Borough of Thornbury Assessment of Occupiers of Land

for the Relief of the Poor 1769

Poor Assessment 1769 2017-06-18T15:34:43+00:00
Owner Tenant/Property £ S D
Mrs Elizabeth Crowther 2 6 ½
Mrs Sarah Wetmore 4
William Pitcher for his dwelling house 1
Mr Edward Matthew for the Chantry 8
Alice Vaughan for her dwelling house late Webb’s 2
Ann Clark for her dwelling house 1
Mr George Rolph for his dwelling house 1
Jonathan Barton for late Always now the Society of Quakers
Daniel Thurston or tenant John Lewis
Hannah Bruton for late Gibbs
William Hitchings or tenant George Motley
Elizabeth Bennett or tenant John Cossham ¾
Solomon Smith for the burnt orchard ½
John Johnson or tenant for late Wilkin’s
John Putley for part ½
Charles Kingston for Mabbots
Theophilus Lewis for Sharpleys 2
Theophilus Lewis or tenant William Lippiatt
Jonathan Barton for Nuppfields at Kington 1
George Cossham or tenant for Oldfields at Crossways 1
Anthony Wisse
William Adams for late Davis’s 4
Mary Trayhurn widow
Jonathan Barton
Thomas Clark for late Bartons 4
George Cossham for part of Parkers 1
Simeon Tompkins for part of Bartons 2
George Hewett or tenant Thomas Webb 2
Elizabeth Tyson widow or tenant 2
blank Hewett widow or tenant Jno Niblett 1
John Wade for part 1
Richard Williams for late Mill’s ½
Martha Osborne for Greenfields
William Bigley for part 1
Thomas Sparks for his dwelling house 1
Thomas Hendy
Mr John Marsh for Stone’s
Mr William Turton for part or tenant John Fewster
Mr William Turton for part or tenant William Wisse
Mr King or tenant for Thurstons
John Longman for part
William Cole for late Clark’s Thurstons Orchard ½
George Cossham for Mapsons 1
Thomas Clark for Corner Croft 1
Mr John Rudge for part of Wilkins ½
Elliot Marsh or tenant Elizh Tyson for the Tanhouse 11
Rachel Symonds for late Always ¾
Thomas Clark for his dwelling house 2
William Clark for late Hudes ¾
Thomas Sims or tenant Susanna Ward 1
Mary Bennett widow for late Glovers
Richard Scarlett’s Heirs for late Eleys
Edward Hulbert for part 2
Mr Ralph Grove for late Jacobs 2
William Greenwood 2
George Motley or tenant for Mabbots 1
Joseph Hulbert or tenant William Cowley
John Hughes or tenant Joseph Taylor
Thomas Sparks for Hamptons 1
Nathaniel Bartlett for Ogborn’s ¾
John Grove Snr ½
William Wilton for late Leonards 3
The Lord or tenant Daniel Fowler for the Paddocks Lords 2
Mr John Salmon for late Groves
Mr John Salmon for late Raymonds 2
Mr John Salmon for Cobb Hall ¾
Mr John Salmon for Harrises
blank for late Scotts late Hulberts
Mr John Marsh or tenants for late Nests 4
Peter Park for late Thurstons
Charles Hughes’s Heirs ½
John Cullimore for late Motleys ¼
William Reed for late Prices 1
Mr Robert Boy or tenant Benjamin Pain
Nicholas Cornock or tenant John Salmon for late Linkes
Thomas Cox for late Powells
William Taylor Jnr for late Blanches
George Cossham for Whiteheads or tenant Hester Cox ½
Bradley Smith or tenant William Grove 2
The Lord or tenant Matthew Meredith for the Swan Inn 7
Mr John Salmon for the Shambles & Toll 6
Mr James Vaughan for the Coomb & Little Blakes
The Lord or tenant for Shewley Leaze 2
The Lord or tenant for Quarry Leaze
Thomas Child for the Old Tavern
Mr John Rudge for late Cookseys
Robert Pountney or tenant for the George Inn
Henry Weare Esq or tenant John Fewster 2
Bradley Smith or tenant John Taylor 2
Robert Shipway for the Paddocks
Mrs Rogers or tenant Widow Leonard 5 11¼
Mr Bartlett’s Heirs or tenant William Adams 1 8
William Withers for the Lord’s House
Mr Edward Matthew for late Hill’s late Gayner’s 1
James Mills for Pontins Mr E Matthew
John Pick for the Parsonage 1 10½
Mr Edward Matthew for late Brutons (NB CROSSED OUT) ¾
Mrs? Bruton or tenant Joannah Stone (NB CROSSED OUT)
Thomas Sparks for late James’s 1
Timothy Child for late Smith’s 1
Hannah Bruton or tenant for Croom’s ½
Thomas Neale for his dwelling house 1
Robert Pountney for the Horse Shoe 2
Thomas Sparks or tant Solomon Smith for late Hobb’s 1
Benjamin Leach for late Tanners 1
Richard Williams ½
Solomon Smith for the Lord’s next to Sibland ¾
John Lewis or tenant Richard Collins 3
Mr George Rolph or tenant Hugh Cleverly for Shipleys 1
Mr Vokins or tenant George Thomas 1
Joseph Champneys
Mr Ralph Grove for Blays ½
William Pountney or tenant for the Red Heart ½
Mr George Rolph for Ashleys 1
Joseph Hudson or tenant for part ½
Elizabeth Ricketts 1
George Cossham for his dwelling house 1
George Cossham or tenant 1
Mr Thomas Webb’s Heirs or tenant 1
John Swanley’s Heirs or tenant William Davis 1
Hugh Greenfield or tenant John Davis 4
John Smith or tenant 1
Thomas Clark 1
Benjamin Pierce for late Swanleys ½
Daniel Pitcher for late Powells 3
Thomas Shill or tenant John Shill 1
Widow Corp or tenant 1
Mr John Rudge or tenant for late Hendys 1
Thomas Clark or tenant Robert Pountney 1
Thomas Clark or tenant William Clark
Susannah Barrow 2
Richard Williams for late Webbs ½
Mr John Marsh for Cannings
William Clark for late Hewetts 1
John Grove ? T Hendy for part ¼
Richard Hobby for Worgan Well Paddock ¼
John Shepherd’s Heirs
John Salmon Jnr for late Clarks ¼
Mr Gardener or tenant
Robert Shipway for Bird Leaze
Mr Edward Matthew for Daggs
Benjamin Addis 3
Widow Span
Richard Collins for late Powells ½
Joseph Saunders for late Tompkins 2
Mary Bingham for Bakers Paddock
John Rudge or tenant Mary Vowls 1
Mr George Rolph for late Always
Elizabeth Gilliam for late Ogborns ½
John Grove
Jonathan Barton for late Davis’s 5
John Stone for late Hawksworths 3
James Knapp for Worgan Well Leaze the Lord’s
John Hughes or tenant Joseph Taylor ½
Ann Caddy or tenant 1
Mr Henry Marsh Pidgeon House Close 2
William Powell 1
John Grove for part of Parkers
Samuel Musgrave for the school late West’s
Robert Haine esq or tenant John  Taylor For Marlwood 8 1/2
Mr Hugh Parnell 1 7 ½
Mr Hugh Parnell For part of Whitfields 1
Margaret Walters For part or ten Thomas Cullimore ¾
Mr William Osborn For part 1
Mr Jos. Eyles For part ¼
Mr Edward Mathew For Hones paddock ½
Miss Fust or tenant Simeon Tompkins 8 1/2
Miss Fust or tenant Simeon Tompkins 2 ½
Mr Henry Marsh or tenant William Greenwood 1
Mrs Raymond For Woods Croft or tenant Mr James Cullimore 2 3
Mr John Stone For Richards 7
Mr Hawksworths heirs  for part or tenant Robert Shipway 1
Mr Hawksworths heirs For Gilberts or tenant Robert Shipway 1 8
Mr Hawksworths heirs For the Down Leaze 2
Mr Hawksworths heirs For Harvests ½
Thomas Raymond esq Or tenant Daniel Beadle 5
Elizabeth Hobby For part 1
Elizabeth Hobby For Webbs 3
Elizabeth Hobby 4
Mr Vokins Or tenant George Thomas Senior 1 8 ½
Mr Vokins Or tenant George Thomas Senior 4 ½
Mr Vokins For Brittons or tenant George Lea 5
Mr William Osborne For Mumbleys 4
Mrs Reeves Or Tenant Ann Barton 1
Mrs Reeves Or tenant Ann Barton for Vilner 8
Mrs Stokes Or tenant John Barton for Blakes 3 ½
Mr Ralph Grove For part of Parnells 2 ½
Simeon Tompkins For part of Cooks 1
Simeon Tompkins ½
Simeon Tompkins For Groves or tenant William greenwood
Mr John Cox For Curthoys 3
Mr John Cox For late Andrews’s 1 9 ½
William Rudge & Mary Clark Or tenant George Lea 2 2 ½
William Rudge & Mary Clark For part of Webbs 1 ¼
The Rev Mr William Holwell For the Tyths 3
Mr john Gayner   Mrs Sarah Hill For  Bartons 4
Mr Miller Or tenant John Grove jr 3 ½
Mrs Sarah Hill For part 3
Mr John Thurston 1 4 ½
Edward Thurston For part 3 ½
Mr Henry cottons heirs Or tenant Jos.  Grove 2
Mrs Corsley, John Lewis & William Smith ½
Mrs Corsley, Or tenant Wilson 3
Mr James Cullimore For Buttleaze 4 ½
Robert Boy gent 1 ½
William Pitcher For late Parslows 1
William Pitcher For webs orchard 1
George Lambert For wither
Mrs Moore Or tenant blank Beadle 1 1 ½
The Lord of the manor For ye castle 4 ½
The Lord of the manor For ye Coppice 1 ½
The Lord of the manor Or tenant Daniel Fowler for ye Turrett 3
The lord of the manor Or tenant William Hathway for Kendals Moors 4
The lord of the manor for Greys and Meadowland or tenant James Taylor 1 2
The lord of the manor Or tenant Mr Vaughan for the house and Warren 11
The lord of the manor For Parmiters  & Meadowlands  or tenant Hannah Weekes 11
The lord of the manor The Oat Leaze or tenant Elizabeth Day 2 ½
The lord of the manor For Gozelands or tenant Hannah Weekes 1
Mr Marsh For part of viners ½
Thomas Barton For late Giles’s 1 2 ½
William Collins For part of Giles’s 5
Mr William Bartlett For part 2
Mr William Bartlett For Tanners 7
Mr William Bartlett For Churngate 1 4 ½
Mr Thomas Cox 1 ½
Mr Thomas Cox For Baynhams late Gayners 1 ½
Mr Thomas Cox For Brocks 3
Mr Thomas Cox For Youngs or tenant William Chitts 2 ½
Blank Taylor Or tenant 1 ¼
Mary Jones For part of Powells ½
Mrs Gardener  William Taylor Or tenant blank Allen for Bennys 9 ¾
Mrs Shepherd For part or tenant 5
Mrs Martlove Or tenant Mrs Tyson 7 ½
Mrs Jane Oakley Or tenant James Morgan for ye Hackett 1 ½
Thomas Clark For late Gayners   Hudlands 3
Mrs Wallis Or tenant Sarah Wetmore 6
Mr George Rolph Or tenant 2 ¼
Mr Samuel Davis’s heirs Or tenant Thomas Hopkins 1 5 ½
Thomas Hopkins For part of Powells ½
Joseph and Thomas Trayhurn 2 ½
Richard Hobby For his house 1
Richard Hobby For Bedggoods 1 ½
Richard Hobby For Bedggoods 4
Richard Hobby For part of Powells ½
John Lewis Or tenant  Richard Hobby 6 ¾
Widow Mills 1
Mrs Hawksworth Or tenant Robert Shipway cookseys 3
Mr James Cullimore For the mill leaze 1 ½
Henry Weare esq Or tenant 1 4
Mrs Martha Osborn For Greenfields 1 6 ½
Mr William Osborn For late Tayers 1 7
Miss   Tyler For part 1 4 ½
Mr William Osborn For late Raymonds 1 5
Mr William Osborn Or tenant for part 3
Mr William Osborn For part of Giles’s and Tanner’s 3 ½
Thomas Clark For Gilmans 2
John Gayner Or tenant blank Wherrett for Quintons 5 ½
William Taylor 1 ½
William Taylor For late Henry Taylors 1
Mrs Rogers or tenant John Thurston for Stock 9 ½
Mrs Rogers Or tenant for Higen Bottoms 7 ½
Mrs Rogers Or tenant widow Leonard  for the Warth 11
Mrs Rogers Or tenant widow Leonard for Thurstons 6
Mrs Wallis Or tenant George Thomas senior 10
Thomas Collins Or tenant William Taylor of the George 8 ¾
John Hayward For part 2 ¼
Mr john Hayward For Webbs 4
William Tanner Or tenant William Chitts 2 ½
Susannah Johnson Or tenant William Chitts 1 ½
Thomas Clark 1
Thomas Clark For Fords’s 1
Thomas Clark For the Tyning  late Bovey Clarks ½
Mr James Cullimore For the Parks 3 2
Edward Weeles For part of the Parks 5 5
Mr John Cullimore For part 2 4
Mr William Cullimore For part 1 3
Henry Fowler For part 2 11
John Handcock For Thurston 3
Mr Edward Horwood Or Tenant John Luce 7
Thomas Spill Or tenant George Powell for part of Baynhams 1 ½
Widow Smith Or tenant for Pullings 3
Thomas Purnell Jones Or tenant Thomas Child 6
Mr Edward Mathew For late Pierces ½
William Taylor For Adams’s late Wilkins’s 4
Mr Smith Or tenant Eliz. Hopkins 2 ¼
Isaac  Sharpleys Or tenant Thomas Grove 1 ½
Charles Lloyd Or tenant John Barton 3 ½
Mr John Rudge Or tenant for late Bakers 1
John Nelmes For Broad Mead 1
John Putley For part of Wilkins’s 2 ½
Anselm Thurston 3
John Roberson For part of Tanners 1
John Grove For Hawkswoods 2
Mrs Hawksworth For part 2 ½
John Johnson For Mundys or tenant Thomas Hendy 1 ½
Thomas Chard Or tenant Jonathan Barton for part 4
Mary Bingham For part of Wilkins’s 2
Thomas Webb 2
Will. Wickham For late Raymonds or Thomas Child 3


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