This is one of the buildings which were combined into one property (later known as 3 Silver Street) at some time, probably in the mid 1700s when they were all bought by Thomas Stokes.  Click here to read about the other parts of this property

We are grateful to South Gloucestershire Council for allowing us to copy the deeds of this and adjoining properties.
The earliest reference we have of an owner of the property was Henry Shipman.  His name appears in the last will and testament of John Barton dated 1687 where John leaves a property in Chipping Street which he had bought from Henry.  The details of this will are given below, but we also have two earlier references to the property dated 13th February 1598 and 25th October 1655.  These were found in a Court Roll held by Stafford Records Office.  The brief description of the property and its link through to Henry Shipman clearly confirms they refer to the same property.  The full meaning of the content however is confusing and it is open to interpretation.  We have chosen therefore to include the text as transcribed, in the hope that other documents might be found to clarify the property transaction and family connections.

Borough of Thornbury – Court Baron held there the 12th day of October in the 17th year of Charles the second by the grace of God King of England etc 1665

To the court comes Henry Shipman son of Joane Shipman of Wickwar widow formerly wife of  Henry Shipman son of Joane Shipman deceased and the wife of John Tayer of Thornbury and daughter of James Lawrence gent deceased and of Cecily his late wife deceased late daughter of John Hilpe the elder gent deceased and brings into the Court a deed bearing date 20 April Anno Domini 1655 wherein it manifesteth to the court that one Richard Ponting and Judith his wife daughter of the said John Tayer and the said Joane his wife and the said Joane for several considerations have conveyed one messuage garden and backside with the appurtenances consisting of one burgage lying nigh the corner of the Corne Market House between the house of Thomas Russell on the east part and (William Parker tailor – crossed out – presumably dead) and a house of the widow Linke on the west part now in the possession of one (blank)

Note in margin With estate – Henry Shipman

John Hilpe the father, Judith Tayer above mentioned? by deed bearing the date 13th February 1598 41 Elizabeth, infeoffes John Tayer to these uses to Judith and her heirs of the body legitimately begotten and in default of such heirs then to the said John Hilpe and his heirs for ever.

It would appear that this was a property belonging to John Hilpe (or Hylpe) and it was passed down through the family to Henry Shipman.  We know from the will described below that Henry sold the property to John Barton.  We are particularly grateful to Richard Barton, a descendent of the Barton family who has shared with us his research notes on the family.

John Barton – John was baptised on 18th April 1636 at Thornbury.  He was the eldest child of Robert and Susannah Barton of Thornbury.  John Barton married Mary Thurston at Thornbury by licence on 25th June 1666.  Mary was born on 29th November 1645, the daughter of Robert Thurston, a baker of Thornbury and his wife, Elizabeth, nee Sampson.  John and Mary had six children, Mary, Elizabeth, John, Thomas, Anne and Sarah, all baptised at Thornbury between 1667 and 1685.

John Barton was described as a Gentleman and Yeoman of Thornbury.  It is probably this ‘John Barton of Thornbury aforesaid Butcher’ who was enfeoffed in 1665.

The 1670 rent roll lists John Barton living in Chipping Street paying for one burgage described as ‘late Shipmans’.  In his will dated 31st March 1687 John left two properties in Chipping Street.  John left his son, John:

all that my messuage or tenement situate and being in the Burrough of Thornbury in a street there commonly called Chipping Street together with the garden and outlet to the same belonging which said messuage and premises were heretofore … of my father Robert Barton deceased and descended and came to me as heir at law to my said father‘.

We don’t know any more about this building at that time, but by the late 1700s it was used as a barn and became part of the property known as 5 Silver Street.

The second property John left to his son, Thomas Barton.  This was described as bein:

all that my messuage or tenement with the appurtenances situate in the Burrough of Thornbury in the said street called Chipping Street near the Cornmarket there together with the garden and backsides adjoining to the said last mentioned messuage which I lately bought of one Henry Shipman and also that part of the backside adjoining to the said last mentioned messuage which I lately bought of one Henry Linke and also all that brewhouse or outhouse to the backside belonging to the same messuage adjoining‘.

We believe that this property was part of number 3 Silver Street.  The brewhouse was only being leased and Thomas was left the remainder of years left on the lease.  Both properties were left initially to John’s wife, Mary, until the boys reached the age of twenty one.

John died on 11th April 1687 at Thornbury.

Note of his children:

  • Mary baptised on 16th May 1667 married Joseph Canning,  We may know a little more about Mary and Joseph Canning as there is an interesting entry in records held by Gloucester Archives concerning the early Quakers in Thornbury and the fines and imprisonments imposed upon them.  The entry reads “17.4.1693 taken from Joseph Canning junior of Thornbury …….hay to the value of 7s.”
  • Elizabeth baptised on 12th November 1669 married Phillip Mansell on 28th December 1694 at St Augustines Church, Bristol,
  • Thomas married Edith Wickham on 14th April 1700 (see below),
  • Anne baptised on 11th March 1682 married Richard Ridley on 4th May 1708 and
  • Sarah married Thomas Nelmes on 1st February 1699/1700.

Thomas Barton – Thomas was the son of John Barton and his wife, Mary (nee Thurston) (see above).  Thomas married Edith Wickham at Old Sodbury on 14th April 1700 and they had two children baptised at Thornbury: Thomas baptised on 4th June 1702 and Elizabeth baptised on 17th October 1703.

Thomas inherited the property (3 Silver Street) from his father.  He also inherited another property in Thornbury from the last will of his uncle, Thomas Barton, which was dated October 1700.  That property was described as ‘all that my messuage or tenement called Rowles wherein Samuel Whitfield now inhabiteth and one other messuage or tenement thereunto adjoining wherein my said kinsman Thomas Barton now dwelleth and one close of meadow or pasture ground belonging and adjoining thereunto‘.  We are not sure where this property was although other documents suggest it might have been on the east side of the High Street.

We don’t know when Thomas died nor where he was living at the time.  It appears to have been before 1721 as our notes from Richard Barton show that Edith was a widow when she made her will on 8th March 1721.  She was also described as being ‘of Chipping Sodbury and as the daughter of John Wickham.  We note that her properties were in the parishes of Wapley, Codrington and Dodington which might suggest that Thomas and Edith had moved away from Thornbury.

We know from an indenture dated 1729 referred to below that Thomas had sold the property to John Harris.  This must have occurred at some time between 1687 and 1717 when we know that John Harris was living there.

John Harris and Sarah Harris – an indenture dated 24th November 1729 shows that Sarah Harris was selling the property to Thomas Stokes.  It refers that the fact that her husband, John Harris had acquired the property after Thomas Barton and John had left it to Sarah in his last will.  John was described as being ‘late of Hayes in Parish of Almondsbury yeoman’.  The property was described as:

all that messuage or tenement with the yard garden and other appurts thereunto belonging wherein one Thomas Edwards formerly dwelleth and wherein the said Thomas Stokes now inhabiteth situate lying and being in the Borough of Thornbury in a street there called Chipping Street and containing one whole burgage and adjoineth to the lands formerly of Francis Fowler and now of one Matthew Hewett on or near the eastward part thereof and to the lands lately of one John Thurston mercer on or near the westward part thereof and shooteth forward to the said street called Chipping Street on or near the southward part thereof which said messuage and premises were lately purchased by John Barton deceased in his life time to him and his heirs in fee simple of and from one Henry Shipman and also all that part of one court or yard adjoining to the said messuage which was formerly purchased by said John Barton of one Elizabeth Linke deceased and others and also the back kitchen and outhouse now standing thereupon lately built by said John Harris all which said messuage and other the premises (except the said back kitchen and outhouse) were formerly in the tenure or occupation of the said John Barton and afterwards of Thomas Barton his son deceased and since that of the said John Harris and were given and devised by the said John Barton in and by his last will and testament in writing bearing the date on or about 30th March 1687 unto the said Thomas Barton and his heirs and assigns for ever and were lately purchased by the said John Harris to him and his heirs for ever of and from the said Thomas Barton and Edith his wife which said messuages and all other the premises are now in the tenure or occupation of the said Sarah Harris her tenants or assigns and were given and devised to her and her heirs and assigns for ever in and by the last will and testament of the said John Harris‘.

John Harris was listed in poor assessment list for Thornbury in 1717.

Sarah bought The Chantry in Castle Street on 31st January 1729.  Click here to read more about The Chantry

Thomas Stokes – on 24th November 1729 Thomas Stokes purchased the house in Silver Street which he was renting from Sarah Harris.  Thomas went on to purchase the houses on both sides of this property, although he continued to live in the one bought from Sarah Harris.  Click here to read more about Thomas

After Thomas’s death the properties descended to the Salmon family who combined the three properties into one, which later became known as 3 Silver Street.  Click here to read more about this property