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We know very little about the detail of the early occupants of the house or houses.  The land tax records show that Jonathan Trotman was living there in the 1821 land tax record, Joseph Kermin? was listed in the 1822 to 1826 and John Screen was the tenant between 1827 and 1829.  We can’t find out any more information about these three to identify them.

We are not sure of the nature of the property in the earlier days.  It seems that one of the Alexander Thorns re-developed the property, thus creating a number of separate houses.   The 1840 Tithe Survey shows that Plot 176 comprised four houses and courts owned by Alexander Thorne, one of which was void and the others were occupied by Thomas Elliott, Joseph Underhill and himself.  One of these houses was the one which became known as 6 St Mary Street and we assume that this was where Alexander Thorne was living.  The other three houses were let out to tenants and there was a lot of people or families who only stayed there for a short time.  There are many gaps in the details shown about tenants in the rate books which might signify that the houses were unoccupied or that the information hadn’t been supplied.  The following list of tenants is derived from the rate books and census records:

Hannah L Williams – the 1841 census shows one house occupied by Hannah L Williams.  Hannah was described as being of independent means aged 60 living with Emma Chitts aged 13.  Based on her age at her death, Hannah was born about 1782.  According to a family tree posted on the Family Search website, Hannah was born on 1st March 1778 and baptised on 8th June 1778.  She was the daughter of William Chitts and his wife, Christian (nee Fowler).  Hannah married James Weeks in Thornbury on 14th April 1801.  Tragically, James died the following year aged only 23 and he was buried on 30th September 1802.  On 27th March 1826 Hannah married again.  Her husband was Isaac Williams from Cromhall.  We are not sure what happened to Isaac.

We note that there are two possible baptisms of Emma Chitts, one on 10th November 1826 the daughter of Hannah Chitts, the other 14th January 1827 the daughter of Anna Chitts.  It is possible in view of the short time that she was married to James Weeks, Hannah was still using her maiden name of Chitts and that Emma was her daughter.  In 1851 Hannah Williams aged 73 was living with her widowed sister Elizabeth Cox in what later became known as Vine Cottage in Kington Lane.

Emma was working as a servant in Bristol, although by the 1861 census she was back in Thornbury living in the Workhouse.

Samuel Taylor – the 1851 census shows Samuel was occupying one of the houses.  Samuel was a journeyman cordwainer aged 22 from London living with his wife, Rachael, a shoe binder aged 28 from Bitton.  Samuel must have died, although we can’t trace his death.  The 1861 census shows Rachel Taylor was occupying the house.  She was a widowed boot and shoe binder aged 36 born in Bitton and her son, Arthur aged 4 who was born in Thornbury.

Sarah Barnard (or Bernard) – the 1851 census shows Sarah Barnard was occupying one of the houses.  Sarah was a widowed upholstress aged 45 living with Jane aged 10?, Mary aged 4 and Samson aged 7.

Sarah was baptised on 13th February 1803, the daughter of Brice Beard and his wife, Sarah (nee Loveleace).  On 3rd June 1828 Sarah married Sampson Barnard.  Sampson was a shopkeeper at Oldbury when their son, Henry Sampson was baptised at Oldbury on 12th July 1829.  Henry died aged 7 and was buried at Oldbury on 15th July 1836.  The 1841 census shows Sampson was an agricultural labourer aged 28.  He was living in Oldbury with Sarah, aged 35 and their children: Ann aged 10, Emma aged 7, Elizabeth aged 5 and Jane aged 1.

We don’t know when Sampson.  We can’t find Sarah in the 1861 census, but it shows three of their children had taken over the house in Silver Street.  Jane Bernard was an upholstress aged 19 living with her brother Samuel who was a carpenter aged 17 and born in Alveston and her sister, Mary Ann aged 13 who was born in Thornbury.  The 1871 census shows the widowed Sarah living in Pullins Green in Oldbury on Severn.  She was aged 66 and living with with her son, Samuel aged 25.  Sarah Gibbons a widowed laundress aged 64 appears to be sharing the household living with her niece Priscilla a dressmaker aged 28.  There is a ‘Gibbons’ listed as living at 5 Silver Street in the 1876 rate book.

Sarah Barnard died in 1876 aged 74.  The burial record shows her home at the time of her death was in Almonsdbury.

Thomas Tucker – the 1867 rate book shows Thomas Tucker as tenant of one of the houses.  Click here to read more

Bethia Ball – the 1871 census shows Bethia Ball was occupying one of the houses.  Bethia Ball was a married seamstress aged 45 sharing the house with Mark Curthoys a cordwainer aged 24 from Aust, Alice his wife a seamstress aged 18 and their daughter Elizabeth aged 2 months.   Click here to read more

Sarah Sly – the 1871 census shows Sarah Sly was occupying one of the houses.  Sarah Sly was a widowed pauper aged 74 from Rugby living with her unmarried daughters Elizabeth a straw bonnet maker aged 42 from Olveston and Sarah A. aged 24 from Thornbury who was living on an allowance from her grandmother.  Click here to read more

Ruth Jefferies – 1876 and 1880 rate books and the 1881 census shows Ruth was living in the house.  The census shows Ruth was a widowed charwoman aged 73 from Olveston.  She was living there with her grandson, John Jefferies aged 3 and a lodger Reuben Greenman an unmarried pensioner aged 54.

In 1842 Ruth Pearce had married George Jefferies.  They were living at Union Workhouse in Olveston when their son, George was baptised in Thornbury on 22nd July 1846. George was a labourer.  In the census of 1851 George and Ruth were lodging in Tockington with Sarah aged 8, George aged 4, Thomas aged 2, Emma aged 1 and baby Charlotte.  George was a labourer aged 38.  In the 1871 census the widowed Ruth was a laundress aged 61 living in Rock Street with Alfred aged 17 a labourer and Frank aged 15.  The 1881 census shows Alfred was living with his wife Elizabeth in Bulls Eye Lane (Bath Road).

Charles Gibbs –  the 1876 and 1880 rate books and 1881 census show Charles Gibbs was living here.  In the 1881 census Charles is listed as a widowed bootmaker living with his son, William who had also become a bootmaker aged 19.  Click here to read more

Ann Morgan – the 1880 rate book shows that Ann was living in one of the houses.  We haven’t got any more information to be able to identify which Ann Morgan this was.

Priscilla James – the 1881 census shows Priscilla was living in one of the houses.  She was a widowed charwoman aged 60 from Alveston.  Click here to read more

Ann Dando – the 1881 census shows Ann Dando was living in one of the houses.  Ann was a widowed charwoman aged 64.  Ann died in 1885 aged 70.  Her probate record shows she died on 27th October 1885 and her address at that time was Crossways.  Her executors were Frank Tucker carpenter and John Allen of Hill gardener and nephew.

Joseph Smith – the 1885 rate books shows Joseph as a tenant of one of the houses.  Click here to read more

George Mills – the 1885 rate books shows George as a tenant of one of the houses.  Click here to read more

Charles Hurn – the 1890 rate book and 1891 census show one of the houses occupied by Charles Hurn.  The census shows Charles was a hedger and ditcher aged 42 born in Alveston.  He was living in a two roomed house with his wife, Elizabeth, a laundress aged 38 born in Crossways, their son, Frederick C aged 5 and daughter, Annie L. Lane Hurn aged 7, both born in Thornbury.  Click here to read more

Harriett Smith – the 1890 rate book and 1891 census shows Harriett living in one of the small houses.  The census shows Harriett was living in a 3 roomed house.  She was married aged 38, sharing the house with Ellen Baker, her brother’s widow? aged 42 born in Cromhall, daughter Dorcas Smith aged 11, son, John Fisher an errand boy aged 15, son Elias Smith aged 10, son Bevys? Smith aged 9, son Alfred Merrett Smith aged 4 (who was noted as being dumb), a nurse child Eleanor Curton aged 5 months.  Harriett stayed here until around 1907 when the house was taken over by her son, George Smith (see below).  Harriett had a rather colourful life.  Click here to read more

Mary Ryan – the 1899 rate book and 1901 census show that Mary occupied one of the houses as tenant.  The 1901 census shows Mary Ryan was a widowed licensed hawker aged 77 born in Ireland.  Click here to read more   

Jane Gough – the 1907 rate book shows that one of the houses was occupied by Jane Gough.  We do not know any more to be sure of Jane’s identity.

Mary Sheppard – the 1907 Rate Book shows the house was occupied by ‘Mrs Shepherd’.  The 1911 Census shows that three rooms of the house were occupied by ‘Mary Shepherd’ and her family.  Her surname appears to be spelled as ‘Shepherd’or ‘Sheppard’.  Mary Shepherd was married, but not living at the time with her husband.  She was aged 41 and sharing the house with James Harris, a widowed lodger aged 40.  Her children were William aged 12, Marjorie aged 11, Stanley aged 8 and Alfred Harris who was also listed as a son aged 13.  The census shows that Mary had had six children, three of whom had died by 1911.  James had had two children, both surviving.  Two rooms of the same house appear to have been occupied by Mark and Hector Williams.  In April 1930 Marjorie married Band Sergeant Hector Raggatt of the 1st Welsh Regiment.  He was the son of the late Ernest Raggatt of Crossways.

We believe that Mary’s correct name was Mary Sheppard and she married Alfred James Harris in 1914.  They lived in St Mary Street.  Click here to read more

Thomas Taylor – listed in the 1910 rate book as one of the three tenants of the property owned by Mrs Hadley.  Thomas was born in Coleford about 1851.  He was living in Thornbury since the 1881 census when he was a labourer lodging at 4 St Mary Street.  In the 1891 census he was lodging at 41 St Mary Street and in 1901 at 8 St Mary Street.

George Smith – George appears to have taken over the house from his mother, Harriett Smith (see above).  He is listed as the tenant in the 1910 rate book.  In the 1911 census he was a general labourer aged 28 living with his wife, Beatrice aged 23 from Woodford and their children, Ruby aged 3, Amelia aged 1 and an infant unnamed daughter aged 3 weeks.  They were living in a three roomed house.  Click here to read more

The old buildings became derelict and were demolished when acquired by P. G. Hawkins in 1920.
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