We haven’t seen the deeds of the house so we don’t know when it was built.  It was there in the 1840 Tithe Survey when it was owned by Thomas Crossman and occupied by Thomas Willshire.  Thomas Crossman also owned the houses at 5, 11 and 13 Pullins Green.

Thomas Crossman was a solicitor aged 40 living in Lower Hazel, Olveston in the 1841 census.  Thomas was operating as an attorney from his office on The Plain, a business which has carried his name, often in partnership with others, up to this day.  He acquired the properties (11 and 13 Pullins Green) in 1937 so  he may have bought this property at the same time.  Read about Thomas Crossman

We can find no Thomas Willshire or Wiltshire or anything similar living in Thornbury at that time.

In the absence of the deeds our knowledge on the ownership of the house is based on the Rate Books.  The 1859 and 1862 Rate Books show that Thomas Crossman was still the owner.

In 1876 it was owned by James Williams, a cordwainer living in the High Street.  When James died in 1888 aged 78, the property was inherited by his daughter, Emily Hester, who had married Albert Edward Evans in 1883.  Then, at some time between 1899 and 1905, the property was acquired by Emily’s brother, George Mansell Williams who had been living in the house for more than 15 years.  The 1926 Rate Book shows that the the owner of the house is still being shown as the Representatives of George Mansell Williams.

Boys Brigade on Pullins Green

The appearance of the house has altered over the years, particularly the front door and the rendering.  The house can be seen in the back ground of this photograph, taken when the boy’s brigade band were marching in the street.  One of the earlier residents is apparently watching through a downstairs window.  Please click on the photograph to see it in a larger view.

OCCUPANTS of this house