We have been forced to reduce the number of images on the website because of the difficulties in backing them all up.

Our software only allows us to back up the first 10,000 images in our collection.  When we add a photo to the website the program creates up to 18 separate images of different sizes to enable the image to be ‘responsive’ on whatever device is being used.   We found that we had over 60,000 images, most of which weren’t being backed up.

Thus we have been working hard to reduce the number.  This means that certain images have been withdrawn from the website.  In many of these situations we refer in the text to the content of the image and that we have a photograph.  We will be happy to share these with anyone on request.

Unfortunately this task also means that we can’t guarantee that the images are visible on all devices.  We are checking them on four of our own as we proceed.  Please let us know if you spot any missing photos on a page.