We have listed the following entries in the Gloucester Archives relating to Coroners Inquests involving people from Thornbury.  It is a long list, so it is recommended that you search it using your browser ‘Find on this page’ facility.

Date Name Notes Reference
1855 Sarah Greenwood Sarah Greenwood, Thornbury – visitation of God CO1/I/1/B/20
1855 Henry Knight Henry Knight, Thornbury shoemaker – apoplexy CO1/I/1/B/30
1855 – 1875 John Russell John Russell, Thornbury labourer – visitation of God (congestion of lungs) CO1/I/17/B/17
1855 John Walters Aged 72, Thornbury workhouse CO1/I/1/B/9
1855 John Watkins Sgt Taylor – death of John Watkins, Thornbury Asylum (addressed Joyner Ellis) CO1/N/1/13
1856 Albert Cole George Ponting, surgeon re: death of Albert Cole aged 1.5 years, Thornbury CO1/N/2/B/56
1856 Henry Cole Henry Cole aged 40, Thornbury – visitation of God (burst blood vessel in brain) CO1/I/2/B/20
1856 John Cole John Cole aged 2, Thornbury – visitation of god (congestion of lungs) CO1/I/2/B/9
1856 William Harvey Sgt Rawle re: William Harvey, aged 66, Thornbury surgeon (suspicion that he had committed suicide) – visitation of God (softening of brain) CO1/N/2/C/39 & CO1/I/2/C/13
1856 Sarah Hughes Sgt Rawle re: Sarah Hughes widow aged 79 or 80, Thornbury, son-in-law shoemaker – visitation of God (congestion of lungs) CO1/N/2/A/28 & CO1/I/2/A/22
1856 James White & Edward Howell Sgt Rawle re: James White and Edward Howell, Thornbury (note: the catalogue entry suggests that they were children, but at least in terms of Edward Howell this is incorrect) CO1/N/2/A/34
1856 Robert Pearce England Robert Pearce England, Thornbury – visitation of God (rupture of blood vessel in lungs) CO1/I/2/B/21
1857 George Cullimore Sgt Arthur re: George Cullimore aged 4, Thornbury  CO1/N/3/A/23
1857 William Jotcham William Jotcham, Thornbury CO1/I/3/D/12
1859 Elisabeth Roach Aged 4 – accidental death CO1/I/5/B/4
1859 George William Savery Sgt Rawle re: George William Savery aged 3, Thornbury – accidental death (burns) – left with eldest child aged 5. CO1/N/5/19 & CO1/I/5/B/5
1860 Un-named infant Newly born infant, Thornbury – drowned in waters of River Severn CO1/I/16/D/11
1860 Mary Payne Mary Payne aged 8 months, Thornbury CO1/I/6/A/10
1860 George Taylor Sgt Rawle re: George Taylor aged 54, Thornbury farmer CO1/N/6/B/31
1860 William Taylor Sgt Rawle re: William Taylor aged 52 Thornbury farmer – visitation of God (after effects of falling in a pond) CO1/N/6/B/7 & CO1/I/6/C/5
1861 Mary Allen Sgt. Rawle re: Mary Allen aged 63 Thornbury – accidental death (burns) CO1/N/7/B/42 & CO1/I/17/D/5
1861 Emily Ball Sgt Rawle re: Emily Ball aged 7, Thornbury – accidental death (thrown out of cart) CO1/N/7/A/67 & CO1/I/7/B/14
1861 Henry Bushell Sgt. Rawle Re: Henry Bushell aged 30, Thornbury Pork Butcher CO1/N/7/A/36
1861 Henry Burchall Henry Burchell, Thornbury – accidental death (fell off a horse) CO1/I/7/B/1
1861 Charles Frederick Gill Sgt Rawle re: Charles Frederick Gill aged 40 Thornbury, son of retired admiral, Assistant to local Surgeon, , sacked for being intoxicated – being insane did kill himself (lancet wound in neck) CO1/N/7/A/78 & CO1/I/7/B/15
1862 William Rugman William Rugman aged 6 months, Thornbury Union Workhouse – accidental death (suffocation by overlaying) CO1/I/8/B/5
1862 Hannah Sainsbury Hannah Sainsbury aged 2.5 years, Thornbury – visitation of god (bronchitis) CO1/I/8/B/2
1863 Male child (not named) Accidental death (delivery) CO1/I/9/B/7a
1863 Lucy Curtis Re; Lucy Curtis aged 51, Thornbury. Said to have died from blow received from husband.  Open verdict (concussion) – often drunk and brawling with husband) CO1/N/9/29 & CO1/I/9B/12
1863 Thomas Frisby Thomas Frisby aged 12, Thornbury – accidental death CO1/I/9/A/7
1863 Charles Lippiatt Charles Lippiatt aged 3, Thornbury – accidental death (burns) CO1/I/9/B/16
1863 Walter Lockyer Sgt Arthur re: Walter Lockyer aged 17, Thornbury labourer – accidental death (drowning) CO1/N/9/55 & CO1/I/9/C/11
1863 William Meredith William Meredith aged 2 weeks, Thornbury – accidental death (convulsion following mixture of laudanum and rhubarb) CO1/I/9/B/13
1863 Child of Susan Thorn Sgt Arthur re: male child aged 7 moths Thornbury (child of Susan Thorn) CO1/N/9/20
1864 William Clutterbuck Sgt Arthur re: William Clutterbuck aged 86 Thornbury labourer – no inquest CO1/N/10/A/28
1864 Daniel Murphy P.C. Baglin re: Daniel Murphy aged about 60 Thornbury Traveller CO1/N/10/A/3
1864 H. Painter and Ruth Gasarde Sgt. Arthur re: deaths of H. Painter (aged 56) Thornbury and Ruth Gasarde (aged 4) Elberton – no inquest. CO1/N/10/A/29
1864 Charles Peglar Charles Peglar, child aged 8 – accidental death (burns) CO1/I/10/D/8 & CO1/N/10/B/61
1864 Frederick Williams Frederick Williams aged 34, Thornbury – natural death (consumption) CO1/I/10/A/10
1865 James Allen Accidental death (drowned while fishing) CO1/I/11/C/1
1865 Jane Carnall Jane Carnall, Thornbury – visitation of God (tuberculosis) CO1/I/11/C/24
1865 Mark Longman Mark Longman aged 11 weeks, Thornbury – accidentally overlaid CO1/I/11/B/24
1865 Samuel Screen Samuel Screen aged 3 months, Thornbury – visitation of God CO1/I/11/B/6
1866 Newly born child Newly born child, Thornbury – found in privy of surgeon Edward Ley by groom CO1/I/12/B/15
1866 Thomas Bevan Thomas Bevan aged 47, Thornbury – visitation of God CO1/I/12/C/15
1866 Thomas Beavan Sgt Arthur re: Thomas Beavan aged 47, Thornbury labourer CO1/N/12/83
1866 Child of Ann Maisey Male child, Thornbury, born dead of the body of Ann Maisey CO1/I/12/B/8
1867 Rose Mundy/Cole Rose Mundy/Cole child, Thornbury – accidental death (burns) CO1/I/13/D/13
1868 Jane Agnes Grove Jane Agnes Grove, Thornbury – accidental death (burns) CO1/I/14/B/10
1868 Elisa Rugman Sgt Arthur re: Elisa Rugman aged 58, Thornbury married woman CO1/N/14/B/24
1868 Thomas Smith Sgt Arthur re: Thomas Smith aged 71, Thornbury – congestion of the brain and exposure to cold CO1/N/14/A67 & CO1/I/14/B/6
1869 Un-named male child Male child, not named, Thornbury – atrophy from being improperly fed through ignorance CO1/I/15/D/5
1869 Samuel Mills Sgt. Parker Re: Samuel Mills aged about 60, Thornbury Barber – visitation of God (disease of heart) CO1/N/15/1 &  CO1/I/15/A/2
1869 John James Sgt. Parker Re: John James aged 15, Thornbury Cutter CO1/N/15/41
1870 Female child not named, Sgt. Arthur re: child 5 days old, illegitimate child of Mary Morgan, Thornbury Union CO1/N/16/A/12
1870 Mark Ferris Sgt. Arthur re: CO1/N/16/28
1870 Female child (Draisy) Accidental death (suffocation) Thornbury Union Workhouse CO1/I/16/A/4
1870 Sarah Ann Harvey Sgt Arthur re: Sarah Ann Harvey aged 15 months, Thornbury CO1/N/16/B/10 & CO1/I/16/B/20
1870 Joseph Smith Poole Sgt Fowles re: Joseph Smith Poole aged 50 Poole Farm, Thornbury farmer CO1/N/16/A/14
1870 Mary Trueman Sgt. Arthur re: Mary Trueman aged 85 – accidental death (demented, fell downstairs) CO1/N/16/D/37 & CO1/I/16/D/19
1870 John Walker Sgt Arthur r: John Walker aged 56, Thornbury labourer – visitation of God (exhaustion consequent on disease). CO1/N/16/A/17 & CO1/I16/A/10
1870 William Wallington Sgt Arthur re: William Wallington aged 31 Thornbury labourer – visitation of God CO1/N/16/C/55 & CO1/I/16/C/11
1870 William Webber William Webber, aged 70, Thornbury farmer – visitation of God CO1/N/16/D/6 & CO1/I/16/D/2
1870 Lydia White Sgt Arthur re: Lydia White, Thornbury aged 63 – visitation of God CO1/N/16/D/16 & CO1/I/16/D/8
1871 Hester Dodd Hester Dodd, aged 58 Thornbury – visitation of God (apoplexy) CO1/I/17/B/3
1871 Hester Dodd Hester Dodd, aged 68 Thornbury CO1/I/17/B/8
1871 Sophia Greenwood Sgt Arthur re: CO1/N/17/B/38
1871 John Russell Sgt Arthur re: John Russell aged 46, Thornbury labourer CO1/N/17/B/35
1872 Jonah Whitfield Jonah Whitfield, Thornbury – visitation of God (fit) CO1/I/17/C/28
1872 Thomas Brown Thomas Brown Thornbury shepherd – accidental death (drank Coopers sheep dip) CO1/I/18/D/7
1872 Mary Cole Sgt Arthur re: Mary Cole, widow aged 88 – accidental death (burns) CO1/N/18/A/24 & CO1/I/18/A/12
1872 Matthew Roberts Sgt Arthur re: Thornbury Farmer aged 39 or 59 – open verdict – found dead in pond CO1/N/18/B/16 & CO1/I/18/B/8
1874 Rachel Boulton Cons. Burdock re: Rachel Boulton aged 76, Thornbury labourer CO1/I/20/D/52