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We have listed below the occupants known to have lived in 9 St Mary Street.

Sarah Williams – the 1851 census shows the house occupied by Sarah Williams, a widow described as ‘almswoman formerly a charwoman’ aged 70 from Thornbury.  Sarah was living with her daughter, Esther Tyler a married charwoman aged 32, and her children John and Charles aged 9 and 5.

It seems likely that Sarah Williams was born Sarah Atwells.  We believe that she married James Williams in Thornbury on 6th August 1809.  Their first child, Ann was baptised at a month old on 23rd December 1810 in Thornbury.  William Williams was baptised 13th February 1814 and appears to have died very soon as an infant William Williams was buried on 8th March 1814.   Esther (or Hester) was baptised on 11th May 1817.  Jane was baptised on 16th April 1820.  Charles was baptised 15th September 1822.  In all of the baptism records James Williams was shown to be a labourer.

James Williams is not an uncommon name in Thornbury.  However we do know that this James Williams was living in Thornbury until at least 1822.  The land tax records for 1822 show only one James Williams and he was living in a property that later became known as 6 Crispin Lane.  It is possible but by no means certain that this is the same James Williams.  James did not appear in subsequent land tax records until those of 1828 to 1832, when he may have returned to 6 Crispin Lane.  The only James Williams who appeared in the 1840 Tithe Apportionment for Thornbury drawn up between 1837 and 1840 was not this James Williams.  We cannot trace Sarah’s husband after 1832.

The 1841 census of Trevethan in Monmouthshire shows Sarah Williams aged 55 living without her husband in the household of her daughter Esther and Esther’s husband John Tyler.  In this census John Tyler was a miner.  Sarah’s son Charles Williams aged 15, the only other child then living with her, was also a miner.

Sarah Williams appears to have died in 1855 as we have a record of a burial of Sarah Williams aged 75 on 12th November 1855 in Thornbury.  The 1871 census shows that Esther and her family again living in Upper Llanfrecha in Monmouthshire.  At this time Esther was living with her husband John who was a coal miner born in Wapley in Gloucestershire.  John like Esther was 53 years of age.  The census shows that Esther and John had two children, William aged 18 (who was born in Thornbury and baptised on 3rd December 1852) and Sarah aged 12 who was born in Monmouthshire.

We understand from researchers Jim and Linda Tyler Russell who have contacted us that the family later emigrated to the United States of America and that they were buried in Pennsylvania.  From this they were able to trace that John Tyler junior married Belinda Ruck and Charles Tyler married Priscilla Elliott.

Elizabeth Pearce – the 1861 census shows that the house was occupied by Elizabeth Pearce, a widow aged 85 from Thornbury.  Elizabeth was born in Herefordshire about 1776.  She was married to John Pearce, a hurdle maker from Thornbury.  In the 1841 census they were living in Siblands with their daughter, Martha aged 15.  In the 1851 census John and Elizabeth were listed as living in Crossways Lane.  John died aged 84 and was buried on 16th August 1854.  Elizabeth died aged 84 and was buried on 16th August 1853.

Elizabeth Carter  – the 1871 census and 1876 and 1880 rate books show the house was occupied by Elizabeth Carter.  In the 1871 census Elizabeth was a widow aged 68 from Thornbury.

Elizabeth was born about 1800.  She might be the daughter of John and Ann Pritchard although she was four when she was baptised on 11th June 1800.  On 14th June 1824, Elizabeth Pritchard married Joseph Carter in St Mary’s Church in Thornbury.  According to the baptism records of several of his children, Joseph’s full name appears to be Joseph Fletcher Carter.  Joseph and Elizabeth had several children: Henrietta baptised on 28th December 1825, Henry Fletcher baptised on 14th September 1828, John Carter baptised on the same day when he was aged 5, Elizabeth baptised on 1st May 1831, Eliza baptised on 23rd August 1833, John baptised on 3rd April 1836 and William Charles baptised on 5th January 1840.  Joseph was described as a cordwainer or shoemaker in all these baptism records.

We know from the will of Abraham Riddiford in 1827 that Joseph Carter was the occupant of one of the properties that now form 28 Castle Street.  The Tithe Apportionment survey drawn up between 1837 and 1840 shows that Joseph Carter still occupied the same property with his family and another family, that of Edward Trayhurn, and they rented the property from Thomas Freeme who had inherited it.

Joseph died aged 56 and was buried on 17th April 1840.  In the 1841 census Elizabeth had moved into 50 Castle Street, a property which she rented from the Feoffees of Thornbury.  The widowed Elizabeth was now a laundress living with her children, Henrietta aged 15, Henry aged 12, Elizabeth aged 9, Eliza aged 6, John aged 5 and William aged 2.  In 1851 she was living with Henry, now a journeyman shoemaker, Elizabeth a laundress, John an errand boy and William still at school.  In 1861 Elizabeth was still living in Castle Street and now with just her grandson, William aged 3.  William was the son of the unmarried daughter Eliza Carter.  Sharing the property with her was her daughter, Henrietta Hale and her family.

By 1871 Elizabeth had moved to an almshouse at 9 St Mary Street.  Elizabeth died aged 79 and was buried on 15th November 1879.

Of her children, we know:

  • On 8th April 1847, Henrietta married Jonah Hale, a labourer and the son of William Hale, a labourer of Thornbury. Joseph was described as a labourer at that time.
  • In 1851 Henry married Emma Powell Coleman.  Emma and her mother were living next door to Elizabeth Carter in the 1851 census.  Emma appears to have died in childbirth at Clanna on 31st January 1866.  Her daughter, Louisa Imanda died on 9th April 1866 aged two months.
  • On 8th December 1851, Elizabeth married George Maishment, a tailor and the son of John Maishment, a tailor of Thornbury.  Joseph was described as a labourer at that time.  George and Elizabeth were living next door to Elizabeth Carter in 1861.
  • On 5th March 1861 Charles William married Mary Ann Laura Facey, the daughter of Thomas Facey, shopkeeper.  Charles was a railway servant at the time of the wedding and Joseph was a shoemaker.
  • On 17th September 1864 Eliza married William Essex, a labourer from Littleton on Severn and the son of Richard Essex, a labourer.  Joseph was a shoemaker at the time.

Unity Liddiatt – in the 1881 census the house was occupied by Unity Liddiatt, a widow aged 85 from Crossways.  Unity had been married to William Liddiatt, a labourer.  In 1861 they had been living at The Meads near Duckhole.  We know that they had at least 2 children: Charles who was baptised on 10th March 1839 and Mark who was living with them in 1861 aged 20.  We are not sure when William died.  By 1881 Unity was living in the almshouse, a widow aged 85.  She died in 1884 aged 88.

Sarah Rodman – the Mayors’ Accounts Book shows that Sarah was selected to replace Unity Liddiatt in the almshouse.  She was listed as living there in the 1887 rate book.  The 1891 census shows the house was occupied by Sarah Rodman a widow aged 77.

Sarah Hendy – was born in Almondsbury about 1813.  She had married Horace Rodman from Cromhall on 10th October 1835.  In 1841 they were living in Sibland where Horace was an agricultural labourer.  In 1851 they were still there with two nieces, Sarah Ann and Louisa Hendy.  In 1881 they were living in Gillingstool Road.  Horace died at Sibland aged 73 and was buried on 28th February 1884.  The 1885 rate book shows Sarah had moved to this almshouse in St Mary Street and she was still there in the 1891 census and the 1894 rate book.  Sarah died aged 81 and was buried on 14th October 1899.

Mary Ann Salmon – the 1901 census shows the house was occupied by Mary A Salmon, an unmarried lady aged 62 who was working as a ‘caretaker of office’.  She was born in Bruton in Somerset.  Click here to read more about Mary Ann

Elizabeth Thurston – the 1905 and 1910 rate books show that Elizabeth Thurston is occupying the house.  She died in 1911 aged 79.  Elizabeth had been married to Anselm Thurston and they had lived in 3 Gloucester Road for many years.  Click here to read more

There is a period of 25 years when we don’t have any information about who was living in the house.  The Town Trust Account Book shows that Ellen Cole, Mary Ann Lambert and Edward Fowler followed Elizabeth Thurston living in the house.

Mary Ann Lambert – the 1911 census shows Mary Ann living in the house.  She was a widow aged 72 who was born in Iron Acton.  She was listed as living there in 1918 and 1921 electoral registers and the 1926 rate book has the name of Lambert crossed through which normally means the occupant had recently left.  Mary Ann died in 1930 aged 91.

Edward Fowler – was listed in the 1927 electoral register.  In 1901 Edward was living in Gillingstool and had the rather unusual occupation of well-sinker.  He died in 1929 aged 76.  Edward’s wife, Ann Maria (nee Ball) whom he married in 1875 was living in the house in 1931 electoral register.  Click here to read more about Edward and Anne Maria

Bertha Parsons – in 1935 we have a record of Mrs Parsons living in the house when it was connected to the water mains.   The register compiled in 1939 in preparation for the War shows Bertha was a spinster born on 7th November 1870.  She was baptised at St Marys Church on 27th November 1870, the daughter of Harriet Parsons of Crossways.  Bertha died aged 77 and was buried in the Thornbury Cemetery on 5th January 1948.  The burial register shows Bertha died in Pullins Green.

When the house was vacated by Mrs Parsons in 1945 it became occupied by Mrs Emily Jesty and her daughter.  Emily was aged 71.  She had been living in Thornbury for 20 years and she was previously living in Castle Street with Mrs Williams.  Emily moved away in 1948 to live with her daughter.  Emily died aged 75 and was buried in Thornbury Cemetery on 9th June 1949.  She had been living at North Road.  The next tenant was ‘Mrs Allen ‘ who was already living elsewhere in St Mary Street.

Edith Carver – the 1958 electoral register shows the house was occupied by Edith Carver.  In 1954 Edith had been living at 52 Gloucester Road with her son, Leslie and his wife.  Click here to read more about Edith

Harriett Dorothy Davis – the 1961 electoral register shows Harriett was occupying the house.  Harriet was a spinster.  She was born in 51 St Mary Street in 1898 and baptised on 4th December 1898.  Her parents were Joseph Davis, the grinder and his wife, Mary.  Her application to the Town Trust in June 1958 indicates that she had worked in domestic service all her life and she was then working for Mrs Francis Grace at West Shen.  She later moved to one of the Town Trust flats at Eastbury Close.  She died in 1978.

In the late 1960’s the house was purchased by the District Council under a compulsory purchase order as part of the central re-development. It was demolished and the land was eventually used in the 1980’s when a new road was made linking Rock Street to St Mary Street.