We apologise but we have no photographs of these two houses and would love to hear from anyone who does!

The two houses were owned by the descendants of the same person from our earliest records up to 1924.  Early Land Tax records from the 1780’s appear to show that the property was then owned by Richard Williams and on his death they were owned by his wife, Mary Williams.  On Mary’s death they eventually ended up being owned by Mary Wilkes – click here to read the full story

Henry and Mary Wilkes – they inherited the properties from the estate of Richard Williams.

In the 1840 Tithe Survey, the houses were located on Plot 143 which were described as a cottage and garden owned by Mary Wilkes and occupied by James Cossham and a house and garden owned by Mary Wilkes and occupied by George Davis.  In her Will dated 17th January 1845 Mary left these two houses for the use of her daughter, Ann, and specified that on Ann’s death these houses should be passed to Ann’s children.  Ann Wilkes married Thomas Ann, a master mason from Alveston at some time before 1851 census (although we haven’t been able to trace the marriage).

This gave Ann the very confusing name of ‘Ann Ann‘.  Click here to read more about the Wilkes and Ann families

Thomas and Ann only had one child, Mary Ann Ann born in 1851.  Ann died in September quarter 1856 and on her death, the houses passed to Mary Ann Ann.  She married Samuel Mullett Wilmot of Bristol on June 19th 1879 at what was to become the United Reformed Church in Thornbury.  Click here to read more about the Wilmots.  We know that at least some of the various properties which they owned in Thornbury were put up for sale in 1924:

Number 53 was described as ‘a dwelling house, shop and premises with frontages to St Mary Street and Rock Street in the occupation of W. H. Salisbury started at £300 but was knocked down to the tenant at £402 10s’.  We have detailed the history of W. H. Salisbury on the associated page for the occupants of number 53.

On 28th June 1963 Harry sold the property to Roy Edward Pawsey of Glen Elms, Almondsbury for £2500.  Within six months of buying the property Roy sold it to Absuspale Developments Ltd of Tytherington for £2500.  It seems like Roy had some interest in Absuspale Developments as although n 23rd January 1969 Absuspale Developments sold it to Thornbury Rural District Council for £4500, Roy’s name was still being shown as the owner on the compulsory purchase order.

Number 55 was described as ‘Another dwelling house and garden at St Mary Street, let to Thomas Powell, was purchased by Mr T. Birkett for £235 on 29th September 1924.  On 15th December 1927 the house was bought by George Thomas Legge of Castle Street.  George had married Blanche Rebecca Biddle in the Alverstoke area of Hampshire in 1922.  George died on war service on 9th June 1940.  His address at that time was 351 Forton Road, Gosport and he was serving as a Stoker in the Royal Navy.  George’s widow, Blanche Rebecca Legge, took over the property and kept it until 30th April 1964 when she sold it to Thornbury Rural District Council for £400.  She was living at 9 Avery Road, Gosport at the time of the sale.

The District Council demolished both houses and the land incorporated into the new St Mary Street Car Park.

occupants of 53 st mary street
occupants of 55 st mary street