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We have identified the following persons known to have lived in 37 St Mary Street:

George Virgo – George was listed as living in the property in the 1840 Tithe Survey.  We don’t know a great deal about George.  He seemed to marry at Thornbury St Marys Church on 15th April 1827.   His wife was Joanhah (sic) Millard.  George died aged 47 and was buried on 28th August 1850.  We cannot find George or Joanhah in the 1841 census.

George Davis – the 1851 and 1861 census show that George Davis was occupying the house.  In 1851 George was a master cordwainer aged 52 living with his wife, Charlotte aged 51, and children: Brian a groom aged 24, Fanny a seamstress aged 17, Mercy aged 12 and Edward aged 9.  In 1861 George was aged 62 working as a post office messenger and living with his wife, Charlotte aged 60 from Stone and daughter, Mercy aged 23.  Click here to read more

Thomas Barge – the 1871 census and the 1876 rate book show that the house was occupied by Thomas Barge.  The census shows Thomas was a labourer aged 53 living with his wife, Mary, a laundress aged 50 from Almondsbury and their children: Thomas aged 16, Samuel aged 14, both working as labourers, Charlotte aged 11, Matilda aged 8 and a boarder, Francis Tucker aged 5 who was born in Bristol.  Thomas was the son of Thomas and Charlotte Barge who were living in Sawmill Lane in the 1841 census.  Click here to read more

Thomas Alsop – the 1880 rate book and 1881 census shows Thomas as occupying the house.  In the census was a labourer aged 27 from Newington in London.  He was living with his wife, Emilla aged 26 from Almondsbury and their children: Edith A aged 2 and Charles E aged 2 months.  Click here to read more

John Horseman – the 1885 rate book shows that John Horseman was occupying the house.  His name is also mentioned in a notice of sale of the property in 1883.  Unfortunately we have no other information to help identify John.  There are two possible John Horseman’s in the area, one from Hill and one from Tytherington.

Edward Vizzard – the 1887 and 1890 rate books show that the house was occupied by Edward Vizzard.  We believe that Edward would have been the son, of John and Sarah Ann Vizzard.
In 1884 Edward married Elizabeth Lilian Davis who was born in Olveston.  They had two children, both born in Thornbury: Ethel Emily Victoria baptised on 3rd July 1887 and Frank Henry baptised on 6th October 1889 when the family were still living in St Mary Street.  Both baptism records show that Edward was working as a chimney sweep at the time.  In the 1891 census Edward and Elizabeth were living in 1 John Street, Derby.  Edward was aged 28 and working as a horse driver for M. R. Co. (Midland Railway Company).  Elizabeth was aged 24 and they had two children: Ethel aged 3 and Frank aged 2.

The 1901 census shows that the family had moved to 24 Waterway Street, Nottingham where Edward (although his name is recorded erroneously as ‘Edwin’) was now employed as a shunter on the Midland Railway.  Ethel is working as an errand girl in a haberdashery factory.

Alfred Stinchcombe – the 1891 census shows that the house was occupied by Alfred who was a widow aged 48 working as a haulier and potato merchant.  He was living with his son James aged 13.  Click here to read more 

Samuel Barge – the 1894 rate book shows that Sam Barge had moved to live in the house from number 31 St Mary Street.  Click here to read more

The house appears void in the 1899 rate book.

William Trayhurn – the 1901 census and subsequent rate books in 1905 and 1910 show William as living in number 37 St Mary Street.  The census shows William was a tailor aged 54 living with his wife, Julia aged 47 and their children: Henry, a gravel remover in stone quarry aged 21, William aged 9 born in Cardiff and Ellen aged 10 born in Cardiff.

William was baptised on 15th July 1849, the son of James Trayhurn, a tailor and his wife Anne The family lived for many years in 9 Horseshoe Lane.  William became a tailor like his father.  In 1879, William Charles Trayhurn married Julia Summers.  Julia was baptised on 1st January 1854, the daughter of Thomas and Hannah Summers of Grovesend.  The 1881 census shows that they had moved to Cardiff with their first child, Henry who was born in Grovesend.  Henry was baptised Thomas Henry Charles Trayhurn on 10th September 1879.  By 1891 William and Julia had three more children: Hannah, Ellen (later known by the name of Nellie) and William, all born in Cardiff.  They had returned to Thornbury by 1896 as the Voters List shows William moved that year from a house Horseshoe Lane to St Mary Street. The 1899 Rate Book shows William initially lived in number 33 St Mary Street, but he had moved to number 37 by the 1901 census.

The 1911 census shows William and Julia living in the house with their son, Henry a builder’s mason aged 35 born in Grovesend.  William died aged 62 and was buried on 7th May 1913.  Julia carried on living in St Mary Street.  She appears in the electoral registers up until 1935.  We are not sure if she carried on living at number 37 with her daughter, Nellie, and her husband, Ernest Frank Sherman (see below), or whether she moved to live with her son, Henry Charles and his wife, Beatrice in number 61 St Mary Street.  Julia died aged 83 and was buried in Thornbury Cemetery on 1st April 1936.

Ernest Frank and Nellie Sherman – we know that Ernest Frank and Nellie lived in the house in the 1930’s and we assume that they moved in with Nellie’s mother, Julia Trayhurn in the 1920’s.  Ernest and Nellie were shown as living in St Mary Street when their children were baptised in 1921 onwards.

Ernest Frank and Nellie married on 1st November 1920. Ernest was a dock labourer from Newport near Berkeley.  He was born on 6th January 1891, the son of James Sherman, a farm labourer.  Nellie was born on 9th December 1890, the daughter of William and Julia Trayhurn (see above).  Their first son, Ronald Frank, was baptised on 5th June 1921 when Ernest was a dock labourer and he and Julia were already living in St Mary Street.  We assume that they were living with Nellie’s mother and they carried on living in the house when Julia died.  Ronald died aged only eight months and was buried on 14th December 1921.  When their second son, Brian Ernest, was baptised on 12th July 1922 (born on 9th June 1922) Ernest was working as a quarryman.  When their third son, Ronald Frank, was baptised on 10th February 1926 (born on 4th November 1925) Ernest was working as a builder’s labourer.  Their youngest son, Anthony James, was born on 6th September 1928.

The Shermans are listed in the electoral registers we have seen as living in St Mary Street up to 1938.  The special register compiled in 1939 in preparation for the war shows Ernest was a supervisor in the sewage works and during the war was a member of the auxiliary fire service.

By 1946 they had moved to 75 High Street together with their son, Ronald and his wife, Kathleen.  We understand that Ronald worked for Thompsons, the bakers.  Anthony James became a motor engineer but he died in Southmead Hospital aged 25 and was buried in Thornbury Cemetery on 2nd December 1953.  By 1954 Ernest and Nellie were still at number 75 but Ronald and Kathleen had moved to 46 North Road.  Nellie died on 30th November 1960 aged 70 and Ernest died on 11th April 1962 aged 71.

Gladys Roberts

Gladys Roberts

Charles and Gladys Roberts – the register compiled in 1939 in prepration for the war shows Charles and Gladys living in this house.  The 1946 electoral register also shows that the house is now occupied by Charles and Gladys Roberts.  Initially we confused him with another Charles Roberts who was living in Thornbury at the same time.

We have been told by a relative that Charles was born at Plump Hill near Mitcheldean in the Forest of Dean.  He was born on 13th July 1911, one of 15 children.  Charles married Gladys Emily Lambert in Thornbury in 1936.  Gladys was born on 24th October 1909.  According to the 1911 census she was born in Tytherington.  She was living there with her parents, Henry Lambert, a delver in stone, and his wife, Annie Elizabeth, and their five other children.   The family were living in the house of Annie’s parents, James and Sarah Barton.  One of Gladys’s four sisters, Winifred Mary, married Arthur Hill and they were later to live next door at 39 St Mary Street.  Gladys is shown in the photo on the right taken when she was working for Thompsons, the baker.

Following their marriage Charles and Gladys lived in Chapel Street, but must have moved to 37 High Street by 1939.   Their son, Roger Charlie, was baptised on 3rd September 1944.  Charles was serving in the Forces during the War, but we understand his normal work was as a coalman who worked for Davis’s the coal merchants.  Charles and Gladys carried on living in 37 St Mary Street for many years.  They are shown there in the 1961 electoral register, but by 1965 they had moved to the new council houses at 80 Streamleaze.  Gladys died in Tytherington aged 67 in July 1977. Charles died in 1998.

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