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In putting together this website, we have used old maps, census records, church records, newspapers, Rate Books, Land Tax records, wills, deeds, Electoral Registers and Trade Directories, military and school records and most importantly other people.

Please contact us if you have anything we can add to the website so that they can be shared with others.  You can click on the links below to enable you to access a few lists which might be useful in your research.

We have created a database of people listed in the Thornbury trade directories.  You can use it to search for family names, list people associated with a particular occupation or list the people living in a street.  Note – the database is very large.  It may take a long time to open and appear slow to respond.  Just be patient!

Click here to open a new window in which you can search by name, occupation or street

Click here to see a list of the directories which are included from 1790 to 1973

Prewett’s Street Directories

The Street Directories shown below are lists of all the householders living in the various streets of Thornbury.  In some cases, the name of a business is shown as well as the name of the individual associated with the business.  In the case of the 1916 Directory we also have interesting information about the public services and organisations in Thornbury and the names of their officials.

Gloucester Archives has a collection of Rate Books for Thornbury covering the period from 1859 to 1926.  Many of these books show the main occupant of each house and the owner and we have found this a really useful way of identifying who lived in each house and helping us sort out problems caused by being unsure of the precise route used by the census enumerators.  See the Rate Books

Gloucester Archives also has lists of owners of property for which Land Tax is payable and together with the occupants of their property.  These lists cover the years 1775 to 1832, although not the records for some years have not survived.  We are grateful to Meg Wise of Thornbury Museum for copying and transcribing two assessment made upon the Occupiers of Lands in the Parish of Thornbury for the Relief of the Poor of the said Parish.  They list owners and some occupants in 1769 and 1770.  We have a table of both the records for the period 1769 to 1832.  Click here to see the Land Tax & Poor Rate Records

Voters’ Lists

These are described as  lists of “persons entitled to be registered as Parliamentary Electors for the Southern or Thornbury Division of the County of Gloucester, and persons entitled to be registered as County Electors for the Administrative County of Gloucester in respect of the occupation of property situate wholly or partly within this Parish, otherwise than Lodgings.N.B.  This list does not contain the names of any parliamentary electors except those entitled in respect of a household or £10 occupation qualification, or of £50 rental qualification reserved by section 10 of the Representation of the People Act 1884.”  We have details here for the following years:

We are in the process of transribing the early records of baptisms, marriage and burials from St Mary’s Church from 1550 to 1700.  Click here to read what we have

We have made a composite list of the men and women shown as serving in the Forces as published in the Gazette on 16th January 1915 and the Bristol Times and Mercury 25th December 1915.  Unfortunately this information is shown in a table form which is too large to be read easily on a small screen.  We have created a PDF file for this table.

  • Click here to see the Thornbury Roll of Honour for 1915 
  • Charities

    Several benefactors in Thornbury left money or property to provide alms for the poor.  This was used to provide apprenticeships for poor boys and girls, coats and shawls and other gifts at Christmas and various houses to provide free or cheap accommodation.  The charities were originally managed through appointed trustees called feoffees but the responsibility became vested in the Mayor and Corporation.  Following the Municipal Corporations Act 1883, the Corporation became extinct.  By 1890 their responsibilities for running almshouses were vested in the Thornbury Town Trustees.  Click on the links below for more details.

  • Mayors’ Christmas Gifts
  • St Mary Street Almshouses
  • Hylpe’s bequest
  • The Free School charities of Jones Edwards and White,
  • The Grammar School Charities  
  • John White and the Groats
  • Katherine Rippe
  • Christmas Gifts for the Troops

    In December 1916 the Gazette reported that nearly £50 was raised in Thornbury for the purpose of sending each soldier and sailor from the town a Christmas parcel and over 200 were sent out.  Each parcel contained one tine of gingerbread biscuits 50 cigarettes, one khaki handkerchief, and one tablet of soap provided out of the money subscribed and in addition one pair of socks made and given by the ladies knitting party in connection with the Thornbury working party.  

  • See the 1916 List

    In 1917 a Christmas card was added to the parcels and the socks were displayed in Williams’s shop window prior to dispatch.  

    See the 1917 List

    A list of the local Thornbury people who contributed towards the erection of the Town’s war memorial.  Unfortunately this list is held in a large table which is unsuitable for viewing on small screens.  We have created the table in PDF format.  Please click here to see the list of donors to the Thornbury War Memorial

    List of Thornbury Mayors, Parish Chairmen and Clerks 1550 – 2004.  Read More

    Records extracted from the records of Coroners Inquests held at Gloucester Archives which relate to people living in Thornbury 1855 – 1874.  Read More

    The streets of Thornbury have changed their names over the years which sometimes makes it confusing for people researching their families in census and other records.  Read More

    Details of Thornbury Grammar School admissions between 1879 and 1925.   Unfortunately this information is held in a large table which is difficult to view on a small screen.

    Click on this link to read Thornbury Grammar School Admissions

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