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The 1840 Tithe Survey shows that there were three houses on the site of what later became just two houses numbered 33 & 35 St Mary Street. 
The re-building of the houses took place between 1880 and 1885.  We have listed here what we know about the families who occupied the house (which later became known as 35 St Mary Street) from 1885.

Henry Mainstone – the 1881 census shows Henry was a retired butcher but we suspect that is a mistake because earlier censuses show him as a baker.  He was aged 57 living with his wife, Alice aged 54, and their children: Alice a dressmaker aged 22, Ernest a labourer aged 20, Walter aged 13 and Henry Marshment or Maishment, a grandson aged 5.  All the family had been born in Iron Acton.  ‘Henry Maishment’ was baptized as William Henry Maishment and was the son of their daughter Emma who had married William Maishment.

The children of Henry and Alice included Rosina baptised 2nd July 1848 (who died aged 10 years and was buried on 3rd February 1859), Edward baptised 25th December 1849, Henry baptised 28th September 1851, Emma baptised 7th August 1853, William Liddington baptised 4th November 1855, Sarah Anne baptised 1st March 1857, Rosina Alice baptised 13th February 1859, Ernest Richard baptised 4th August 1861, Albert baptised 20th June 1875, Unity Jane baptised 20th June 1875 and Walter baptised 20th June 1875.

The 1871 census shows Henry as a baker aged 48 further up the street at 45 St Mary Street.  Henry was living with Alice aged 43 and children: Edward, a labourer aged 22, Henry a baker aged 19, William an errand boy aged 16, Sarah Ann aged 14, Alice aged 12, Ernest aged 10, Albert aged 8, Jane aged 6 and Walter aged 3.  The 1876 Rate Book shows Henry living in the same house.  The 1880 Rate Book shows his name is crossed out, but suggests that he has recently moved.

Henry died aged 61 and was buried on 11th November 1885.  The 1891 census shows Alice is living in a house in Castle Street, just past the junction with Kington Lane.  She was a laundress aged 64 living with her son, Walter a coachman aged 22.  She died in 1896 in the Barton Regis area of Bristol aged 69.

William Newman – the 1887 rate book shows that the house was occupied by William Newman.  By the 1890 rate book William was living in Chapel Street.  The 1891 census shows him as a rural messenger aged 24 from Berkeley living with his wife, Sarah, aged 24 from Thornbury, their daughter Mary Ann aged 3 and son William John aged 6 months and two boarders: William Bendall a general labourer aged 18 and George Newman a general labourer aged 18 from Fretherne.

Mark Curthoys – the 1890 rate book and the 1891 census show that Mark Curthoys was occupying the house with his wife, Alice and their children.  Click here to read more

Hannah Hayward – the 1894 rate book shows Hannah was occupying the house.  Click here to read more

Charles Hurn – the 1899 rate book and the 1901 census show that Charles Hurn was occupying the house.  The census shows Charles was a general labourer aged 52 living with his wife, Elizabeth aged 45 and children: Frederick C aged 15, Henry J aged 9, Daisy C aged 7.  By 1905 Charles appears to have moved to number 31 St Mary Street.  Click here to read more

The 1905 rate book shows that the house was unoccupied in 1905.

The Days – the 1910 rate book shows that ‘William Day’ was the occupant of the house.  We don’t know any more about William and we’re not sure if a mistake was made with his name.  The 1911 census shows that the house was occupied by Edwin Day who was aged 72 with ‘no occupation’ and his wife, Mary aged 69.  Edwin was born in Oldbury and Mary in Frampton Cotterell.  Edwin died in 1915 aged 75.  He was still listed as living in St Mary Street in the 1915 Prewett’s Directory.  Mary died in 1922 aged 80.

Albert Essex  – by an indenture of 18th July 1921 Ellen Jones sold 35 St Mary Street to Clement Williams.  The indenture says that the house was formerly occupied by Charles Hurn and later by Albert Essex, who had moved out by July 1921.

Clement Oswald Williams  –  Clem was born on 5th September 1908, the son of Clement Williams and his wife, Beatrice Louisa (nee Barrett).  His father was described as a general dealer living in Bath Road when Clem’s brother, Robert Keith was baptised on 10th January 1913.  He had another brother, Francis James Phillip, who was born in 1907.  The family had moved to St Mary Street when Frank and Clem started at the Council Upper School in 1915 and 1916 respectively.  The family is shown as living in St Mary Street in the 1921 electoral register although we don’t know which house.  We know that Clem was living at number 35 there from at least 1925 as his name appears as the owner and occupier in the 1925 Valuation List and 1926 Rate Book.

The register compiled in 1939 in preparation for the war describes him as a general labourer (roads).

Clem didn’t marry.  He continued to live in 35 St Mary Street up to 1964 when it was acquired by the Council for the new library.  The 1965 electoral register shows that he was living in Eastbury Road.

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