Mop Fair

During the course of our researches we have come across a variety of interesting aspects of history that do not fall into an obvious category.  We are including these on this page to try and tempt you into reading about some of the things that have fascinated us.

Schools – we have details of lots of schools known to have operated in Thornbury from the 1790s onwards.  These have been divided into two groups:

Sport – in researching the history of Thornbury we have come across snippets of information relating to various sports played in and around the town during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  Click here to read more

Pubs – we have a page of links to the pages providing a brief hisoroy of the Thornbury pubs, both past and present.  Click here to read more

Historical Accounts – we are fortunate to have collected a number of historical accounts of Thornbury and the neighbouring area that describe life there at specific periods in time.  Click here to read more

Historical Street Names – the streets of Thornbury have changed their names over the years which sometimes makes it confusing for people researching their families in census and other records.  Read More

BS35 and Parish Magazine articles – we have made available copies of the short articles published each month in the local BS35 Local and the Thornbury Parish  Magazine.  Click here to read more

Coroner’s Inquests – records extracted from the records of Coroners Inquests held at Gloucester Archives which relate to people living in Thornbury 1855 – 1874.  Read More

Charities.  Thornbury still has a Thornbury Town Trust which is an amalgamation of charitable bequests left to its citizens over the centuries.  This is now a Registered Charity with seven trustees, three nominated by the Town Council.  It helps organisations, groups and individuals in Thornbury.  The original charities include:

  • John White’s Charity (sometimes referred to as ‘The Groats’),
  • The Free School charities of Jones Edwards and White,
  • a trust associated with the Hylpe family
  • and bequests and alms houses associated with the Rippe family
  • There was also the Mayors Gifts which involved a parade which took place at Christmas for more than 200 years.   The poor people of the town were presented with warm clothing by the Town’s Mayor and Corporation.  Click here to read more

Clocks and Clock -making.  We are greatly indebted to Dr. Graham Dowler’s excellent reference book “Gloucestershire Clock and Watchmakers” (Phillimores 1984) and to Sir George White of The Worshipful Company of Clock-makers (at Salter’s Hall, Fore Street London, EC2Y 5DE) for sources of information about clock-makers.

We have no particular expertise on the subject of clocks but while we were researching the history of Thornbury we became interested in the number of clock and watchmakers associated with the town.  We have created a webpage about Thornbury Clocks to bring together what we know about these people and to show images, where available, of examples of their clocks.  We would love to hear from anyone who has a Thornbury clock or who has further information about any of the clock-makers.  Read more about the clock-makers of Thornbury

The Littleton Whale.  We have collected contemporary reports and comments from  variety of sources to show the reaction to the whale that was washed up in Littleton in 1885 and caused so much excitement that a special train service was put on so the thousands of people could go and see it.  The whale was photographed by Alexander Sutherland of  Gloucester Road in Thornbury.   Read more about the whale

The Industrial Exhibition of 1885.  We have collected newspaper articles and an excellent photograph to relate an account of the Industrial Exhibition of local crafts and trades that took place in Thornbury in 1885.  It was held in the covered Tennis Court at Thornbury Castle.  Read more about the Exhibition

Thornbury Mayors – a list of Thornbury Mayors, Parish Chairmen and Clerks 1550 – 2004.  Read More

Mop Fair – this  was a ‘hiring fair’ event held twice a year in Thornbury.  The original intention was to bring people looking for work together with people looking for workers.  We have found some extracts of newspaper articles which summqrise the interesting history of the fair.  Click here to read more