The 1840 Tithe Survey shows that there were three houses on the site of what later became just two houses numbered 33 & 35 St Mary Street.  The re-building of the houses took place between 1880 and 1885.   We have listed here what we know about the families who occupied by the three houses before 1885.

In the 1840 Tithe Survey two houses were occupied by ‘John Birnall’ and John Davis; the other house was void.

John Burnell – John is shown as an occupant of one of the houses in the 1840 Tithe Survey and the 1841 census.  The census shows John Burnell was an agricultural labourer aged about 60.  He was living with Maria Burnell aged about 40 and James aged 7.  We note that there is a baptism record of John Burnell, the first child of Henry and Esther Burnell, born on 16th February 1783 and baptised in Thornbury St Marys on 13th April 1783.  There is also a marriage of John Burnell and Maria Edmonds in Thornbury on 1st November 1829.  John died in September quarter 1842.  We don’t know what happened to Maria.  Maria ‘Burnett’ is listed as one of the tenants who occupied one of the two houses later known as 12 and 14 St Mary Street.  This is likely to have been before 1851 as another tenant is living in that house at that time.

It is possible that the house had been occupied by the Burnell for over 50 years.  The Will of George Cossham dated 1785 refers to one of his houses in St Mary Street being occupied by Henry Burnell at that time.  Bearing in mind that this house was owned by the Cossham family in the 1840 Tithe Survey, it is possible that John Burnell had taken over the house from his parents.  In the 1841 census John’s mother, Hester, was living a few doors away at 51 St Mary Street.

John Davis – John was also shown as an occupant of one of the houses in the 1840 Tithe Survey and the 1841 census.  The census shows John was a shoemaker aged 70 living with his wife, Elizabeth aged 65.  John died aged 76 and was buried on 8th December 1844.  We are not sure about Elizabeth – there is the burial of a Elizabeth Davis who was buried at Thornbury St Marys on 2nd November 1847, but she was living at Almondsbury when she died aged 63.

There is possible marriage for John Davis – on 17th February 1795 John Davis married Betty Wither.  We mention this because in the 1841 census the household listed after John Davis, possibly sharing the same house or living next door, includes Hester Wither, aged 60 and John Davis, a shoemaker aged 25.  We suspect that John and Betty were the parents of George and Hugh Davis who both lived in St Mary Street in the 1841 and 1851 periods and were both working as shoemakers.

The 1851 census shows the three houses occupied by Frederick Williams, Ann Cossham and William Pearce.

Frederick Williams – was a Chelsea Pensioner aged 23 living with his wife, Maria aged 26?.  Click here to read more

Ann Cossham – was a pauper aged 84 born in Dursley.  In 1851 she was living with her son, John, a journeyman blacksmith aged 34 born in Thornbury and her grandchildren, George C Stagg, an errand boy aged 11 and Frances Stagg aged 3.  We believe Ann was Ann(e) Hill who married John Cossham on 22nd April 1792.  Her husband, John, was a carpenter, the son of John Goodenough Cossham.  John, Ann’s husband, died aged 50 and was buried on 2nd August 1821.  Ann died aged 90 and was buried on 18th August 1858 when her address was in Morton.

The baptism record of Ann’s son, John, shows he was baptised John Goodenough Cossham on 31st March 1816.  The minutes of the Thornbury Baptist Church show that in November 1833 the mother of the two Stagg children referred to above, Elizabeth Stagg, had taken up abode with a young man, John Cossham, to whom she asserted she was married.  The Minister checked and found no marriage had taken place and she was excluded from the Church for her fornication.

William Pearce – the 1851 census shows William was an unmarried agricultural labourer from Littleton living with  a general servant, Hannah Hollister aged 52 and three lodgers, William Hollister aged 18 from Littleton, George aged 14 from Kington and Thomas aged 11 born in Abbersencun, Wales.  Click here to read more

In the 1861 census the three houses were occupied by William Newton, Ann Vizard and Thomas Moxham.

William Newton – was a sawyer aged 30 from Bristol living with Eliza aged 28 possibly working as a pipe maker and their daughter, Eliza aged 7, all born in Bristol and Charlotte aged 2 and Caroline aged 3 months born in Thornbury.  The 1859 rate book suggests that they were then living at 45 St Mary Street.  The 1871 census shows they had moved back to Bristol and they were living in 8 Pinnell Street.  They had had two more children in Thornbury: John aged 9 and Ann aged 7 and then one more in Bristol: Sarah aged 3.

Ann Vizard – Ann was born in Brighton, Sussex about 1809, the daughter of Giles Vizard, and agricultural labourer and his wife, Mary.  By about 1820, the Vizards had moved to Alveston where Ann’s siblings were born.  Ann never married but she had several children: Josiah about 1835, Susanna, Elizabeth Ann and Mary Anne.  In 1861 when living in St Mary Street Ann was a washerwoman from Brighton with her daughter, Elizabeth, who was born in Alveston.  By 1871 Ann had returned to live at Alveston, now with her daughter, Mary Ann and grandson, Edward, and in 1881 she is living there with just Edward.  In 1891 she is living in Alveston with Jesse Vizard, a stone mason.  Ann died in 1897 aged 88.  We understand that Josiah joined the Army and emigrated to Australia where he descendants still live.

Thomas Moxham – a journeyman mason aged 31 living with Susanna aged 33 from Littleton and five children.  Click here to read more

The 1871 census is the last census before we are able to use the rate books to help us identify who is living in each house and we cannot be sure who was living in the houses in 1871.  Our best guess is that two of them were occupied by Charles Baldwin and Samuel Sims.

Charles Baldwin – the 1871 census shows Charles was a railway labourer aged 44 from Tibberton in Gloucestershire.  He was living with his wife, Mary, aged 40 from Bridport and daughters, Mary aged 14 and Louisa aged 8, both born in Bridport, Dorset.  Their daughter, Mary, died aged 14 and was buried on 31st July 1872.  The census shows Charles and Mary had moved to Great Bedwyn in Wiltshire.  They were living there in Church Lane cottages with their daughter, Louisa, and her husband, George Smith.  Both Charles and George were employed as railway labourers.

Samuel Sims – the 1871 census shows Samuel was an agricultural labourer aged 66 from Rockhampton.  He was living with his wife, Grace aged 50 from Frampton Cotterell and stepson George Power a labourer aged 20 born in Redwick, and sons Henry aged 8 and William aged 5, both born in Thornbury.  Click here to read more

The 1876 rate book shows only one of the three houses was occupied and this one was lived in by Daniel Rackett.  The other two houses were void.

Daniel Raggatt – the 1876 shows Daniel’s name as ‘Rackett’, but the 1880 rate book and the 1881 census shows Daniel Raggatt was then living in 4 Sawmill Lane.  He was a wheelwright aged 44 from Yate.  He was living with his wife, Elizabeth aged 45 from Yatton and their children: William S aged 18 from Yate, Ernest E aged 16, Eliza M A aged 12, Alice E aged 9, Frederick C aged 8, Frank aged 6 and Kate aged 3.   Click here to read more

We believe that shortly after 1876, the three were houses converted (or re-built) as two houses which were later known as 33 & 35 St Mary Street.