This is one of the buildings which were combined into one property (later known as 3 Silver Street in Thornbury) at some time, probably in the mid 1700s when they were all bought by Thomas Stokes.  Click here to read about the other parts of this property

We are grateful to South Gloucestershire Council for allowing us to copy the deeds of this and adjoining properties.  There are several references showing this property was called Cobb Hall from 1670 through to 1830.  We don’t know why it was called by that name.  From the early 1700’s onwards, it is used as a house, but it is possible that it was previously connected in some way to the Cornmarket.  The two properties either side of Cobb Hall include a reference that they were ‘near the Corn Market’ in the description of their location.  They are the only houses in the street to refer to it.

Francis Fowler – the earliest reference we have of an owner of the property was Francis Fowler who is listed in the 1670 rent roll as being responsible for ‘Cophall’.  We know very little about Francis although we note that there is a reference to Francis Fowler a glovier of Thornbury who was a party to a feoffment in 1669.  He is also listed as paying the rent for the tannhouse in St Mary Street and the Mayors Account Books show he was paying the rent charge on that property from 1671 to 1684.

Anne Webb – a court roll of 26th April 1715 shows that Anne Webb of Wandsworth sold the property to John Hewett yeoman of Kington.  We don’t know any more about Anne.

John Hewett – John bought the property from Anne Webb on 26th April 1715.  He is listed as the owner on the 1717 assessment of poor rate in which the property is valued at three-quarters of one penny.  John was the son of Hezekiah Hewett and his wife, Katherine.  Click here to read more about them and their family

John’s father left him a property in the High Street, now called 53 High Street.  We believe that he may have acquired his interest in Cobb Hall though a possible connection to the previous owner, Anne Webb.  John had married Martha Webb in 1674.

The last will and testament of John Hewett dated 17th October 1722 shows that he left his house in Chipping Street  to his son, Matthew Hewett during his life time.  The property was described as ‘the messuage and tenement and premises and appurts called Cobb Hall situate in Thornbury wherein Mary Glover and Robert Taylor now liveth‘.

Following Matthew’s death, John directed that the property should be given to Matthew’s son Thomas Hewett and his heirs and assigns for ever and for want of such issue to Thomas’s brother Hezekiah Hewett and to his heirs and assigns for ever.

John died and was buried at St Marys Church, Thornbury on 24th September 1722.  Martha Hewett was a widow when she was buried on 2nd May 1736.  Their son Matthew was buried on 15th November 1730, thus pre-deceasing his mother.  We are not sure what happened to Matthew’s son, Thomas, who should have inherited Cobb Hall, but it ended up being owned by Hezekiah Hewett another of Matthew’s sons.  On 30th July 1739 Hezekiah Hewett sold the property to Thomas Stokes for £9.  Hezekiah was described as a mariner, now or late of Thornbury and younger son of Matthew Hewett yeoman.  Hezekiah was baptised at Thornbury on 30th March 1718.

Thomas Stokes – Thomas was a mercer in Thornbury.  In the period of ten years from 1729 he purchased three adjoining properties in Silver Street.  On 30th July 1739 Thomas bought from Hezekiah Hewett the property which later became part of the property known as 3 Silver Street.  Thomas paid £9.  This was described as:

all that messuage or tenement situate in the Borough of Thornbury in a street there called Chipping Street wherein one Mary Glover deceased formerly dwelt adjoining to the lands of the said Thomas Stokes on the westward part thereof and to lands late of Andrew Buck on the eastward part thereof which said messuage or tenement were lately in the tenure or occupation of John Hewett the elder deceased grandfather of the said Hezekiah Hewett and now of him the said Hezekiah Hewett his tenants or assigns and was by the said John Hewett in his life time purchased of Ann Webb in and by his last will and testament in writing given and devised unto him the said Hezekiah Hewett his heirs and assigns for ever’.

He died on 28th April 1743 aged 62 years and 9 months.  In his last will and testament dated 23rd March 1742 Thomas Stokes left the property, initially for the benefit of his wife during her lifetime.  After her death, Thomas arranged for the the house to be left his daughter, Ann Salmon, for natural life and after her decease to the youngest child she shall leave for ever.  Thomas’s widow, Elizabeth, died on 20th January 1754 aged 64.  Click here to read about Thomas Stokes

The Salmons – following the death of Elizabeth Stokes on 20th January 1754, her several properties descended to her daughter, Ann, and her husband, John Salmon.  They had married on 2nd February 1736 and proceeded to have a large family, many of them heading off to the Caribbean to seek their fortune.  John and Ann settled in Alveston.  Click here to read more

Ann Salmon died on 20th January 1789 aged 70.  In accordance with the will of her father, Thomas Stokes, the property at 3 Silver Street and the unidentified property he had purchased from John Cook were left to Ann’s youngest son, Brice Webb Salmon.  Brice died in Cuba in 1796.  In his will dated 24th October 1794 he left all his property in Thornbury to his son, John Salmon.  If John pre-deceased Brice it was left to his other son, George Salmon.

Mary Hill – we know from the 1809 rent roll that Mary Hill was occupying Cobb Hall as tenant of John Salmon.  The land tax records in 1796, 1797 and 1800 all show Mary are living there.  We don’t know any more about Mary, but we note that a Mary Hill died aged 79 and was buried on 7th November 1815.