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Initially this house was a single property.  From the time that John Edmonds owned it in the early 1800’s it was converted into two separate properties. Click here to read more about the history of the house and its owners.

Joseph and Margaret Glover – one of the earliest documents amongst those held by South Gloucestershire was dated 20th March 1749 and explains that the house had been occupied by Joseph Glover who died on December 2nd 1715 and his wife Margaret who died in 1722.  Click here to read more

John Bennett – in 1749 the house and land and orchard were sold to John Bennett, the then occupier of the house.  The widowed Mary Bennett died in 1777.  Click here to read more 

Thomas and Eleanor Penduck – by 1777 after the death of her parents the house became the property of Eleanor Penduck and her husband Thomas.  In 1803 the six surviving children of Thomas and Eleanor Penduck sold the house and its land to John Edmonds.  Click here to read more

John Tilley and Elizabeth and Hester Clutterbuck – when the property was sold to John Edmonds in 1803 it was occupied by John Tilley and Elizabeth Clutterbuck.  In 1809 the Land Tax still says Tilley and Clutterbuck were the tenants of John Edmonds.

We believe that John Tilley married Esther Clark on 8th May 1784.  They had a daughter Martha who was born on 17th August 1785.  At that time they may have been living in a property now called 41 St Mary Street owned by Richard Williams.  We do not know when Esther Tilley died but the widowed John Tilley married Ann Clutterbuck a spinster on 15th November 1814.

We believe that Elizabeth Clutterbuck died aged 88 on 15th July 1808 and that she was the widow of John Clutterbuck.  John and Elizabeth had at least two daughters Ann born in Rockhampton in 1766 and Hester also born in Rockhampton in 1770.  It thus appears that Ann Clutterbuck who married John Tilley was the daughter of Elizabeth and the sister of Hester. enoch

If this is the case it might explain why the indenture of 1803 says that Elizabeth Clutterbuck was a joint tenant with John Tilley and subsequent indentures mention Hester Clutterbuck with John Tilley.  John’s wife could have been the daughter of Elizabeth and the sister of Hester Clutterbuck who was born in 1770.

We have not been able to trace John and Ann Clutterbuck after this time or Hester Clutterbuck.  By 1812 they appear to have moved or died and the Land Tax record of 1812 says that the house was occupied by “Morgan and Walker.”  We are not able to confirm who “Morgan” was.

Thomas Walker and Enoch Binden – a conveyance of 26th September 1820 says that the property was now two separate houses occupied by Thomas Walker and Enoch Binden.

In 1812 the Land Tax records show that Thomas Walker lived in part of the property that would become 59 St Mary Street.  Before that time he was living in a house in St Mary Street which was owned by Richard Cossham.  We know that another Thomas Walker, a butcher, owned and occupied a property opposite on the corner of St Mary Street and Chapel Street.  We suspect that the Thomas Walker who lived in 59 St Mary Street was the father of the one living across the road.  It seems likely that the baptism of Thomas Walker, born 29th September 1774, the son of Thomas Walker, a butcher and his wife, Hannah might relate to them.  We also note that Thomas Walker died aged 80 and was buried on 28th March 1821.

Enoch Binden was born on 20th August 1793 and baptized on 15th September 1793.  He was the son of Henry Binden and his wife Mary (nee Hungerford).  Enoch married Betty Roberts on 18th April 1815.  It is possible that about that time they moved into one of this pair of houses which later became 59 St Mary Street, certainly it was after 1814.  According to the 1819 land tax Enoch Binden and his wife seemed to be alone in this property which was still said to be owned by Mary Edmonds.  Enoch and Betty had a number of children: Mary baptised on 25th February 1816, Eliza baptised on 20th August 1820, Enoch baptised on 7th September 1823 and Ann baptised on 4th June 1826.  The baptism records show that Enoch was a cordwainer (shoemaker).

Enoch died on 11th May 1828 and about 1834 his widow Betty inherited what became 41 St Mary Street, at which time the couple may have been living in the house as Enoch Binden’s name no longer appeared in the Land Tax records.  Click here to read about Enoch and Betty Binden

William Hughes and Thomas Osborne – Thomas Hughes and William Osborne were both mentioned in the sale notices of these properties at 59 St Mary Street in October 1841 when their then owner Thomas Smith was bankrupted.  William Hughes had lived in the property since at least the land tax record of 1821 and Thomas Osborne by the Tithe Apportionment which was drawn up between 1838 and 1840.

William Hughes – the land tax records show that William Hughes was living in the house from at least 1822 and possibly as early as 1821.  He was still there at the time of the 1840 Tithe Survey.  The 1841 census shows that William was a tailor aged 72 living with Sarah aged 64 and a tailor’s apprentice, Charles Screen aged 19.  Both William and Sarah were born outside Gloucestershire.  William died aged 77 and was buried on 14th December 1843.  Sarah died aged 79 and was buried on 2nd March 1856.  There was an inquest held into Sarah’s death.  The brief details we have have suggest that her death was caused by a ‘visitation of God’ and mentioned congestion of the lungs.

Thomas Osborne – the 1841 census shows he was a limeburner aged 30 living with Alice aged 30, George aged 10, Ann aged 8, Henry aged 6 and Matthew aged 2.  It appears that there were 14 lodgers living with them.  By the 1851 census Thomas had died and Alice had remarried to William Harris.  Thomas and Alice’s son Matthew Osborne was still living with them.  All three were born in Thornbury.  William was aged 54 in this census.  They were living in Wales in Abersychan, near Pontypool in Monmouthshire.

John Cullimore and William Mountford – appear to be occupying these properties in the 1851 census, although they do not feature in the deeds and documents relating to the properties.  This would not be unusual as the owners have more relevance in deeds than the occupiers.

John Cullimore – John was an agricultural labourer aged 36 from Littleton living with Hannah Greenwood, a housekeeper aged 40 from Buckover and Thomas Cullimore, John’s brother, another agricultural labourer aged 39 from Littleton, a nephew, Alfred Thomas aged 9 and five lodgers.  By 1861 the census seems to indicate that John Cullimore had left Thornbury and moved to Kent.  His brother Thomas was still living with Hannah Greenwood (who had separated from her husband many year before) in a lodging house they were running at 55 St Mary Street.

William Mountford – the 1851 census shows he was an agricultural labourer aged 65 from Oakford in Devon living with Sarah aged 49 from Monmouthshire.  They had 9 lodgers living there on census night.  We have no further details about this couple.

An indenture of 1881 says that Joseph Alexander and Mary King occupied these properties that became 59 St Mary Street. The 1861 and 1871 Census respectively also show Eliza Hamer with Joseph Alexander and John Bendall with Mary King.

Joseph Alexander – the 1861 census confirms that Joseph was living in the property.  He was a chimney sweep aged 43 from Bradford, Wiltshire living with his wife, Catherine aged 33 from Thornbury and daughter Rose Ann Gardiner aged 11 from Pontypool.  Joseph and his family seemed to move next door to number 57 St Mary Street which is where they were living in the 1871 census, but then return to number 59 by the 1880 rate book, 1881 census and 1885 rate book.  The 1876 rate ook shows that they weren’t living in either house so they must have moved.  Click here to read more 

Eliza Hamer – the 1861 census appears to show that Eliza was living in the house.  Eliza was a lodging house keeper aged 26 from Broughton in Wiltshire.  She had 11 lodgers with her on census night.  Eliza doesn’t seem to have hung around Thornbury for long.  We can find no other records of her in the town.

John Bendall – the 1871 census shows John was a road labourer aged 46 born in Cam living with Mary aged 46 from Alveston and their children: Thomas aged 16, John aged 13, both working as labourers, James aged 11, Charles aged 7, Sarah aged 4 and Mary Ann aged 1, all born in Thornbury.

John was born in Cam, the son of Meshach Bendall, a labourer and his wife, Sarah (nee King).  On 18th March 1850, John married Mary Cornock, who was born in Alveston about 1828, the daughter of James Cornock.  John Bendall was living at Kingswood Hill at the time of his marriage.

The 1851 census shows John and Mary living in Back Street (now called Rock Street) with their baby son, William who had been born in Siston.  The 1861 census shows them still in Back Street, now with William aged 10, Anice aged 8, Thomas aged 5, John aged 3 and James aged 6 months.  In the 1871 census, John and Mary were living at 59 St Mary Street where John was described as a road labourer.  They had six children living with them: Thomas aged 16, John aged 13, both working as labourers, James aged 11, Charles aged 7, Sarah aged 4 and Mary Ann aged 1.  By 1881 they were living in Oldbury Street, Oldbury on Severn where John was working as an agricultural labourer.  In the 1891 census John and Mary were living on their own in Morton Lane, Thornbury.  John died aged 67 and was buried on 20th May 1892.  By 1901 Mary had moved to the almhouses.  We are not sure when Mary died, but she is not listed as living at the almshouses in 1905.

Mary King – the 1871 census shows Mary was now running the lodging house.  Mary was a widow aged 65 from Chippenham, Wiltshire.  She had 6 lodgers on census night.  Mary is shown as being the occupant in the 1876 Rate Book and is still in the property at the time of the 1881 census.  This shows Mary as a lodging house keeper aged 64 from Chapine in Wiltshire.  She only had 4 lodgers on census night, including Thomas Smith a groom from Bristol and his wife Sarah

As you can see Mary has a tendency to vary her age.  We note that when she was buried on 20 December 1882 her age was said to be 84.  In view of the variation in age and place of birth we have not been able to trace Mary in any earlier records.  An indenture of 5th September 1887 refers to Mary King as a former tenant.  In 1876 she was a tenant of Nicholas Grove

James Rossiter – the 1876 rate book shows that James is now occupying the house which had been occupied by John Bendall in the 1871 census.  We don’t know any more about James.

Thomas Powell – the 1885 rate book shows Thomas as occupant of one of the houses owned by Sydney Ponting.  When Thomas Morgan bought the properties in October 1887 these were said to be occupied by Thomas Powell and William Vizzard.  Click here to read more

William Vizzard – we are not sure who William Vizzard was.

Thomas Morgan – the 1890 rate book shows the house was owned and occupied by Thomas Morgan.  The 1891 census shows that Thomas was a plumber and painter aged 49 from Rockhampton.  He was living with his wife, Mary Ann Laura who was a grocer aged 50 from Thornbury and their children: George Ernest, a tailor’s apprentice aged 19 and Laura Arabella aged 8.

Thomas was baptised in Rockhampton on 31st October 1841.  He was the son of George Morgan, a tailor and his wife, Mary.  In 1864 Thomas married Anna Maria Facey in the Bristol area.  Anna Maria was baptised in Thornbury on 12th February 1843.  She was the daughter of Thomas Facey, a grocer and his wife, Mary Ann.  In the 1871 census Thomas was a plumber.  He and Anna Maria were living in 73 High Street with their children: Mary Ann aged 6, John Trevor aged 4 and Arthur Henry aged 2.  Thomas was shown as working as a glazier when John was baptised on 7th April 1867.  Arthur Henry was born on 24th May 1869 and he was baptised at the Methodist Church on 7th October 1869.  It is interesting to note that his parents were shown as ‘Henry and Anna Maria’.

In 1881 census Thomas and the family were living in Chapel Street. Thomas was a plumber and glazier and they now had five children living with them: Mary Ann, a teacher at the British School aged 16, John Trevor a plumber’s apprentice aged 14, Thomas Henry aged 6, Ada Emily aged 2 and Charles aged 11 months.  We are grateful to Tony Cherry, who researched the history of the Council School (which used to be called the British School) for his book ‘The History of a School’.  Tony found a reference to Mary Ann in the school log books.  This showed that she was acting as a monitor in the school (effectively a classroom assistant) when she was recruited with a view to her training as a teacher.  Mary was just 14, only one year older than the oldest pupils.  In 1888 Mary Ann married Henry Liddiatt, a local watch and clock maker.

There are two other references in the log books which refer to the Morgan family.  Like many families in those days, they struggled to pay the fees for allowing their children to go to school – it is surprising to realise that parents could be fined for not ensuring their children attended school, but were still expected to pay 2d per week for each child for their education, even in state schools.  The log book show that on 11th September 1885: “Mrs Morgan refused to pay back fees, accordingly sent the three children home”.  And in the following week “Henry & Elizabeth (Morgan) brought pence for last week and not this.  I sent them home, Mrs Morgan came to ask why but refused to listen to anything more owing to her insolent manner”.

The 1901 census shows that Thomas and Mary A. L. Morgan were living in Redwick. He was described as a retired grocer.

The Powells – the rate books from 1894 to 1910 show that Charles Powell owned and occupied number 59 and after his death his daughters owned the properties and lived in number 59.  Click here to read more

George Henry Roberts – the 1910 rate book shows that a bake-house and coach house had been built on the property owned by Charles Powell and that G. H. Roberts was occupying those buildings.  The 1911 census shows George Henry was shown to be a boarder lodging with Charles William Powell, who also lived at 59 St Mary Street.  George Roberts was an unmarried baker aged 41 born in Saul.

George bought the property on 26th July 1948.

George Roberts died intestate on 13th March 1955.  The administrators of his estate were his nephew and niece Hilda Francis Emmilene Cripps and Ivan George Page who sold 59 and 61 St Mary Street to Jack Judd on 9th August 1955.  Click here to read about George Henry Roberts

Mary Elizabeth Savery – Mary was born in 1885, the daughter of John Charles Savery and his wife, Fanny.  Our earliest note of Mary living in St Mary Street was the electoral registers of 1935 which shows her living with Miss A. Powell who we think was living at 55 St Mary Street.  Mary is shown as living in the street in subsequent registers up to 1950 but we are not sure which house she was living in.  In 1954 she was shown as living at 59 St Mary Street.  When Mary died in Thornbury Hospital on 12th June 1956 aged 71 her address was given as 7 Lower Bath Road.

Jack and Eileen M Judd – Jack Lewis Judd a solicitor bought 59 and 61 St Mary Street on 9th August 1955.  Click here to read about Jack and Eileen Judd.  On 31st March 1967 Jack Lewis Judd who then lived in 59 St Mary Street conveyed both 59 and 61 St Mary Street to Thornbury District Council as part of the redevelopment plan for £8,750.

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