873 to a widow, Ann Susanna Hickman nee Tibbatts.  Edwin died in 1876 in Gloucester.

James Trayhurn – in 1851 the house was occupied by James Trayhurn, a journeyman tailor aged 28, his wife, Ann aged 25, and their children: Emma aged 7, Enoch aged 5, Elizabeth aged 3, William aged 1 and Harriett aged 1 month.

James was born in Thornbury about 1823.  We have been unable to trace his birth.  James was the son of John Trayhurn, a tailor, and his wife Hester (nee Rice).  James married Ann Greenman in Thornbury in 1842 and they went on to have several children.  One son, Albert Stanley, served with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in India and Burma.  Click here to read more  James died and was buried on 28th April 1893 aged 68 years.  

John Isaac Phillips – the 1894 rate book shows that the house was occupied by John Isaac Phillips – click here to read more

James Beard – the 1899 and 1905 rate books list ‘William Beard’ as the occupant of the house, but the 1901 census clearly shows it is occupied by James Beard.   In the census James was a tailor aged 30 from Newnham and his wife, Fanny aged 27 from Blakeney and their sons: Richard J born in Blakeney on 4th July 1896, Reginald Thomas born in Thornbury on 12th August 1898, and Percival William aged 2 months.

The family were still living in Horseshoe Lane when sons, Richard and Reginald started at the Council Upper School in 1903 and 1905 respectively.  The school records show that the family left Thornbury in 1907.

Elizabeth Underhill – the 1910 census shows that the house was occupied by a widow, Elizabeth Underhill aged 57 and two young boarders called Alves.  Elizabeth had been married to Joseph Underhill.  Click here to read more

We do not know who lived in the house from 1911 until 1924 when two houses were put up for sale and they were described as being occupied by Mrs Hughes and Mrs Harris.  They were both bought by Mr J. Tuck for £300. 

Alice Hughes – we know from Miss Higgins that Alice Hughes lived in one of these houses and have been told by a member of the Harris family who lived next door that Alice lived in number 9.  The school records show that she was living here from about 1922 and she continued to live there until the late 1920’s.  However we note that the 1925 valuation list shows that Charles Hopkins was the tenant.  Click here to read about Alice Hughes

Arthur and Emily Harris – lived in the house from the time they got married in 1935 until just after the War.  They were listed as living there in 1946, but in 1950 they were at 4 North Road.

Arthur Harris

Arthur Francis Harris

Arthur Francis Harris was baptised in Thornbury on 7th July 1907.  He was the son of William George Harris and his wife, Ellen (nee Derrick).  On 30th March 1935, Arthur married Emily Mary Josephine Pearce, the daughter of John Thomas Pearce, a machinist and his wife, Fanny.  Emily was born in Bristol on 29th October 1910 and in the 1911 census the family were living at Speedwell Road, Bristol and John was working as a sawyer.  We understand that Fanny died in the flu epidemic of 1918 and we don’t know what happened to John.  Emily was brought up in the children’s home at the Crescent, Downed and later in a convent in Bristol.  She came to Thornbury  around 1930 as housekeeper to Edgar Walter Pitcher at 3 Castle Street.

The register compiled in 1939 in preparation for the war describes Arthur as a highway workman and it was noted that during the war he was an ARP Warden.

Arthur and Emily had three children: Rodney Henry Charles born on 8th June 1936, Barbara on 16th April 1939 and Rosemary on 10th April 1947.  Emily died on 3rd April 1972 aged 60 and Arthur on 18th August 1999 aged 92.  The photo on the right shows Arthur as a young man in St Mary Street.  We would love to have a better photo of Arthur who was known locally as ‘Scomp’ or any other members of the Harris family.

Henry John and Constance Emily Trevelyan – were shown as living in the house in the 1950, 1954 and 1958 electoral registers.

Percy and Sheila M Neal – the 1961 electoral register shows that Percy and Sheila moved from number 7 Horseshoe Lane across the road to number 9.  Click here to read about the Neal family

At the time of the town re-development in 1969 the two houses number 9 & 11 were owned by C.P. Pimm of Kingsbridge in Devon. The houses were vacant or demolished by the time of the 1970 electoral register.

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