Outside Thornbury

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The main focus of our research is to produce a record of the old houses and buildings in the centre of Thornbury and the families associated with those properties.  The information we have gathered has been organised on the website into the streets where each property is located.

We have however accumulated information about other properties outside the centre.  We are now starting to add this information:


The Hollow , Kington Lane – formerly known as Cockmead, the Appletree Inn and The Laundry.

Vine Cottage, Kington Lane – next to the Cemetery in Thornbury

Thornbury Grange, Bristol Road – formerly known as ‘Gilberts’, ‘The Farm’, ‘Thornbury Farm’ and ‘The Grange’.

Poultrybrook Farm – located at the bottom of Daggs allotments on a piece of land now incorporated into the Mundy Playing Field.

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