2 to 8 rock street retouched

2 to 8 Rock Street

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The photograph above shows the row of four houses, numbered 2 to 8 Rock Street.  Number 2 was the house whose door is on the right in the photo.

We have had great difficulty in identifying the occupants of each house in the 19th century census records so we have not attempted to do so until we get some other supporting sources.  The history of occupants is therefore based on what people have been able to tell us, backed up by church records, electoral registers, school records etc.

Charles Sanigar – the 1880 rate book and the 1881 census both show the house occupied by Charles Sanigar.  The census shows he was an unmarried glazier aged 33 from Thornbury.  The rate book shows that he was sharing the house with Thomas Rice who is not listed in house in the 1881 census.

Charles was born about 1848, the son of John and Mary Sanigar.  In 1871 Charles was living with his parents at the top of the High Street.  John was a labourer and Mary was a confectioner and seed shopkeeper.

In 1891 census Charles was living alone in Gillingstool.  He was described a plumber and glazier.  He died aged 45 and was buried on 19th May 1893.

Robert Sainsbury – in the 1887 and 1890 rate books and 1891 census the house was occupied by Robert Sainsbury a general labourer aged 32, his sister, Mary Ann Sainsbury a housekeeper aged 22 and brother Charles aged 14.  Robert was baptised on 1st March 1857 the son of William Sainsbury, a labourer and his wife Maria from Kington.  In 1896 Robert married Jemima Vizard, the daughter of John Vizard, a labourer and his wife, Sarah Ann. Jemima was baptised on 25th October 1870.

In 1901 he was a mason’s labourer and married to Jemima aged 30 from Thornbury and they were living in Sibland with his brother, Charles, aged 23 a labourer in the Saw Mill.  (See also 8 Upper Bath Road)

Joseph Glassard – the 1901 census shows that the house was occupied by Joseph Glassord, a widowed licenced pedlar aged 63 who was born in Kinver in Staffordshire.  We traced Joseph to the 1841 census where his surname is shown as Glazard – he was living with his widowed mother, Hannah Glazard in Kinfare, Staffordshire.  In the 1851 census he was living with his uncle, Benjamin Dunn who was a maltster in Stourbridge.  Joseph was a ropemaker aged 12.  We cannot find him in any other censuses, although he appears to marry in Tenbury in 1864.

Luke Dixon – notes in the Wilmot documents indicate that Luke and Jemima living at 2 Rock Street.  He was in this part of the street in the 1911 census when Luke was described as a mason’s labourer aged 51 living with Jemima, a general hawker aged 54 and their son, Maurice a general labourer aged 22.  Click here to read more about Luke

James Cartlidge – when the house was advertised for sale in 1924, the occupant was shown as Mr. Cartlidge.  The 1927 electoral register shows that James Cartlidge was living in Rock Street.  We know nothing more about James and his family. 

H. Thorne – the 1925 valuation list and 1926 rate book show the house was occupied by H. J. Thorne or H. T. Thorne.  We don’t know any more about this person to identify him.

Marice and Alice Elizabeth Dixon – the register compiled in 1939 in preparation for the war shows Maurice and Elizabeth Dixon were living in this house.  We believe that he has previously lived at 2 Rock Street, but we don’t know when they moved.  Click here to read more

Frank and Dorothy Ponting –  we know from locals that the house was occupied after WW2 by Frank Ponting and his wife, Dorothy Constance Ponting and the electoral registers from 1946 to 1958 show them living there.  By 1961 they had moved to 58 Stafford Crescent.  Dorothy used to work in Annie Pitcher’s sweet shop selling ice creams.

We were told that Frank worked in the quarry at Tytherington, but earlier in his life he worked with Rogers fairgrounds.  We have subsequently confirmed Frank’s connection to the Pontings of Tytherington.  Click here to read more